Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Hey! I want some food!" -Cabbie.

Today was boring at times and interesting at times. This morning I woke up at around 10:12am because I was up until about 2:00am this morning. Yes, 10:12am is late for me to sleep in. I got out of bed and Mother surprised me with my favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy. I ate it and then went to NDA to hang out at the set construction. I really served no purpose there and Mrs. Schmidt knew it. She was all pissed off at me for "loitering." I came to the conclusion that she is one of those people that are either really nice or really mean. It depends if it a full moon or not, I guess. Maria and some other girl went to McDonalds to pick up lunch for everyone. I payed them for some fries and they wrote my order, along with everybody else's, on a piece of scrap wood. They got back and we chowed down. Kellinka, Seamstress, and Sockittoya got Mighty Kids Meals. I stole Seamstress and Sockittoya's toys and put them in Seamstress and Maria's hair. As they went back to work, I went to hang with Girl-Dawg. I saw that Kellinka was up there practicing her forensics. I hung there with a very un-tangent Girl-Dawg and Kellinka. I left at 1:55pm to get picked up by Mother and Daf.

Mother dropped Daf and I off at the mall because we were to see Meet the Fockers later. While in the mall, Daf got a Coconut Italian Soda from Gloria Jean's. She took it to Hot Topic and let all of the employees have a taste. They all said it was good, except for the very gay cashier. We then walked to the theatre.

As we were sitting down, we realized that we did not have a ride home. We really didn't worry about it, though. During the movie, the lady that was sitting next to me kept giving away the twists and turns of the plot before they happened. She was middle aged and very annoying. After the movie we went back to the mall and hung out seeing as how we had nothing else to do. We got hungry so we went to McDonalds... The long way. We didn't see that it was right across from tea mall, so we ended up walking about three miles. Kayleigh was working at McDonalds and she let us use her cell so we could call a cab. We called it and it came in about fifteen minutes. The cabbie was a Hispanic male with long greasy hair. He had tattoos galore and smelled funky. Daf and I both sat in the back. He wouldn't stop making jokes.

Cabbie: [Fakely pulling into the McDonalds drive thru.] Hey! I want some food!

Cabbie: Where are you going? Wind-furd. Win-fort. Wat-ford. What the hell-ford.

Daf: You are not as scary as I thought you were going to be.
Cabbie: You do find some scary cab drivers out there.

The cabbie then went into a big speech about how female cab drivers get harassed by "drunk fools." He then noticed that he never started the fair meter.

Cabbie: What the hell! It is stuck at fifteen dollars! Oh, well. Let's put it back at three. I'll give you guys the benefit of a doubt.

We got to my house and I picked up my stuff to bring to Lee-hah and Michelle's house. Daf and I walked over there. We played on the computer (don't ask) and we also played cribbage. Daf then walked home and I stayed the night.

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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