Tuesday, January 11, 2005

As exams approach...

So far, today wasn't all that strange. This morning, I overslept for the second day in a row. No biggie, though. I still made it to school.

French wasn't all that weird today either. All we really did was study for exams. Ugggh. I am dreading them. Madame did teach us how to say "peeps/dudes" in Fran├žais today. It is "mecs." She really is an insane one like the Mr. Grinch. Oh, wait. The Grinch is mean, not insane. Whatever, Madame can be both minus the mean. Also today in French, I tripped over Ellen and fell on her desk. I also did really well at translating numbers, too.

In Theology, I wrote and drew things all over Erin's hand and arm. They were things like, "Erin is gothic and the anti-Christ." and "I [heart] MTV." I also drew stitches all over, too. In this class, we also studied for exams.

In English, Brownie had us watch this three year old video about The Lord of the Flies. The reason it was funny, though, is because Brooker Supporter made it when he was a Freshman. All it consisted of was his dog attacking his little brother, and a "talking" photo of a baby in a sailors uniform. Yes, very amusing. In this class, exams were the hot topic of discussion.

In World History, ChatterBox would not stop asking questions about exams. I swear to God, if I ever, and I mean EVER ask that many questions in my high school career, decapitate me.

During Lunch, Kellinka, Sockittoya and I went to Madame's room to study *snicker* for the French exam. As I was leaving the cafeteria with my food, ABC stopped me.

ABC: Where exactly are you going with that food?
Me: Up to Madame's room. She is helping me study for the exam.
ABC: Well, technically, no food is to leave the cafeteria. Wait one moment. I am going to ask Mr. Brooker if it is okay if you go.

As she went to ask, I just ran away up to Madame's room. I knew Mr. Brooker was in the cafeteria, and she wouldn't find him. While up in Madame's room, she was working on her exam.

Madame: [Screaming nonsense at the computer screen] Why are you going to the second line?

I really wanted to know how to say "STD infected whore" in French, so I asked Madame. She wouldn't tell me, but she allowed me to look it up. I did and she told me I was right. As I was getting up, I farted in Sockittoya's face. God, that was a classic moment in French room history! Kellie then told me about a file hidden somewhere in Seamstress's computer that was named "Pencil Case is about as manly as a bra." That bitch. We studied for a little while longer before the bell rang. I threw my garbage in the trash can, and headed down toward the cafeteria to rid myself of my tray.

I got to the library, where I am now, and started typing away at this God forsaken trash I call a blog.

In Science, I managed to escape to my locker for the majority of the class. All this was, was a bunch of laughs from a hall wandering Brownie directed toward me.

Madame: Did you kids ever see that "Napolian" movie?
Movie Junkie: Yes! I loved it.
Madame: When I saw it I was thinking of you kids. I should have brought it in. "Your mom went to college." That was a great line.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger mai said...

Didn't Madame tell you that the word for dude is "coco"?? As in, "Coco, je voudrais une sandwich!" or, "Coco! Tu mange du pain??"

Haha. My class learned that watching Finding Nemo.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

You are crazy. I think ChatterBox is on drugs. Seriously, on the bus today, she randomly goes, "PILLS! I LOVE pills!" It was scary.

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

Pencil Case, you blog WAY TO MUCH!! Just kidding!!

P.S. Tay tay says hi and he would comment himself but he doesn't remeber his password. Oh well!!!

Goofy Goober is A POSER!!!


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