Monday, December 20, 2004

This blog is filled with lies.

What's up with all of you blog readers up in nosey-land? Haha. You all suck. Just kidding.

Here I am once again in Study Hall typing away. Today hasn't been much fun so far... Well... Actually it was a little. French was insane in the membrane yet again.

Madame (reading my blog): Pencil Case, you lie a lot on your blog.
Me: Madame, what are you talking about? Everything on there is true.
Madame: No, it isn't. You said that I said that you can put pet mice on this little pillow. What was really said was that because my head is too big for the pillow, in general, mice can sleep on it. It is two very different things.
Kellinka: (Nods in agreement) She is right, Pencil Case.

I really can't tell the difference, but whatever. In Theology I am pretty sure I failed the long anticipated test. The Frater was happier today, though. That is a good thing.

Brownie's class was different. We first handed in our test/assignment. After that she gave us a pop quiz on the book we had just read. Umm, yeah. Pretty sure I failed that too. We then worked on this worksheet that was very weird. There was about ten questions like "War is caused by..." And "Children are likely to do this than adults." You get the idea. It was very challenging.

After lunch, I ran into Madame and told her that no poperazzis have been hiding around corners and snapping photos of me. She was very adamant that all of this would take place after the musical. She then said this:

Madame: Pencil Case, your wife is looking for you. She came into my room and was like, (very falsetto voice) "Where is Pencil Case? I need to see him!" I swear, that is what she said! And get this, she had green and red bows in her hair.

Madame is strange. Very strange. She is still fascinated that Kellinka and I write so much about her on our blogs. We were seriously considering making her a list of all of the reasons. We should.

Me: Madame, when you told the clam story, you used the word "escargot." I thought escargot was a snail.
Madame: Oh. It is. I made a mistake. (Under her breath) Escargot. How stupid of me to say it was a clam. Haha.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow, your blog makes me laugh so much. Did you hear Madame tell me I should make stuff up on my blog if I don't have anything interesting to write about? That was funny.


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