Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Part Un of Three.

Today was quite possibly one of the worst days of my NDA career so far, for today was my first day of the dreaded exams. Here's how it went:

First Period - French: I got into class right, and I mean right, before the bell rang. After I found my seat in the new formed "scatter plot" seating arrangement, I sat down. Madame was not in a tangent mood as usual, and gave the class their tests. It was roughly fifty questions, all of which I had a vague idea of how to answer. I used all (all meaning three) of my extra credit stickers so I could get the leg up on a few bonus points seeing as how there was no bonus section. I finished about twenty minutes before the time was up, unlike the freak show Kellinka who finished about ten minutes into the exam. I whipped out Poddington as Kayleigh rummaged through my backpack. She stumbled upon a picture of Supermodel, and asked if she could Xerox it for a locker sign. I said sure, and then made her listen to the Jerky Boyz on Poddington. She laughed uncontrollably and then the bell rang. First period over.

Second Period - Theology: The exam was pretty hard. I had to use my Bible quite a few times. There was short answer questions upon short answer questions. After the exam, because Poddington isn't allowed in this class, I read Me Talk Pretty One Day. Seriously, this is one of the funniest pieces of literature I have ever read. The bell rang, and I escaped the room. Second period over.

Eighth Period - Physical Science: After Theology, I ran into Kellinka in the halls. She was trying to mooch moolah off of me to buy Fritos, but I wasn't giving in. Instead, I told her to mooch off of Madame. She was afraid, so I did it for her. Madame said, yes, she could have a dollar, but first she need to do something with photocopies and doors. Like I have said many a time, MADAME IS INSANE! I got a Propel from the cafeteria, and headed for Kermit's room. He gave us the test and a calculator. If I remember right, there were seventy-eight multiple choice questions. Now don't get me wrong, multiple choice is my favorite type, but seventy-eight of them is a little much. I completed the test, and headed to my locker only to find Kellinka. We went to visit Madame, but she was busy and she told us to be quiet or skedaddle. We chose to be quiet... Until I hit Kellinka in the forehead with a PowerChess98 CD-ROM jewel case. I told her it was pink and purple and that it was probably infected. I lied. We left the room and I restricted Kellinka from catching her bus. She got away and caught it.

I am now home about to go to the mall with Daf. Talk to you tomorrow with part two.


At 3:05 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow. I am so lucky to be called a freak show. I still owe Madame seventy-five cents (of money she took from the French Club money box.) Unfortunately, I have to go to the study tables tonight because I don't want to fail math, which means I will be spending my evening with ABC and (hopefully) Maggie.


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