Friday, December 10, 2004

It's a Bird! It's a Plain! It's SUPER BROOKER!

Wow. Today was highly adventurous, thrilling, and it kept me at the edge of my seat. It all started in French when Madame said we were going to watch the movie Home Alone to get into the "Christmas spirit". Doesn't sound too exciting, I know, but give a chance to explain. You see, for the past three FFFs, we have been watching the wonderful Disney/Pixar motion picture, Finding Nemo. This happens to be one of my favorite movies so I was naturally upset when I came to find that it will be on hold for viewing until, most likely, after the holiday season. I put up one of my whinny fits which went something like this:

Me: Seriously. We can't just start a movie and take a month break!
Seamstress: Yes we can. Home Alone is a great movie, and besides, Finding Nemo is a... How can I say this... Spring movie.
Madame: Okay, yeah, we need to classify our movies by seasons.
Me: Uggh. Fine. Whatever.
Madame: Great. Now that that is settled, Pencil Case, will you be a doll and work the remotes?

Me: No.
Chelk: That's okay. I'll help out.
Me: No! I'll do it.

We then proceeded to watch Home Alone. After about forty-five seconds, though, I forgot about the whole thing and, strangely enough, I got into the opening theme music and started to to retarded hand gestures to the beat. Apparently I also admitted that the theme music was my favorite song... Which it certainly isn't in the slightest. Also during French, we got our tests back and picked names for the Secret Santa game. Nothing exciting about those topics with the exception of my getting a 81% on the test. Believe me, that is high.

The next stop on our tour of amazing and thrilling stops of the day is in Theology. Now, this is probably one the more boring events but is deserves to be in here because our class almost made Frater cry for talking out of turn for the better part of the period. Nothing to be proud of at all, but I felt the need to tell you.

Event number three happens to be at lunch. Lunch is a time for friendly gatherings and idle chit chat... Not for tackling tables, flying principals, and teacher/student headlocks. Today at lunch was not normal. It was like we were all in the Twilight Zone.

:: Do-dee-do-dee Do-dee-do-dee Do-dee-do-dee...::

Actually, it wasn't as weird or ironic as I nor the rest of the school made it out to be. A simple fist fight. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less... Well except for Mr. Brooker showing us his super-power of flight. Here's how it all went down. Two certain seniors Jake J. & Greg H. got up during the middle of lunch and looked as if they were dancing with pink make-up all over their faces. No. Actually, it was a progressing fight with faces a bloody. They tackled each other into my dear senior friend, Celest's, table which just so happens to be right behind mine. Just when one would think that Brazoo and Lgrmn had them (almost) under control, they start up in a full force fist fight yet again. It is at this moment in time when we see Mr. Brooker getting a running start atop a long table only to fly through mid air and land on the fighters. He, along with Brazoo and Lgrmn, managed to separate the boys (that's right, boys, not men) and restrained. Lgrmn has one in a death grip when Brazoo has the other in the "handcuff" position... For all of you corrupted minds out there, I meant he held his wrists behind his back. This famous phrase was then shouted:

Jake J. (to Greg H.): Well, that's what happens when you throw bananas at me!
Greg H. (to Jake J.): Yeah, well, you're a jerk!

The fight resulted in them falling on my table trying to flee their captors and in the process, dumping sour cream or ranch dressing on my shirt. I really couldn't tell you the difference.

Kellinka, Candy, and I then went to roam the halls for the rest of our lunch to find Madame and her much talked about daughter. Kellinka got a little hyper and ran down the hall screaming. It was at this point when Frau stepped out of her room.

Frau: Hey hey hey! What is going on out here? Who is screaming and running?
Me (very fast): It was all Kellinka. She is down there and she wont quit.
Frau: Well, tell her that if she doesn't quit I will snap her like a dry twig.
Me: Okay.

Candy and I tried to explain to Kellinka what Frau had said, but she didn't believe us at first. Candy then spoke after a long awaited pause and once again told Kellinka about Frau. Kellinka finally believed us and is now afraid of Frau because she is convinced that she will "break her."

Study hall was mildly boring, but PE was not. During PE; Kellinka hit Chelk in the face, I hit Supermodel's ball toward Cow numerous times, we tried to get information out of Cow about why she is spreading so many rumors, and I found out that Corey was grounded for a month by his parents for piercing his ear with QB's very un-sterile, very un-sharp, and VERY tacky faux diamond earring in the locker room yesterday. Great times. Great times.

Now, as we come to a close on a very interesting day, let me leave you with this one message:



At 5:25 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

You are the funniest boy alive, Pencil Case. This entry made me laugh out loud at least ten times.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Magster said...

Jake J. (to Greg H.): Well, that's what happens when you throw bananas at me!
Greg H. (to Jake J.): Yeah, well, you're a jerk!

I didn't know they said that!! HAHA that's soo funny!! Not to mention I LOVE your accounts of the day!! They are great!--And sorry about the religiouse site, I have no clue what that's about!


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