Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to school to find a Frau clone.

Hello. I am much less sad than yesterday. It is great not being so depressed. My flight home was not so bad. I was on AA flight 3537 with non-stop service to Milwaukee departing at 6:42pm from Dallas/Fort Worth. Due to a lost aircraft, though, we departed twenty-two minutes later than scheduled. It wasn't so bad. I sat next to a lady named Jane who was reading a book about a lady who had a near death experience. I told her I would read it when I got home. Yeah right. I wasn't thinking. I landed at 9:42 in Milwaukee to find Mother and Sara there waiting for me. On the way home, [ughh... two hours and ten minutes] we stopped at McDonalds to get a drink. I slurped it up and we were home before I knew it. I went to bed right away to get charged for school this morning.

The first hour was, as normal, French. I walk into the room to find Madame in her chair by her desk with a short haircut and a new hair color, brown. I think Frau is slowly turning Madame into a clone of her. Great. That is all we need, another Frau. Just kidding. I love Frau. For all of you perverts out there, don't take that the wrong way. The first thing Madame says to me is:

Madame: Pencil Case, is it true that you will be leaving us next year?
Me: No! Where did you hear that from? It was Kellinka, wasn't it? All I said to her was, "Kellinka, I might move to Colorado next year." It was a joke! God, Kellinka can't take jokes well. No. I am not moving.
Madame (ignoring everything I had just said): Well, see, if you do move, we will keep in touch, but at the same time I wonder why you would leave right when you get into the popular crowd.
Me: I'm not moving!
Madame: I hope it works to our advantage, though, you know, by you not leaving.
Sockittoya: You're moving and you didn't tell us? You dick!
Me: I'm not moving!

During French we watched Madame's "favorite show." It was about this nutty British guy who went around the world to eat food. Don't ask.

Theology was grand as normal. The Frater was in a "bad mood" because his friend moved away. He made it clear that it wasn't us who was pissing him off. Yeah right. Why does he lie?

At lunch; Candy, Daf, Pam, Nate, and I went to Mr. N to talk yet again. We talked. It was good for us, you know, to get things off of our chest. Walking to the Library (where I am now,) Candy and I ate roughly seventeen Hershey Kisses each.


At 7:22 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Oh, Pencil Case. Such good times today in the French room after school. You have to blog about that, like, PRONTO.


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