Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'll set a bullet next to your pillow "later."

Today was one of the more boring days during this vacation. I woke up at my normal time (Whew!) After I took my shower, I realized that I had nothing to do tonight. I made a quick decision, and called Roberto to see if he wanted to spend the night. He said yes, but he could only come over "later." What in sam hell is "later?" Everyone uses it all of the time, but what does it really mean? God. I have strayed away from the point. Anyway. Because Roberto couldn't come over until "later," I called Uncle Wado to see if he wanted to spend the day with me. He came to pick me up fifteen minutes later to go to the mall. I love how he just assumes that I live in the mall, seeing how he told me the only reason we were going is because he knew I wanted to. Yeah right. I have to admit, though, it was fun for the most part. Seeing a forty-two year old man walk into Hot Topic is a classic moment in history.

After the mall, we went to eat at the Townhouse. There, we saw Auntie Cindy. Before I tell you the next part, you need to know that Auntie Cindy and her third husband, Rick, don't get along, well... At all. This Christmas Eve, they chased the grandkids, father, and myself out of their house after screaming "DIVORCE!" at each other. I was curious enough to see them in the Townhouse together tonight, so I started this conversation:

Me: So, Auntie Cindy, how was the rest of your Christmas? (Sarcastically) With Rick, it couldn't have been bad.
Auntie Cindy: Oh. Haha. I hate him but whenever I threaten him with divorce, he cries.
Me: Wow. That was harsh. Anyway, how was the rest of your Christmas Eve?
Auntie Cindy: Well, after you guys left, I was hoping to catch the house on fire. I found a bottle of nail polish remover and spilled it all over the bathroom. I then realized that the bathroom was all tile, and it wouldn't catch fire easy. I then looked for some kerosene to spill on the carpet in the living room, but I couldn't find any, so I just gave up and passed out.
Me: Wow. Auntie Cindy, You are insane.
Auntie Cindy: No, no, no. The best part is yet to come. When I woke up the next morning, I found a bullet next to my head on my pillow. I think he was going to shoot me, yet he claims it just "fell out of his pocket."
Me: Are you serious?
Auntie Cindy: Yes. And I looked close on the bullet and saw the letters C-I-N-D-Y.
Me: You saw your name on the bullet?!?
Auntie Cindy: No, but everything else is true.

Yes. Yes. That is my insane family.

When I got home, I called Roberto, but he could no longer sleep over. I didn't bother to ask why because if I did, he would go on forever. I hate talking on the phone. So, now all this leave me on the computer typing my thoughts on an online journal. God, I need a life.

RE: Kellinka and Seamstress
The reason I didn't mention you guys is because I am still steaming mad at both of you. I will accept chocolate and kitties as an apology.


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

If we find you a chocolate cat, will you forgive us?

Your Auntie Cindy sounds insane in the membrane. Speaking of Insane in the Membrane, guess whose house Seamstress and I drove past tonight... hmmm. I guess since you're mad at me, it will just have to remain a mystery!


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