Thursday, January 06, 2005

Madame is not abusive in the slightest.

Today was highly entertaining, sad, happy, funny, and depressing all at the same time. On the way out this morning, Mother's car had a big pile of fluffy snow on the hood. Probably a foot high. She had to look over it to see the road as we were on our way to Daf's house to pick her up for school. Daf couldn't stop laughing when she saw the pile. It wasn't long before a funky burning rubber smell lingered about the car. Mother decided the smell was being caused by the blockage of exterior ventilation caused by the pile of snow. Daf offered to scrape it off, but Mother insisted I "be the man" and do it. I agreed, not wanting to get into a Mother/Pencil Case fight. I scraped it off, but whilst in the process, I got filled to the brim with powdery, cold snow.

Next, French. Kellinka had a shadow/cousin, Maita. She is pretty cool. I like her hair despite the fact that Dickson does not. Today in first period, the announcement went out that we would be selling hot chocolate and handprints for the benefit of the tsunami victims. During the announcement, I was at the board attempting to translate the question, "You have Coke?" Apparently, I screwed up the articles of the noun "coca." Madame told me to erase it. Not the articles of coca, just it. I then erased the whole sentence, and by doing so, Madame screamed a very loud "Noooooo!" as she slammed her head on the desk. Wow, can we say "overreacted?" I apologized, and did the sentence all over again. As I finally got it right, Madame threatened to move me to the "Learning T," which is the front and middle row. She claims that, by sitting in these select seats, you get better grades. All I know is, is that I am not moving. Kellinka, also during French, decided my binder was not complete. Just because I don't have the majority of the Chapter 4 and 5 vocabulary doesn't mean that I don't try. Got it, Kellinka?

In Theology, we did this group project where your row wrote about a specific book in the Bible. My group, possibly the most un-motivated students in the Frosh class, got stuck with "The Acts of the Apostles." I finish in, roughly, four minutes. I gave it to them, told them to slap our names on it, and hand it in. I just didn't want an F for the day.

At Lunch, Kellinka, Maita, and I went to get a NDA t-shirt for Maita from Mrs. Smile. Apparently, the free t-shirt was for being a shadow. I was naturally upset.

Me: Why did I never get a free t-shirt for shadowing?
Mrs. Smile: [Has that "I don't remember you shadowing... Ever" look on her face] Really? When did you shadow?
Me: Oh. I didn't.

For the remaining ten minutes of Lunch, we went to visit Madame. Big mistake. She was crabby or something. All I did was:
*Sketch a portrait of Madame on the white board.
*Tell her to smell a very wonderful blueberry scented marker.
*Patted her on the head for being a good girl.
*Gave her a few high fives.
*Tried to apologize for being annoying, but Kellinka shoved me and told her sorry first.

I tried to give Madame another high five after I thought we were friends again, but in a very sinful retaliation move, hit me in the arm with a French hatbox. I ran out of the room, with a very sore arm mind you, and started back down toward the cafeteria. Kellinka stopped me, though, and said that Madame accepted her apology, and told her to keep me away, but for her to keep on visiting. My feelings were instantly hurt, and I was instantly depressed.

During Study Hall, I wrote Madame an e-mail telling her how, in an effort to stop my annoyance, I will transfer into Spanish at the turn of the semester. I also wrote one to Kellinka saying pretty much the same thing. The funny part of this period, though, is Kayleigh telling me that she was skipping Geo./Trig to hang in the library. The librarian eventually kicked her out.

During PE, I was still very sad about Madame and I's friendship ending. I was sulky the whole time, and brushed off comments thrown by Kellinka and Chelk about how I can't switch out of French. They kind of talked me into it, but it would come at a price. I wanted to her hear Kellinka oink like a pig in labor again. This time in a French accent. She did, so I guess I can't transfer out.

At the end of the day, I went with Seamstress to Madame's room to get her Fran├žais sweater. Madame told me that she received the e-mail, and that replied.

When I got off of the bus at my stop after I left school, I slipped and fell on the ice. It hurt. When I got home, Kellinka tried to convince me online that Madame does not hate me, and that she is just stressed about exam week. I'll see if Madame says sorry tomorrow.

Talk to you guys soon.


At 6:42 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Oy, Pencil Case, today has been quite the saga with you and Madame. She was just joking about me being able to visit her still so long as I kept you away, and now she feels very bad because you did the grandma-guilt-trick. Also, you should have figured out she was getting irritated by the look on her face every time she gave you a high-five (read: you forced her to give her a high five). And everyone is stressed out with exams coming up.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Also, she called me "a ding-bat" for telling you what she said. She feels very bad about that, too.


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