Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So, it's official.

This blog is night-night forever.

I loved writing this and I hope you loved reading this. I've threatened to cease it for good a few times now, but this time, it's for real real.

LoveYouMissYou all.

-Pencil Case

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Barf in a water bottle.

So, Jacob puked in his water bottle that looked like a bottle of booze and then told J-master Brookman that he wasn't intimidated by him... And his fathering skills???? Yeah, lunch is messed up to the third power. Then we wrote notes from students to faculty telling them to ask them to Sweetheart's. That was fun. Espicially the one Jacob was going to actually send.

I am in French class and Mike is singing. Oh, and natasha is c to the rabby. And Joe Joe is in here eating pizza. And Chels can't tell the difference between pink and red. And even in the computer lab, this hour is a silly one.

Well, I am bored, so I am outta here.

Pease's exam: Part 1 next hour.

Monday, January 09, 2006

"Your taste in the opposite sex can be described in one word. Girls"

So, yeah. Madame played the role of Dionne Warwick in the love edition of psychic friends today. She claimed she knew who Mike is attracted to... Girls. The sad thing is, is that it is allllllll too true. BUT, he did claim to like blondes more. This explains why one of his many?? girlfriends was blonde. We then had a nice chat about all of our stereotypes.

Pencil Case: Crazy. Just crazy.
Kellinka: Intelligent with a touch of sophistication.
Seamstress: Unique.
Mike: Ladies man.
Natalie: Dancer.
Brianna: Innocent.
Pencil Case: Still crazy.

Yeah, that was fun.

So, then we got to talking about Katia and how she might be a stripper/goth some day regardless of her parents' morals. Yeah, um, Kellinka? Thanks for that. The stripper part, that is. Oh, speaking of strippers and all, Kellinka looks like MiMi from Rent, today.

Madame: I need you two (Kellinka and I) to run these books up to my room.
Kellinka: Yeah, but we'll need a late pass. We have Pease next.
Madame: [Face of horror/terror/garbage] Pease?!

So, if you haven't guessed yet, I am once again spending my Comp. Lit. time in the library because, once again, I am done with all of the assigned homework.

Ugh, exams start on Wednesday. That is not fun to the not max (READ: The 80's and double negatives are not an attractive couple... Like exams and Pencil Case.) I am super worried about History and Algebra. Can we say "hard to the seventh power?" Oui.

Tonight, I am off to Caroline's house to finish our project because she "lost our numbers" to call us this weekend. dskjvndlmnvldsknv

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'll stab you in the back of your back. Duh.

So, I am pretty sure that the The Surreal Life = LOVE. The whole Janice vs. Omarosa thing is hillllllllarious. Yes, I have seen the episodes, like, a bajillion times each, but JTC... What a riot. Also, TV shows on DVD are the greatest inventions ever. Got it? Okay, good.

This weekend was pretty good. Well, as far as studying for exams goes. Barnes and Noble was a hoot and the time spent after was even better! Haha, scary people are scary.

Today, I hung with Martha Mox for a bit and got a haircut (which I am quite fond of, by the way,) went to Noodles, visited the grandmother and went shopping. Yeah, it was pretty good. My original plan was to go to Caroline's house to FINISH THE ENGLISH SEMESTER PROJECT, but she never called so, oh well.

Tucker Susan keeps barking at the half of Christmas tree we still have up because he is convinced his toy is stuck in it.

Martin Hardware: I don't know what the hell he wants by barking at that tree!

Oh, my mother and her various nicknames.

Desperate Housewives was good tonight. You know, at least it was new.

Friday, January 06, 2006

"Imagine a world, Pease." Or something like that...

So, once again I am in the library instead of Comp. Lit. with the Pease-a-nator. Kellinka and I have been done with our homework for weeks now and we were just wasting tuition dollar by sitting in there doing nothing. Now, you see, it is better because we are wasting tuition dollar in the library. Better, much? Oui. And this bring us to the title of today's post, "Imagine a World, Pease." Kellinka's dad said this and I laughed (not the nervous giggles) for quite some time. Yet, I am still confused if it is 'world' or 'whirled.' Yeahhhhhhhh.

So, David Cole just walked into the library. He's pretty tite.

"What you say?! Tite?!"
"Tite for real real, not for play play."

My Surreal Life: Season 5 DVD arrived via the USPS yesterday. I haven't watched it yet, but I am illin' to. The fights between Janice and Omarosa are pretty damn good entertainment, if I must say. "Anyone neeeed a haaaaaaircut? [Holds up knife]." Oh, those America's First Supermodels. Carazy.

I brought my digital camera to school today. Mainly for the fact that I wanted pictures of Estufa. I got some in third hour. I am an evil boy. I'll post the pics tomorrow. If you are lucky.

In French today, I called Seamstress on all of that darn smut watching of hers... Then I tried to curse her... Then Kellinka almost fell off of her chair... Good times... DYNOMITE!

Wait, that's What's Happenin'?. Anyhoo.

So, apparently, Daf burped really loud this morning and [Brooker] blamed it on Kellinka. Haha. That is funny.

Well, today has been pretty much summed up in the previous, oh, I don't know, 30,000 paragraphs. See y'all tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I made Brigid laugh by drawing Mr. Schultz in a dress. She counteracted by drawing a whale with bad teeth.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2006 and such.

Well, as I am currently telling Kellinka at this moment, I really missed my blog. I mean, I tried to do that whole "I am super-secret-emo and have a secret LJ thing that only friends can read," but, no. That didn't work out too well. I mean, it was good and all, but it was no ChakaLakahLakah! LOL ROFL!!!!!!!!11!!!!ONE!!1

Yeah, I am cool like that. Hehe.

So, the new year, so far, has been pretty good for me. I mean, aside from school and the heavy exam workload, I might even venture to say it was good. I have just been up to normal school stuff. Oh, and once every three weeks (if I'm lucky,) I have musical practice for Into the Woods. Once again, "Because I am cool like that." So, yeah, that is my school life in a nutshell.

My personal life has been good, too. I mean, as good as it can be for a sixteen-year-old boy living in le Bay Vert*. My friends are still good. Daffy Sue moved a long time ago (like, September,) to the other side of town, which I believe I forgot to tell you. Because of that, we don't hang out as much as we used to/I would like to. Kellinka is still good. Sorta crazy-ish, but good. Seamstress is pretty tite (or tyte, in her words) like always. I would give you a link to her blog, but, oh, you know, she NEVER UPDATES!!!!!HINTHINT!!!!! Um... I know I am forgetting a bunch of people, but that is because A) I am lazy and don't want to think right now, and B) I have only, like, fifteen minutes left in the library due to Andrea "I Want You Back Before Class Is Over" Pease.

Another thing that has been buggin'** me lately is that I am craving Colorado. I don't know why I am wanting it so bad, but Jesus, Martha Moxley, and Joseph, I am. Almost reminds me of the Spring before freshman year. At least this time I am not, you know, being depressed and bedridden all day because of it. Oh, my emotions.

Oh, and another thing, during my nonexistent blogging stage, I missed ChakaLakahLakah's first birthday. Happy Birthday to me. Sort of.

Well, I love and missed you all!***


*This is me attempting to speak French.
**This is me trying to be g-to-the-hetto.
***All three of you that read this.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Three is enough.

Well, I guess that three people telling me to keep going is enough. It was dumb of me to stop for the sole purpose of people (not) reading. So, here I am, back on Blogger.

So, in this post, I just wanted to say that I am back. The new year is starting up again and the Chrsistmas season is here!

I am sure I'll have a lot of good stories to tell in good time.

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