Thursday, December 30, 2004

A quick recap of things you need to know.

Okay. I know I already posted today, but I felt the need to inform you of a few things. Here is the list:

~ Katie will no longer be refered to as "Katie." She will now be known as Lemming Chick or LC for short. She wanted very badly to have, and I quote, "a retarded alias like everybody else."

~ Because I am at Tay-Tay's house at the moment, I have taken it upon myself to be obsessed with his Atari game system that includes Pong. I believe, up to this point, I have played it about sixteen times. No, I have never won, but I am determined. I'll never quit. I have been called overly obsessed with Pong by my current peers. It is true, sadly.

~ OLC (LC and Tay-Tay's band) has preformed a few (three) songs for us right here in Tay-Tay's basement. They had to wrap it up, though, because a new neighbor to them was trying to sleep. All of the adults were complaining about the complaint. Oh, I made a funny. According to Marsha (Tay-Tay's mom), the man was fairly old and had a white beard and a purple vest. From what I heard, the man was trying to sleep. Okay, answer me this, who in the hell sleeps in a purple vest? Oh, wait, I do. Just kidding. But, really, who does?

~ LC's iPod is now named Poddikon. She decided this because she heard that my iPod had a name, so she didn't want to feel left out. The fact of the matter is, is that I only named mine Poddington because Kellinka had a name for her's. The iPod box said nothing about a vicious naming circle. Whatever.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

The iPod box said nothing about a vicious naming circle. Hahaha!!


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