Friday, January 21, 2005

The tale of my "weekly drug test."

Ugggh. I am so very tired. Must. Blog. [Snooze]

French class was different today. You see, Madame was in a better mood than she has been lately. At least that is what I thought. About half way through the class, Kellinka made a face at me that was hinting she was laughing inside. Madame saw her look, and my look back to Kellinka, as a form of hatred toward each other, so she asked us what was wrong. We just told her truth, and said that we thought what she had said was funny and that we most certainly do not hate each other. She didn't buy a word of it, and as a result, sent us to Student Services to "work out our differences." We thought she was joking, but when she told us a second time, we went without question. Before we went though, Madame gave us a few passes just in case they needed proof. All the way up SS, Kellinka and I giggled and asked ourselves why Madame had did what she just did. When we got up there after the two minute walk, they had already had an empty room with a piece of paper, a table, and two chairs. During that two minute walk, Madame had called up to SS and told them to be ready for us. "So, Madame told me that you two are a raging ball of emotions today." Those were the first words out of the secretary's mouth. Oh, great. That is all we need, is for the staff to think we are insane psychos. Well, all we need is for the staff to think Kellinka is an insane psycho. I do believe that I am already taken care of. As she was talking, though, I grabbed a pamphlet about club drug addiction because every once in a while, I like to rerad about this stuff. I swear, they are so funny! On the back of the pamphlet, they have three FAQs. One of them was, "If I take club drugs like ecstasy, won't I dance off all of the effects?" Who asks that? Really? Anyway, they sat us in the room and told us to "work out a situation or plan that would help us and the class." I used my infamous Hunter Orange Gel-Pen to write the not with Kellinka. It was about a half of a page and it ended something like this:

[Kellinka's writing] Kellinka and Pencil Case are very sorry for showing supposed anger toward each other and the class. It won't happen again. [My handwriting] Well, all of that is true except for the part of Kellinka being sorry. She made that up.

I found it funny, and I thought it would ease everybody's mind. Well, when Kellinka saw it she instantly screamed and told me to cross it out because if I didn't, they would call her parents. Just about at that time, an old lady counselor came in and said, "You are being WAY to loud! Come in my room to talk now." Yes, this is all we need is a crabby counselor.

Crabby Counselor: Well, it doesn't seem like you two hate each other! I heard y'all giggling up a storm in the other room.
Kellinka: Well, we don't hate each other at all. We don't even agree with why we are up here.
Crabby Counselor: Well, it seems to me that you tow get along too well.
Me: I would have to agree with that.
Crabby Counselor: Here's what we are going to do, I am going to write a "contract" saying that this will never happen again with you two, because if it does, you will be up here all of the time and that means, right? You will miss a lot of class, and you know what that means, right? You will fail the class.
Me: Sounds good to me! [Instantly distracted by a bowl of peppermint Tootsie Pops] Oh, look! Candy!
Kellinka: [To Crabby Counselor] Oh, dear. He does love candy canes!
Crabby Counselor: Yeah...okay. Anyway, here it is. [Whips out the "contract"] Sing here.
Me: [I draw a dotted line with and X] Good! I'll even make it official. I'll sign on the X!

We both sign as the bell is ringing, then go back to the French room very slow so we can miss the first part of the next class. When we get to the room, the second bell has long since rung, and the second hour French 1 class was in session. We walk in, and Madame says, "Why are you kids giving me this (the 'contract') ?" We then explain to her that the Crabby Counselor made us do it. She says okay, and sends us off to our next class. At this point, I am sure the class in session is wondering about what is up, and I am positive that the club drugs pamphlet is not helping at all. We then go by my locker to talk a bit more when we see Madame magically walk up the stairs behind us and say, "You kids are still here!?" She skedaddles us off for real, and off we go to our next class.

During Lunch, Kellinka tells me that she heard from someone that everybody thinks we were in SS for my weekly drug test. Oh, God. I knew that the pamphlet would come into play in some crazy way.

Kellinka: I am so sure that I need to go with you to Student Services for you to pee in a cup. Where do people think of these crazy things?
Me: The pamphlet, Kellinka. The damned pamphlet.

The rest of the day went fairly well. After school, I went with BetC to Art in the Afternoon to finish my project. When her mom came to pick us up, we went to McDonalds then she took me home to get my script, then took me back to school st 6:28pm for practice at 6:30pm. I made it on time, and during the practice, I realized that I left my backpack in BetC's car. I have SO MUCH homework I need to do for tomorrow, it is not even funny. Oh, well. There is nothing I can do about it now.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Madame: Go on, now! Skedaddle bedaddle!
Kellinka: I'm pretty sure that was the worst rhyme ever.


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Yeah, yesterday was pretty much the most eventful day of my entire life. And WHY aren't you here today? You missed out on watching Anastasia for Fun French Friday! You could have shouted to everyone, "Kellinka's nickname is Pooka!" and mortified me forever.

Or you can just do that next Friday. If you COME.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger SpazzyG said...

Your sac is in the main office.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Tay-Tay said...

haha! That sounds sooo funny! I wish stuff like that happened in my life so I could write about it in my blog. Madame sounds realy wierd. But somewhat cool.
Hope your having fun in Chicago.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Tay-Tay said...

I meant Whisconson.

Why the flippin heck did I flippin say Chicago?!?!?!?


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