Saturday, December 11, 2004

All Anna wanted to do was play.

Hello again.

The most insane thing happened last night. Let's just say it involves an Ouija Board, Daf, Me, Becky, Lee-hah, and one pissed off spirit. It all started as I was sitting home alone, bored to tears, and wanting to do something. Hell, it was Saturday night and I am fifteen. It's like a written rule that you have to do something fun in that situation. I called Kerrie in hopes of her being free, but no such luck. I then proceeded to watch a Vh1 marathon of My Coolest Years, which featured segments on Metalheads, Jocks, and Gays... Yes, so far a very fun night. Anyway, back to the story. My cousin, Lee-hah, called me around 9:30 - 10:00 and asked if I wanted to go to Daf's house to play a board game. I immediately said yes, and got dressed. I realized that I had no ride home for after the game, so I scooped up my glasses, contact case, and PJs. Sara and Lee-hah then pulled into my driveway and off we went to Daf's... Which is only, like, five blocks away.

Lee-hah (to me on devouring her Doritos in the car): God, kid, are you a little hungry?
Me (with my mouth stuffed to the brim): Yes. I didn't eat supper. I was too busy watching TV.

We arrived at Daf's house, and the first thing we notice is that all of the lights are shut off and there are many candles lit. Now, you see, this it the perfect setting for the game we were about to play (AtmosFEAR). Throughout course of the game, the DVD gatekeeper kept calling Daf ugly and kept making fun of her.

DVD Gatekeeper (to Daf): You are very ugly. When you were born, you must have broke the mold... Oh, wait... It looks as if the mold was already broken! Ha ha ha ha! Maggots!
Daf: I knew it. Everytime I play this game, he always picks on me. No one else. Me.

The game was, like, five minutes from being over when Becky came. The game was terminated because we weren't about to play infront of her. That is just plain mean. We were going to start over, but Daf brought up the suggestion that we play with the Ouija Board. Lee-hah is deathly afraid of this stuff, but agrees anyway. We get it out. We play for a bit and it magically pops out answers to our questions. During the game, Lee-hah's cell phone rings and she answers it. The Ouija pointer immediately goes to "NO." Lee-hah ignores this and keeps talking. We finally tell her to hang it up and respect the board. She does.

Daf: Are you annoyed with us, Ouija?
Ouija (spells out): Pencil Case.
Daf: You are annoyed with Pencil Case?
Ouija (spells out): No. Lee-hah f**ked up my one chance to be alive.
Lee-hah: Ahhhh! I'm not playing anymore!
Becky: Me neither.

Becky and Lee-hah try to ignore that Daf and I are still playing, so they take out their phones and sound off many rings and beeps. Daf then asks if it has anything else to say to us. It points to "YES." It then tells us that at 12:09 tonight Lee-hah will suffer. Omigod. This is getting spooky! Becky and Lee-hah hear this and decide to walk the two minute walk to Becky's to go online. Once they leave, Daf and I continue. After a few self-explanatory questions, it tells us to take a three minute break. We do as it says, and watch MTV. Now, this is where my memory gets fuzzy. Read on to find out why.
After the three minute break, we continue to play.

Ouija (spells out): Give me two aura balls.
Daf: Why?
Ouija (spells out): I need them to run.
Daf: Where is he going to run to?
Me: What he means is that he need them to operate. You know, to work.
Daf: Pencil Case, I don't know about this. He wants our essence.
Me: Do it for me, Daf. Do it for me! I need to know what happens to Lee-hah! Do it for me!
Daf: Alright. I'll do it for you.

We then make our aura balls and I explain to Daf how to put them down on the table. We continue to play for about forty-five seconds. It was then when I blacked out. I fell backwards and hit the couch. Daf runs over to me and starts saying my name in a loud tone. I wake up and realize that I am not by the TV. Yes. That is right. The last thing I had remembered was watching MTV during the three minute break... That was supposedly twenty minutes ago. Okay, now I am freaked out. Daf explains what had happened and that she realized I had been "possessed." We decide that we need to get out of the house, so we run to Becky's. Lee-hah and Becky are on the computer and Daf explained to them what had happened. They don't even want to hear it. Becky says that we can't finish in her house, so we do it outside on her porch. We got cold fast so we went back to Daf's. We were scared s**tless.

As we continue to play, it says it need to tell us one more thing.

Ouija (spells out): You need to know one more thing. Evil spirits lurk in the room marked by Daf.
Me: Daf! There is evil spirits in your room!
Daf: We need to leave!

We grab the Ouija board and run out of the house and start to run towards Becky's. Once again, my mind gets fuzzy. About half way there, I guess I stop and I say to Daf:

Me: You know her name was Anna.
Daf: Shut the f**k up, Pencil Case!
Me: All she wanted to do was play.
Daf: I swear to f**king God, Pencil Case. If you don't stop, I'm going to kick your a**.

Daf punches my arm and I get back to normal. We start to cry, and run faster than ever towards Becky's. We tell Lee-hah it is time to go home and that Daf is sleeping over. As we leave Becky's, we throw the board and pointer into the road. On the way to Lee-hah's house, we tell her everything. She hates us for it.

Lee-hah: I am really mad at you guys!
Daf: We are just trying to help!
Lee-hah: Well, now I am sleeping with my mom so no evil spirits get me!

Daf and I decide to go to my house to be safe. We get to my house and watch Big. We both swore never to speak of this incident again unless necessary. I felt the blog readers deserved to know.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger Magster said...

Whoa Ben!1 That is relly creepy! Why do you get to expierence this stuf, and the rest get left out?! Oh well!


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