Friday, December 17, 2004

Supermodel loves to swing her bra around.

Once again, I am in a very long and dragging study hall period spent typing in the library. Do you want to hear about my day so far? I'll give you five seconds.






If you said no, than too bad! I'm going to tell you anyway!

French class was a little funner, and I say "funner" just to irritate Kellinka, than normal. In the beginning of class, Chelk showed me Fall Fest pictures of her and James. They are the HOTTEST couple alive. Haha. Anyway, mixed in with the photos of dancing and love, there happened to be a close up of Supermodel. I asked Chelk if I could have it and she gave it to me. I then showed a very amused Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Haha! That is great! I need one of those to put on my locker with a caption underneath it saying, "I'm out to get you!" Speaking of Supermodel, did you ever tell Chelk about the pushing incident?
Chelk: Yes. He tells us about it, at least, five-thousand times a week.
Kayleigh: You should have been there. It was hilarious!

I was rather hilarious, actually. Just remembering Supermodel's face after she got pushed still makes me giggle.

Kayleigh: When we were backstage during Captain Applejack, she would, like, dance in front of the mirror and think that no one was watching her, but Pencil Case and I were cracking up! And sometimes she would change her bra in front of everyone and just swing it around. Pencil Case was in there once, even. He, if he wanted, could see everything from the reflection of the mirror.

We went on to discuss the fact that Laura was too nice to say anything about Kayleigh's Captain Applejack greasy hair. The discussion was very hilarious.

During the first couple minutes of Theology, I came to the realization that Frater lied to us by telling us there would be a test today. It turs out that all he wanted us to do was study. Imagine that.

At lunch I, along with Kellinka, went to bother... Er... I mean vist Madame yet once again. When we walked into her room, she was with a student reading dialogues in French. Kellinka and I had no idea what she was saying, but it seemed as if the student understood it perfect. Madame made it clear for us in good, ol' English.

Madame: Well, you see, this is a story about two escargot... You know, clams. The two clams are wrapped in crepes (pancakes), and they go to visit a dead leaf's funeral. It is quite funny, actually. (Does miscellaneous clicks on the computer) Oh! Look! A story about a melon! Let's read about the melon!

PE was moderately fun for the main fact that I kept messing up Supermodel's hair.

During the end of the day, though, Abby had me worried. Not telling why, so don't ask.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Ew. I most definitely did not need to know about Supermodel's bra, thanks. Pushing her over was rather hilarious, though, although I was not there, your impression of it is the greatest.

I am not going to mention how much your use of "funner"/"funnest" aggravates me. Words do not have proper depth to explain my anguish.

But, anyway, the clams dressed in pancakes going to the funeral of the dead leaf? So funny. Whoever wrote that damn story, I think they must have been smoking serious drugs.


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