Friday, January 07, 2005

Beware! Flying Bean Bag Area!

Today was one of the better days in a while. Last night, Tom and Tony slept over because their parents, about a month ago in a state of drunkenness, power ordered tickets to Las Vegas and it has now caught up to them. They were both to sleep by 9:15pm, so it wasn't all that bad. We don't have to watch them until Sunday night, though. That is a good thing.

French was better today. As I walk into the room, while being blinded by an open window streaming in sunlight, at 7:43am:

Madame: Pencil Case, I do not hate you.
Me: Good. That is what I thought, but Kellinka told me otherwise.
Madame: If you transfer into Spanish, I will have to confiscate your French Club sweatshirt.
Me: Okay. Don't worry, I wont.

I then presented my dialogue again for half of the points I lost. This was also good because I raised my grade from a C- to a C+. I was pretty happy about that. After the bell rang and the class piled in, we all got a chance to review our vocab for ten minutes. I was working with Chelk, but I felt left out of the Kellinka-Sockittoya-Seamstress study group. I went over there to say hi for a couple of minutes. I noticed Paul, one of the conformists that took advantage of the "tsunami jeans day", had a Stein t-shirt on.

Me: Does Paul work at Stein Home Garden & Gifts?
Seamstress: Well, he used to. I love how you said the whole name including "Home Garden & Gifts."

The vocab study time was over and FFF was beginning. I, along with half of the class, noticed that Sockittoya had the Aladdin box in her hand. We started to aimlessly shout "Where is Home Alone?" and "We want to finish Home Alone!" Madame explained that Christmas was over, so there would be no more Christmas movie. We protested more. She finally told us that if we wanted to finish Home Alone that badly, we could. I snached a bean bag up and went to sit down in my seat. I noticed the bean bag served me no purpose what so ever, so I threw it on Kellinka's head. She was instantly pissed, and she shook her fist at me. Ohhhh, I am soooo scared! I better be nice to her, though, because tonight I am going over to her house to eat her mother's pasta. I am so very excited.

In Theology, my row presented our presentation. We, I should say I because I was the only one who actually worked, pleased the Frater with our job well done.

At Lunch, Pam and Daf rushed to Student Services to fix their schedule for next semester, Abby went to sit by some other people, and Nate, Candy, and I sat and ate. Kellinka scooped me up to go wander the halls. We first went to the library. The librarian yelled at us for being here during our lunch time. We then went to visit Madame, but she was busy so we didn't stay.

Me: Why are all of the teachers busy?
Kellinka: [Sarcastically] Well, let's see, it is their job!

We then went to visit Mrs. Schmidt to see if I had practice tonight. I don't. While in Mrs. Schmidt's room, Kellinka and I bursted into random laughter after seeing a choir/band note board filled with, "hee hee ho ho ho ha hee ho ho hee ha." As we were walking to the auditorium, I attempted to kick Kellinka, but failed. This resulted in Kellinka pointing at me and yelling "ABUSE! ABUSE!" Mr. Brooker looked at us in a panic striken way and I said, "She is kidding." He then looked at Kellinka and said, "Are you kidding?" Kellinka said yes, and then we laughed as Mr. Brooker walked away with his head shaking. We then went to Public Performance. It was quite possibly one of the more stupid things I had ever seen. I didn't even break a chuckle. It was stupid. I went back into the cafeteria to donate money to get a hand. On the hand, I wrote, "Pencil Case (Benjamashka) Last Name." Yes, It was funny. It kind of an inside joke, but still funny.

Now I am here in the library typing away. I will blog later to tell you how Kellinka's house was.

Chelk: I can't believe I said Bobby Frau!
Kellinka: It was Billy Frau, Chelk. You are so retarded.
Chelk: Hey!?!


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Well, Madame will be proud of me. I updated my blog and I talked about every part of my day, not just French class. It is a really long post. I talk about how I was abused.

And you asked, "Why are all the teachers working?"


Okay. I'm done. Sometimes I require random outbursts of emotion to get through my day.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

Retard silly man.

Yes I blogged. My internet finnally works. Alison Jerzak seems like a little S.O.B. I have never even met her. Oh well, I realy have an urge to meet Madame.

Don't ask why, so, Goodbye!! (I made a funny)


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