Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cow = La Linley.

Hello all of you nosey blog readers.

Okay. Today was an alright day so far (I want you to keep in mind that right now I am in my fifth hour study hall.) Most of the excitement was in French, though. This is how it went:

Sockittoya: Oh! Madame! Can I read the announcements?
Madame: Sure, Sockittoya.
Sockittoya: Yay!
Me: No! I mean, can't we share the announcements? Look. You can stop once in a while and when you do, I'll read a word then you can keep going!
Sockittoya: No. I want to read the announcements... Alone!
Me: Fine, then. We'll just have to see what Madame thinks about all of this nonsense. Madame, can I read the announcements, too?
Madame: Pencil Case, skedaddle.

I go sit down and painfully listen to Sockittoya read MY announcements. We then write some random grammar in our binders. Once that is finished, we play a review game.

Madame: (Holds up a picture of what appears to be a chicken or a turkey.) Let's say this is a chicken. Who should I call on... Paul!

Minimal laughter erupts for the mere fact that "poulet"(which sounds very much like the word paul) in French means chicken.

Paul: Poulet, Madame. (Big smile.)

The review game was much help, but I got some laughs, too.

Madame: (Holds up a picture of a cow.) Who can tell me what this is in French? (Sees my flailing hand.) Yes, Pencil Case.
Me: La Linley?
Madame: Nice try, Pencil Case, but no.

If you know me, you will get the joke. Also today in French class, Kellinka brought some very attractive, but very gross, PBJ sandwiches... Minus the J. You see, Madame promised that if we could translate "peanut butter and jelly sandwich" by this morning, we could bring some into class to eat. Kellinka figured it out, but couln't pronounce it, so I did. She shared her very disgusting French bread PB sandwiches with me... They were soon thrown out. Madame, during class, got a phone call and rushed out of the room in a panic. On her way out, she tripped over Kellinka and called her "weird." As soon as she left, Castonia stepped in her place.

Castonia: Ola!
Seamstress: You spoke of the Espangola! This is Francais!
Castonia: Oh. Sorry. Oui, Oui! I have to pee!

I leave French class to go to Theology. Nothing much happened in this class but this conversation after we wouldn't quit talking:

Frater: I'm sorry, but I'm not going to teach a class that isn't willing to learn. For those select few that want to... Tough luck.
ChatterBox: Frater! That isn't fair! I want to learn! I don't want to fail my test on Friday!
Frater: (Almost to the point of tears) You want to talk to me about fair?!? I've stood up here from the beginning of the year until now only to be disrespected and ridiculed! The first day of school you all realized that I am not a good police officer, and I can't enforce discipline well! You all take advantage of me! I hate it!
ChatterBox: Well, I'm sorry if you don't know how to control your own class!
Frater: You know what? I don't care if you fail the test.

Yes, yes. Great times...

Nothing much else happened today except for the fact that Brownie mistook Josh for Abby, and the table that Brooker jumped on during the infamous fight is now gone.


At 6:33 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Yes, except that Madame now refuses to admit she called me weird and has no recollection of tripping over me. Whatever. Those sandwiches were awful.


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