Monday, December 13, 2004

"I just love to soak my head in urine."-NaNa.

Well hello again.

Today was not very fun filled, nor was yesterday, but Saturday night on the other hand was an alright night. I know I posted on Saturday, but this happened after... Oh, God. I'm confusing you. Anyway. On Saturday night, I went to a pre-planned NaNa night with Daf. We only had one of these before, so it was pretty fun. Arik tagged along this time, though. He is hella (that is SO 2001!) funny. Here is how the night went...

I was sitting at home waiting for a call from NaNa who Daf and I were supposedly having dinner and hanging out with. We were scheduled to start at 7:30pm and it was already 8:15pm. I was getting a little doubtful because Daf still wasn't home from Map's and NaNa still didn't call. I was watching (yet again) My Coolest Years when NaNa called. She said that she had a migraine headache this morning and she still hadn't taken a shower. After she took her shower, she called me back and said that she was picking up Daf and coming to get me. Also, she said that Arik was coming with us.

As we were on our way to get Arik, NaNa couldn't stop talking about how her shirt smelled of dog pee.

NaNa: Omigod, you guys! My shirt smells like puppy pee!
Daf: Then why did you wear it?
NaNa: How was I supposed to know? It is my sister's!
Me: Then why does your sister's shirt smell like dog pee?
NaNa: Maybe she is one of those hippies and she lets her pets pee all over the place!

We got to Arik's house and as soon as he got in the car, he had to comment on the urine smell.

Arik: Holy Jesus! What in the hell smells like pee?
NaNa: (Instantly and fast) My shirt.
Arik: Good God. Is your sister a hippie?

We all laugh at a confused Arik.

NaNa notices a sports bra in the front seat where Arik is sitting.

NaNa: Ahhhh! (Throws bra in trunk) Don't think you want to see that!
Arik: Back to the subject of pee! Good thing it is your shirt and not your skin! For a minute there, I was starting to think that you were into some new kind of aroma therapy.
NaNa: Yes Arik. I just love to soak my head in urine.
Arik: Hey, it might be the only way to get rid of the common cold.
NaNa: (Totally ignoring Arik and continuing her last thought) And after my head is done, I will rub it all over my arms.

After the four mile ride from Arik's to NaNa's, NaNa says:

NaNa: Hey! We are here already? Wow! Arik and I could be neighbors!

We go inside, cook and eat our store bought lasagna, and sit down to a game of Baulderdash. During the game, NaNa brought some poppyseed bread from the kitchen to us. We all ate it, and were highly satisfied.

Arik: Why is this the best thing that has ever been in my mouth?
Daf: I know, right!

Arik and NaNa went into the kitchen while Daf and I were left in the living room to hang with the five dogs. Daf had Brutis, a wiener dog, on her lap while this conversation broke out.

Me: My favorite is Tasha! She is so cute!
Daf: That is mean, Pencil Case, I don't have favorites! ( She says this next line with three of the five dogs by her and one by me) Except that one. (Points to the one all alone on the floor) He's ugly.

I instantly burst into laughter and then tell NaNa what has just been said about one of her dogs. She doesn't find it as funny. You kind of had to be there.

We play one more game of Baulderdash then a game of Catch Phrase (in which Daf can't get the word "Abra Kadabra") before NaNa takes us to the chruch to drop some stuff off and then to home. While at church at 1:30am, we turned off all of the lights, and lied on the alter to "watch the stars"... Which were really red dot lights on the ceiling resembling security cameras.

NaNa took us home marking the end of one of the funniest nights of my life.


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