Friday, January 07, 2005

After school antics and Kellinka's house.

Wow. Tonight was fun. Let me start with after school.

After school, Kellinka and I went to visit Madame because we needed our fix, even if she was working. We didn't care. We started to talk to her when our blogs came up again. She read mine first and immediately saw the title "Madame is abusive." She broke out in a rage.

Madame: Pencil Case! You have to change this! You need to realize that stuff like this can get me in big trouble or even fired! You take it off right now!
Me: Okay, okay. Sheesh!

As I was logging in to the homepage to change the entry, I accidentally divulged my password to Madame and Kellinka. I am not telling you what it is, nut I will tell you that it rhymes with buffy. Madame instantly thought of "buffy" at the sight of my password, which lead into this classic moment in Madame history:

Madame: Wow. Buffy. Like the wampire slayer.
Kellinka: Madame. You mean vampire?
Madame: Oh, yes. Vampire slayer. But you need to tell me because I always forget, is her name Buffy or Duffy?
Me: Buffy, Madame.

I proceeded to change the title from "Madame is abusive" to "Madame is not abusive in the slightest." It defeats the purpose of the entry, but what do you expect me to do? After all, it is Madame! When I was finished, we went to visit Kellinka's blog. Madame was appalled when she saw the alias, "G-Dawg."

Madame: What is this I see about a G-Dawg?
Kellinka: That is [name]'s alias.
Madame: Well, you better change it! G-Dawg is my name! My Honors French IV kids have called me G-Dawg for three years. G-Dawg is my name! Why don't you decide to call her K-Dawg?
Kellinka: K-Dawg is my nickname, though. It would be weird for me to type K-Dawg for someone else.
Madame: Well, do you not care about me? I get confused when I read the name G-Dawg and it is not referring to me. G-Dawg is my name, and because I do not have the power to change it, you better! Why not call her Spanish-Dawg or Forensics-Dawg or Girl-Dawg?

Kellinka sort of brushes Madame's concern off. It was at this moment when Frau comes into the room and Kellinka and I notice that we are twenty minutes late for the Forensics meeting (yes, with the now infamous, Girl-Dog.) After the remaining five minutes, Kellinka and I ran back into Madame's room. Madame was packing up for Frau to take her home when Kellinka was calling her Father. Frau was making funny and unusual faces which mad Kellinka laugh which led to Kellinka getting in trouble with her Father for laughing/talking. As Frau and Madame were leaving, Frau yelled, "No making out!" Thank you so much, Frausie Powsie. Kellinka and I broke into mad bean bag fight and abruptly stopped when we noticed that Frau forgot her lunchbox filled with a half eaten apple and a Tupperware container filled with a red jelly. Kellinka left short after, and I went to run over my dialogue for Forensics with Girl-Dawg. When we finish, I start to walk to my locker when Ellen and SingFreak tackle me and tell me to sing. I say no and proceed to walk to Madame's room to get my binder to study for exams. As I am leaving Madame's room, I draw on the board, "Qui? Madame est une la chete?" Right below it, I drew a kitty picture.

Sara then came to pick me up and drop me off at Kellinka's. When I got there, I had some water and we started watch Popular. After two fun filled episodes, we played Baulderdash! The last time I played this game was with Daf, NaNa and Arik, who is now going to college. It was just as much fun as ever. Seamstress and Sockittoya suck at being the Dasher, though. All the do is be little giggle pusses.

Kellinka's mother took us home, and I got sort of lost. I found out where we were instantly, though, so don't worry. I got home and this is where I am now. I guess because it is 12:55am, I should go to bed. See you tomorrow!


At 9:33 PM, Blogger SpazzyG said...

HEy Benny. NO i dont really think youd bail on me i just thought you were pissed so im sorry. I wont bug you about Kelli anymore unless you DO start dating then ill say i told you so.
YEah so im glad your not holding a grudge. Thanks
I like abbys name "singfreak" its super funny.
Hope you had fun at kellies and i really dont think your stupid.
Madenmoiselle, Spazzy G
I think is spelt that worng. OOPS!

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Last night at my house was HILARIOUS. Balderdash is the best game ever. And I vow to never let Madame live the word "wampire" down again. I don't care if English is her fourth language, that was the funniest misspeak I've ever had the pleasure to hear.


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