Friday, January 28, 2005

I am back and less tired.

Wow. For once, I am not tired. Tonight, I will try to recap the most important details from teh past three days. I don't know how good I will do, but hey, at least I try.

On Wednesday, a few notable things went down.

Me: I went cow tipping once in Colorado Springs.
Madame: Pencil Case, cow tipping is not real.
Me: Yes, it is. I did it!
Madame: You did not. Do you know how many people it takes to tip over a cow?
Kellinka: How would you know?
Kayleigh: I really want to go cow tipping.
Madame: Do you know how many people it takes to tip a cow? Cows are heavy.
Me: It took us four.
Madame: Yeah right. And then when you've finally tipped the cow over, well, do you know how long it takes the cow to get back up?
Me: A very long time, yes, that is the funny part.
Madame: It's mean!
Kellinka: How do you know this much about cow tipping?! Have you been cow tipping?
Madame: No, I just saw that movie. What is it called...oh, yes, Tommy Boy.

According to Kellinka, Madame then went on to sing the "Fat Man in a Little Coat" song. I would have laughed had I been there. Also, during the phone-a-thon, the French club raised a record high of a club in NDA history of...$17,000!!!

Anyway, on Thursday, in French, my dialogue partner was gone, so I couldn't do any work. Kayleigh was on a role of being in class, too. During lunch, Daf "fed" Pam a muffin. When I say "fed," I mean Daf smashes Pam's face into a muffin until she can't breath. Pam then went into the washroom, and claimes that she blew two huge muffin chunks out of her nostrals. I guess Daf blew her nose, too.

Daf: [To me after coming out of the bathroom] You missed the funniest thing! I was in there blowing my nose, and I said very randomly 'No more cocain for me!' And this senior heard me. I think she is worried about me! HAHAHAHA! THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY!

She found it quite amusing. She is a crazy one, that Daf. Thursday was also Sockittoya's fifteenth birthday. I get her a used Hangman game and two bags of marshmallows.

Today, Kayleigh was once again sick, so I teamed up with Arial for a new dialogue which includes Kayleigh if she so happens to be there. Kellinka's group and my group have started a dialogue war. Whoever has the most insulting dialogue against each other, wins. BOOM! It's on! Hehe. She will never know what hit her. Hehe. After school, Daf and I went to the mall, then to see Are We There Yet? In the mall, we bought these momory pillows to sit on in the theatre. God, they are comfortable. Before the movie, Daf was shouting nonsence at random "sixth grade sluts." In the movie, we met a bunch of people. We prtended our names were "Callie" and "Nathanial," the blonde twins from Texas. Rusty Bowling was cool.

R.B.: Yep, my name is Rusty Bowling. Like the sport, boooooowling. You are Callie, like California. You are Nate, not Nathanagiz.
Daf: We are twins that were born in Texas.
R.B.: You are twins?!
R.B.'s Friend From SouthWest: Can't you tell?!

It was quite fun, even though the movie sucked. On on occasion, though, during a scene involving an asthma attack, Daf laughed really loud. It was funny because the scene was supposed to be sad, and Daf is the only one who found it funny.

Now I am home, and feeling queezy from a piece of beef jerky I just ate.


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow, I love that you totally copied the whole cow-tipping discussion from my blog. Laaaaazy. I am also wondering if you always accost people when you go to the movies, like when you accosted Seamstress at A Cinderella Story without having known her.

At 11:24 PM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

Oh... :(

Kellinka Commented before me...

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Tay-Tay said...

Hi Pencil Case. I'm back and less tired too!!!

I'm going to post tommorow!!!!

I'm a goofygoober Rock!!!



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