Friday, January 14, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Part Trois of Three.

Well hello again. Let me start the entry with last night's study tables. You see, Kellinka, Sockittoya, Seamstress and I had decided that we needed to study for the exams that took place today. Kellinka gave me a ride there, and we met up with the others in the commons. We studied for a bit then I went to the library to see my grades on PowerSchool. I scrolled down to the World History part of it, and I was shocked. I am not going to tell you what I got, but I will say it was pretty horrible. I started to freak out then I became very sad and sulky. I went back into the commons and told the gang what had just happened. They said it wasn't right, and I didn't do that bad. Sockittoya went back in the library with me to check it again just to make sure. It still was the same. We even did the math, and it came up the same. I really started to be depressed at that point, and I went to sit at the table and not do any studying. Kellinka then offered to go with me to see Madame upstairs. We got to her room, and the door was shut and locked, but the light was on. I looked through the little window and saw that there was no one in there, but, as an evil joke, I told Kellinka that Madame was in there. She got very excited, very fast. I started to say thing through the door like, "Kellinka likes girls, not boys!" and "Kellinka has crabs!" knowing that Madame was not in there. She started to freak out, and use me as a punching bag. I then told her I was joking, and that Madame was not in there. She was relieved. We then went to see ABC so she could help me re-evaluate my grade. She was busy, so Ms. Jacobson helped me. She said the PowerSchool was off by one notch. I was happy then, so we ran back downstairs. On the way, though, we ran into Ulcer Boy. You need to know that Seamstress and Kellinka are not very fond of Ulcer Boy, so, naturally, I told him that Kellinka loved him. Haha. I then ran away with Kellinka on my tail. I stopped by my locker, and I got this black, plastic rod. I don't know why, it is just fun. We ran back to the commons only to realize that we now had Madame's phone number. I started to mope again, realizing the reality, and said the only way I would be happy is if we called Madame. Kellinka worked up the nerve, and called her. No answer. Kellinka and I then went to the library to write Madame an email, and decided to call her again. Okay, this time she answers. She says hello a few times, and a nervous Kellinka hangs up on her. We run to tell the others that she answered, and then run to the payphone to try again. This time her husband (Mr. Madame) answers, and once again, Kellinka hangs up. This time, Eric wants to try it. He calls and says a simple, "Hi" and literally throws the phone at Kellinka. Kellinka right away explains to her that I am having a nervous breakdown, and that I needed to talk to her. She throws the phone at me. I tell her that I am having a bad day. She then says, "Pencil Case. Go get a glass of warm milk and go to bed." We hang up and go back to the commons. I twist and twine the plastic rod a few times in Seamstress's hair before Kellinka's daddy comes to pick us up. He drops me off, and I go to sleep with the thought of having an Algebra exam in roughly twelve hours.

Seventh Period - Algebra: This exam actually wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. It was about eight pages front and back, mostly multiple choice. I finished third, and then watched Ulcer Boy frantically try to finish his. He finished, and pretty much stared at CC as she corrected tests. She noticed him, and became very angry.

CC: Ulcer Boy! You better find something else better to do than stare at me, or I will pull you test out of the pile right now and mark every question wrong!

Ulcer Boy flushed with redness and turned around. The bell rang shortly after, and I hightailed it out of the room. Period seven, ALONG WITH EXAMS, over.

I then saw Kellinka in the hall and, once again, tried to restrain her from catching her bus in time. Once again, I failed. She went home, and I went downstairs to wait for musical practice. I practiced for about four hours, and then Jennifer came to pick me up. She dropped me off at home, and I went to sleep for an hour.

Yes. Very exciting.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

I am still going to kill you or kick your ass over the Ulcer Boy thing. You have NO idea how pissed I was, Pencil Case Benjamashka. I could have seriously clawed your eyes out.

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, exams suck


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