Friday, December 31, 2004

This is the coolest blog entry ever. Serious, you have to read it. It will have you at the edge of your seat. Not even joking.

Today I really do have a lot to write about. I guess today's freakishly long entry will make up for yesterday's. Throughout this entry, you will encounter a dream, a movie, yet another Auntie Cindy tale, and many other twists and turns that took place during the past twenty-four hours. Let's start.

Last night, Father, Leli, and I went to Sevelie's Pizza and Pasta Palace for an absolutely horrid meal. My decision went like this:

Leli: Well, you wanted pasta, Pencil Case. What will it be?
Me: Hmmm... Let's see. It is either spaghetti or Fettucini, both with meat sauce. Decisions, decisions.

I ended up getting the spaghetti. Aside from the fact that it was horrible and made me want to throw up, it wasn't bad. After dinner, I went to visit Carrie. We talked about how Erin Ford thinks everything is worse in her life.

Carrie: I swear to God. Erin makes me so mad! Get this, the other day, we got to talking about the tsunami and this is what she said, "I don't get why all of those Asians are so pissed off, I mean when I was in Hawaii, a tsunami twenty feet high happened and I survived. Also, all of the people in Florida survived! They need to quit complaining." She is such a bitch. The Indonesian tsunami was not [sarcastically] twenty feet high. It was three f**king stories high. It wasn't a wave like she had been through. It was an earthquake that happened under the water and created a title wave that killed 127,000 people. Hawaii has waves twenty feet high all the time. It's not like her life was in danger. She needs to grow up.

Yes. Carrie felt very strongly about this topic. We talked for roughly ten more minutes before my dad came to pick us up. He took Carrie to, where else, Erin's house then we went home. When we got there, Tanya called. She wanted to take me to Boarder's then to a 10:10pm showing of Spanglish. At Boarder's I bought Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (Kellinka will be so proud), The Rough Guide To Everything iPod, The Lord of the Flies, and a special present for Kellinka. I was about to buy this set of CDs and books about how to teach yourself Swahili. I should have bought it. At 9:55pm, we took off to see Spanglish. It was, surprisingly, a great movie. I loved it. It was great. On the way home, roughly 1:17am, Tanya and I had a great conversation about high school, relationships, and friends. I learned a lot (thanks Tanya!)

I went to bed right away. I had a weird dream, though. I think this is how it went.

I was on a island (or playground. I can't remember.) I was with a lot of famous people and we were playing Survivor. It ends up that my partner was Lori Beth Denberg form the old Nickelodion show, All That. The First challenge was throwing dead chickens at each other. Everyone wanted to quit, so the "producers" decided that we would film a new episode of All That. They gave Lori Beth and I a horrible script, so I tried to convince the "producers" to let her do "Vital Information for Your Everyday Life." Just before they said yes, I woke up.

Yes, a very weird dream. I still don't get it. It was 11:00am when I woke up. Yes, a very late start. I took a shower and Father and I went to visit Fawn. We talked for a bit. We then went to pick up Wado and Tom-Tom for breakfast. Guess where we went. The Townhouse. I am so sick of that house, but I am not sick of Auntie Cindy telling me stories. Auntie Cindy wanted me to go with her after breakfast to her house to get some Harley Davidson of Manitou Springs shirts for random people in the restaurant. You see, Auntie Cindy and Rick owned a Harley Davidson shop for, oh about, one year. Rick always claimed it was "his store" even though the only one who was ever there was Auntie Cindy. Seriously, all she would do is read books and slowly go insane from the boredom because it never was a popular store. When they closed down, Auntie Cindy and Rick were stuck with all of the leftover shirts... All 476 of them. Whenever somebody wants one, Auntie Cindy give them a shirt. We were at her house getting a few shirts when this broke out:

Me: So, Auntie Cindy, do you still hate Harley?
Auntie Cindy: Hell yes. It is at the top of my list of hate. Well, I hate Rick the most, so Harley will have to settle for second.
Me: Speaking of Rick, how did you resolve your differences on Christmas Eve?
Auntie Cindy: Well, he came sobbing into the bedroom and was all like, "I don't know why I love you so much!" I told him that I didn't know either, but a likely explanation would be that I am the only one who would ever talk to him or have sex with him. Seriously, who would want to screw that? Alright, I have the t-shirts. Let's go!

We gave them the t-shirts and Father and I took off. I sat at Wado & Tanya's for roughly three hours while Father, Wado, and Tom-Tom set up for their gig tonight. While they were gone, I was chatting with Kellinka, Seamstress, and Sockittoya online. I got off (well, actually, I got booted off), and called LC. We talked for a while. I then watched TV, and was taken over to Tay-Tay's house, where I am now.

I do believe that I have drained my mind of my most inner thoughts. Talk to you later.

Oh, by the way... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! GOOD-BYE 2004!! WELCOME 2005!! Seriously, 2004 was a great year.

- I met all of my new friends.
- I came to Colorado three times.
- I had a new "girlfriend". Hello, Kellinka.
- I met Madame. God, am I lucky...
- I named LC and Tay-Tay's band "OLC."
- I got and am learning how to play guitar.
- I didn't throw up.
- I got my dearest Poddington.
- I got a new computer.
- I am just happy to be me.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow! I am more important to you than Madame AND not puking!

Happy New Year, even though it is only 11:33 here and 10:33 there.


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