Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The joy of spoiled milk.

Today was a very weirdinagoodway day. This morning at about 6:40am, Snip called me and wasked if I could give her a ride to school. A half asleep me said yes as I jotted down the directions and address. I quick got ready, and my mother told me to call Daf and tell her that we will be running a little early today. I must have ignored half of the demand or something, because I did call Daf, but all I said was that we would give her a ride. Apparently, I said nothing about being about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. I got in the car about two minutes after I hung up, and off to Daf's we went. When we arrived at her house, we noticed she wasn't waiting by the door as usual, so I urged Mother to honk the horn, and she did so. Still no Daf. About six minutes later, we honked again. This time, Daf stuck her head out of the door, and was out in about thirty seconds. She got in the car.

Daf: Wow. You guys came a little early today. I saw you out here the whole time, butI couldn't leave because all I had on was an undershirt. My mom was ironing my pants and my shirt was in the dryer. [Shows us her pant legs which are half wrinkly/half crisp] See? My shirt isn't much better either.
Mother: Well, Pencil Case called you to tell you we were coming early.
Daf: No, he didn't. He called to tell us you guys could pick me up for school today.
Mother: What?! That is all he told you? Sorry, Daf, but it was all Pencil Case's fault.

A cowering me sat quiet until we got to Snip's house, and Daf started up again.

Daf: I didn't even have enough time to grab my rubber bands for my braces.
Me: Oh, you'll live for today.
Daf: No, I won't. I am getting huge cavities from the absent rubber bands. [Totally moving on] My orthodontist didn't make my lip bumper the right size, either. It, like, sticks out really far.

Snip gat in the car, and it was off to NDA for us. When we got there, I went up to the French room, and waited for the bell to ring. When it did, I sat in my seat, and waited for the session of learning to commence. All we did learn/talk about was the rest of the exam corrections. Somehow, though, we got off topic and Madame went into a huge ramble about the milk and other food in France.

Madame: Americans are very used to preservatives. You see, kids, in France, or any other European country for that matter, the milk is only good for about two days, tops. My mother used to buy milk for me all of the time, and I would have to drink the whole gallon before it spoiled. Speaking of spoiled milk, milk spoils different here than there also. When I moved to New York, I decided to put the milk out overnight so I could have some buttermilk to make buttermilk pancakes for myself. I sure do love buttermilk pancakes! Anyway, the next morning, I believe I smelled the worst smell ever in the history of smells. Rotten American milk. I threw it away, and almost threw up.

After many laughs and giggles that were mostly from Sockittoya and I, Madame started talking about shopping in France.

Madame: People in France like to shop in a whole bunch of little stores compared to the Americans who like it in huge, gigantic supermarkets. In France, the people go to the butcher to get meat, the bakery to get a loaf, and, well, lots of other places. The cool thing, though, is that the store doesn't bag up the items, so the consumers must bring their own. The grocery bags always end up being fancy and personalized.

Also in French, Madame seemed to misplace her white binder a lot. After more laughter, we finished correcting the exam and left the class when it was time.

In Theology, the Frater gave us a (surprise, surprise) speech. This time about how Catholic priests are very easily accused for young male molsetation. It was sad and interesting at the same time. Who knew that for at least one day, the Frater could actually get through to us?

In World History, FB and I had a tiny chat about his and Chelk's relationship and about how he wouldn't trust me with his life. Yes, yes. Good times.

At Lunch, we still got stuck with the "shaft table" which by now we have come to hate. Ughh. Two days is far too long to be eating in an uncomfortable environment. Most likely, though, we will suffer like this the rest of the year.

In Art, we had our first project of the semester. It was a piece of paper that had nine boxes on it. Each box held a single line shape, and we had to draw a picture using the line. Mine was nine different angles of a fish being caught. I actually thought it was quite good.

This is the second day in a row that we had a new math student. Ugggh. I hate large classes. Just last week, we only had six kids. Now we have eight. This is an outrage!

Tonight I have no practice! Yay!


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow. So sad that I missed the milk lecture. I would have told Madame about the time I left milk out on the counter for an hour in the middle of August last summer and it spoiled, causing La Mere to have a screaming fit.

Also, thanks for totally not mentioning the absence of Van Chelsing and I. Bitch.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

Hey Pencil Case. You finally blogged!!! Tay-Tay has a New blog adress

Here it is...




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