Saturday, January 22, 2005

Murderball, Sardines, and watching stars in the sanctuary. Oh, my!

I might go nuts if I don't have my French class fix by Monday. I was sick *cough cough* on Friday, so I chose not to go. It all started on Thursday night with the whole BetC backpack thing. Well, I couldn't do any of my homework, so I came down with a horrible headache from the worry. I believe it was a brain ulcer. So on Friday, I slept until about noon and after I woke up, I took a shower and got dropped off at Michelle (you do remember that he is a boy) and Lee-Hah's house for the night. I sat there alone for a bit, but when Aunt Nice got there, I went with her to get groceries. When we got back to her house, I went up to Lee-Hah's room to hang out with her seeing as how she was now home. She was straightening her hair, and asked me to hold a piece while she was ironing it with her "brand new titanium forty-five lbs. clamp with pocket compatibility new age hair straightening ceramic tool." Well, I did and not long after, she asked me to straighten a piece. Ugghh. Why me? As I was doing as she told me, she jerked her head, and the straightener went right into her eye. All 450ยบ F of it. She screamed not because her eye hurt, but because her eyebrow was singed half off. She got over it fast, but then asked me to do it again. This time I did nothing wrong, but somehow her "head was on fire." She is so weird. Her friend, Ellesburg, then came over to get ready for the dance her and Lee-Hah were going to, and to sleep over. She is a goodie-goodie, so she is fun to mess with. When the other girls got there, Trey and Nacera, I wrote them all letters of hate. I made Ellesburg's really mean because I need to project my feelings instead of trapping them in. Here's what it was:


I hate you for the only reason being that you hate me. You need to stop turning people into ghosts!

P.S.- Your Skittles were nasty and gross.

Ellesburg Stats

Cool - .8

Whore - 1

Bi**h - 2

Angel - 00000!!

Overall - .9

You see, the reason I was so mean, is because I knew she would take it as a joke, which she did. The girls then went to the dance, and Michelle and I went with Daf to game night at the church. Game night consisted of Murderball, a very violent form of dodgeball in the church's basement, and Sardines, which is hide and seek backwards. Michelle and I had an all out brawl to see who could get each other out first in Murderball. Pencil Case - 3. Michelle - 1. Yes! I am the master. After Murderball, it was the long awaited Sardines. It was quite fun. Really it was, except for the fact that Daf and I were the only ones playing. When we found out everybody was upstairs playing scrabble, we were pissed that we spent the last forty minutes in a dark basement searching for a hider that didn't exist. We got over it. Michelle, Daf and I then went to sit and talk to Jay and his girlfriend after they got caught for making out in the sanctuary. We talked about school, life and anything that came to mind. We then went in the sanctuary to look at "stars." The stars are just the dimmed ceiling lights in the sanctuary. We left after more talk, and awaited Daf's mom to pick us up. The original plan was for Daf's mom to pick Lee-hah and Ellesburg up, and we would all go to Daf's to play a board game. Well, apparently Daf's dishwasher "exploded and now smells like mold," so no one wanted to go there, so Daf brought her game to Lee-hah and Michelle's. We played it, then Daf went home to be stuck in the stench of melted dishwasher plastic and mold. We all then went to sleep.

This morning, I got up early to go home. I went back to bed and slept until 1:00pm. I still don't have my backpack, so I need to get it tomorrow after I go home in the morning. Yes, I am now at another cousin sleepover. This time at Jack's.


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I wish I was in your French class!!!!!

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