Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Norte Dame Academy Presents: "big! The Musical."


Can I just start by saying how much I love being onstage? Really, for me, it is such a rush to get nervous and then perform for a live audience. I love it. The first weekend went well. Saturday better than Friday from an audience point of view. Backstage, however, was another story. The orchestra monitors weren't working, so the cast had no indication of what the tempo of the songs were, the main orchestra piano broke down, so we had to haul in a new one during the performance, and Gina's mic was live for a few seconds backstage, so the audience could hear our dressing room conversations for a moment. All ended up better than the first night performance wise, though. I was so excited. The first cast party was at Sockittoya/Emmy's house, and the second on was at Sammy's. Both really fun. Only two more days until I do it again! ::Screams and runs away in excitement:: Even the Frater said I should study voice in college because I have "a blow-away voice." That is a great compliment coming from him seeing as how he is a music major. Go Frater!

I am too tired to post anymore tonight, but look for me in the next few days to have another one!

PS - This brief entry was for all of you nagging readers that had to have your way. You know who are. Teeheehee.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

These taste like the cow wandered into an onion patch.

The past week has been what I like to call, "A Week Without Sleep." Seriously, the musical opens tomorrow morning, and I still have loads of practice to do. Just tonight I finally got the hang of my solo, "I Want To Know." It really is a BIG (no pun intended) (actually, it was kind of a pun with the way I capitalized it and all) (No, wait, I decided that I am half serious and half punning) responsibility. The musical is the very reason I have not been blogging lately. Don't worry, though, once it is over ::cry cry:: I will be on top of the ball again. The musical is teaching me one lesson after another on who I am, as who I deal with other people. It really is a blessing. Yes, Madame, you finally got me to admit it. You finally got your just desserts. Anyway, tonight was a dress rehearsal, so I will give you the 411 on the past few days in a nutshell.

- Yesterday, Kellinka finished the verb quiz in French uber early, and so the class branded her with the name "Super Brain Child."

- Also Yesterday, the Frater and our Theology class went google-eyed over Ariel's Liturgical Calendar/Puzzle. Quite amazing.

- Yesterday, Kellinka had the word Fabreeze written on her wrist, so the politically incorrect me came out and asked if she was a Jew. Not even thinking as I said it. I am SO NOT RACIST!!

- Yesterday, at lunch, the gang and I were playing Egyptian Rat Screw/Race/Maze/Lab, when this broke out:

Me: [Noting that Pam was not there, and at the dentist] It feels weird without Pam.
Candy: I know what you mean. It is as if she brings the [saucy voice] sexual element [/saucy voice] to the table.
Me: Yes. Pam is the sexual element, you [directed to Candy] brings the smart element, Nate brings the quiet element, Daf brings the psycho element and I [gets cut off by Daf]
Daf: And you bring all of the annoying bitches that say 'How was your day, Pencil Case?' or 'I miss you Pencil Case!'

- In yesterday's art class, Barbie made more Barbie comments.

- This morning in French, Madame told us an extensive story about how her dog is her best friend, and about how she leaves it home all day for ten hours, and it sits by the door and waits for her. "He is the best dog ever!" she would say. When Kellinka and I approached her later, she told us that she feeds it treats in the morning, but is too depressed to eat them, so he waits until Madame gets home to munch on them. I found this story quite sad, until Kellinka butted in with another 'My dog pees' story. It made me giggle and get happy again.

- In Study Hall today, I declared Kara my new World History tutor. She agreed. Brazeau will be so proud. All of this deciding, though, happened after I asked her if she was a sophomore. It turns out that she is a senior. Burn to her. Ouch.

- After school, I just decided to stay and not go home seeing as how I would just have to find a ride back for 4:30pm. Not worth it. Instead, I went to hang with Daf while she wrote all of her Spanish nouns for NewNewSpaniard...thirty times each for eighteen words. I then convinced NewNewSpaniard to lower it to fifteen times each, because that is all the brain needs to hear it to memorize it. I love me. Daf then was set on learning how to say "These taste like the cow wandered into an onion patch" and something else that had to do with bleach, in Spanish. Seriously, it is so fun to watch Daf fight aka antagonize teachers. Kellinka then "squished" her head in the door.

- Before practice, we had to go get into full make-up. Ethan got caught in a jam.

Ethan: I felt like my life just rushed before my eyes.
Paul: Why?
Ethan: I just walked past the whole basketball team in full drag. How gay was that? Their eyes said that they wanted to beat me up.

Yes, jocks can be quite the jerks. Practice went fairly well.

I must hit the hay now. I have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow for 6:30am breakfast at The Pancake Place with the cast.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Back row, corner.

I did not blog yesterday due to the extensive length of the second tech rehearsal for the musical. It was boring, except for the fact that I played BS with a special deck of Manikin Pis playing cards. That statue just shows how perverted and pedepfileish humans are.

On Friday, as you know, I went to see a Jesse McCartney concert. One of the worst night of my life. You see, Lee-hah promised SunnyDay and I that she would sit by us, no matter what. Well when she found out that she had second row seats with Assleigh and Ellesburg, SunnyDay and I were chopped liver, so to speak. When we got in, she ran off to her VIP seats with her friends, and SunnyDay and I walked with the parents to the third balcony. When we got to what we thought were our seats, we were shut out.

Assleigh's mom: [To Ellesburg's mom] Here we are. [Looking at a few very perfect balcony seats made of fine leather]
Me: Wow. We had better seats than what I thought we would have.
Assleigh's mom: What? Oh. No. These are not your seats. Your seats are up there somewhere. [Points to the top, most back row in the corner]

SunnyDay and I fought the crowd, and we finally got to our seats. Two sticky metal fold out chairs in the, you guessed it, back row, corner. It was bad. We couldn't see anything, hear anything or tolerate anything. All of the songs were a blur, and if we were lucky, on occasion, we could see Jesse McCartney's hair. Not that I came to this concert hoping to have a good time, but come on! Anyway, when we went home after the concert, SunnyDay and I told Lee-hah how bad of a time we had. SunnyDay started to cry for no reason, which triggered Lee-hah to cry also for feeling like a ditching bitch. If you ask me, the whole thing was stupid. End of story.

This morning, I dyed my hair for the musical. It a huge change, but it is a little on the brown side.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Erva, take your shirt off!

Okay. Do you ever stumble across something on the internet that is so fake and weird at the same time? Well, whilst surfing across, I found a clip of the Daft Punk song, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" played backwards. Apparently, the group hid a message in the song about a girl named Erva, and all they want her to do is take her clothes off. See it here. Anyway, the whole "song" is along the lines of:

Take your shirt off later!
But, first, turn over.
Babydoll, wouldn't touch girls.
Wouldn't save me from a heart attack.
Erva, take your clothes off!
Frozen Erva.
Erva and Milo.
Erva, take your shirt off.
Erva and Milo.
Touch him.
Be nude.
Beat him.
Beat her.
Erva and Milo.
Erva'll take her clothes off early!

Yeah. It is weird and so fake! Half the time, what they are singing is so farfetched from what they say they are singing, it is not even funny. I still find is amusing, though.

Tonight I am going to a Jesse McCartney concert. I will update tomorrow to tell you how it was.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Cousinly love...but not from SunnyDay.

I am now at the Pirman household for a "cousinly love" sleep over. Every once in a while, I have to have my fix of cousin time. I figured tonight was a better night than ever.

Today was a short school day that ended at 11:30am. Only twenty-two minutes per class. Yesssssss. After school, I got talked into going to Culvers with Vicky, Anna Valeska, Rachel, Ellen and Anna (not Valeska). We (at least we were supposed to) talked about writing/brainstorming our script for the Freshman act at Caberet Night. It is going to be something along the lines of a depiction of the drama that goes on backstage during a play. If we get it together right, it will be fairly good. When everybody left, Anna and I went to Vicky's house. It was fun seeing as how all we did was antagonize her younger brother and draw on a MagnaDoodle. Anna and I then left and went back to school to await rides home. While there, I spied on the teacher/staff retreat and to my lucky surprise, I caught Madame falling off of a nine-foot latter while playing a "trust game." It was quite funny. Kellinka, however, doesn't believe me and swears that she is going to give Madame the third degree about it on Tuesday. Aunt Sara, Lee-hah and Michelle then picked me up, and we went to Appleton to get Lee-hah this fugly jacket that she "had to have." After she got the jacket, I bought some sandals from Abercrombie. Yes, I am slowly turning [gulp] prep. On the way home, we picked up Lee-hah and Michelle's cousin SunnyDay. SunnyDay is a bit on the ADD side, but she is fun to hang with on occasion. We went to Lee-hah's basketball game. The score was 5-27. They lost. On the way back home, I whipped out my handy-dandy tape recorder to catch the disfunctional conversations of us plus SunnyDay. You see, SunnyDay swears and I was determined to catch it on tape. You might be thinking "hey, everybody swears." Not adults at least. I caught her saying ho, whore, and damn. Hee. My plan went as planned. We finally arrived at home after Woodman's for a few groceries. I am now here to eat a big bite of Totino's Party Pizza. No, not with mushrooms. SunnyDay's orders...

SunnyDay: Who is "Kallicha?"
Me: It is Kellinka.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

H-A-P-P-Y Birthday, Madame!

No, I am not dead, nor have I forgotten about you. Yes, I have been very busy/tired/cranky, most of which roots from the musical (thank you, Kayleigh). But the good news is, is that I am back and blogging! Before I start with today, though, let me have a chance to recap about the last five days:

Saturday: Yes, the Sweetheart Switch dance. I went with Kellinka. Before the dance, Sockittoya, DC, Seamstress, Alex, Kellinka and I went to Victoria's for some good eatins. Well, pasta. We then went to the dance where I took roughly three rolls of film. Great fun. Also, at the dance, Kellinka got very pissed off and called Sockittoya a slutty whore when she caught us dancing. It was quite funny.
Sunday: Tech rehearsal and the Super Bowl. Enough said.
Monday: I really can't remember...
Tuesday: Kellinka and I worked the Phone-a-thon after school on behalf of the Yearbook club. Ironically, myself nor Kellinka is in the club. Tuesday was also the day in which I held my blue "lip-pop" in front of my mouth as if I was dying of hypothermia. Kellinka also got her first referral today...for not bringing her book to Theology.
Wednesday: This was Ash Wednesday. Of course, like always, we had to go to mass between second and third periods. I sat with Daf, Pam, Nate, Liz, and Eric. According to ABC, also know as the TalkingInChurchNazi, we were talking the whole time. All that happened was I told a non-catholic Daf what the bread was, and as a result, got a referral along with the other four around us who did nothing. That was it for that day...well...except that we had Chinese food for lunch. Candy's treat for Pam's birthday.

Today, it was Madame's birthday. I got to school and instantly was bombarded by Kellinka. "Sign the card for Madame!" she yelled at me. It was a "Funniest things Madame has said card." I signed it. When she read in in class, she started to laugh hysterically. After her manic laughing spree, she shed a tear or two. I guess she loves us, really loves us (a la Sally Fields). We then went on to discuss how to say random, useless Crayola crayon colors.

In Study Hall, which I luckily have in the French room, I wrote a birthday letter to Madame in French. When I visited her later, she told me that she understood it perfect. I was so proud.

In Art, Kellinka would not stop me.
Artsie Tartsie: [In a serious, flustered voice] Can you sit down and stop talking?

In Algebra, I went to Student Services to set a meeting with my councilor to discuss next year's schedule.

After school, Pam's grandma and grandpa took her, Daf, Pam's friend Ashley, and I to get ice cream for Pam's birthday. It was yummy. I had Crème Bruleè.

Frau: Russia is a lot like China, if you are a first born and a girl, they bury you alive. Madame was luck to have escaped.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I love Seamstress's rice.

Right now, I am at Seamstress's lovely maison. She is a very good cook-- wait! Scratch that. Her mom is. Her rice is to die for and there is broccoli in it. Too bad Kellinka is allergic to broccoli, because it was delicious and her tastebuds were really missin' out on this one. Also, Seamstress's lovely family bought Kellinka a cake. After all, it is her birthday. Teeheehee. When she was lighting the candles, she was paranoid that they would be trick candles and light back up and scald her face off. Little did she know that when she tried to get the middle candle lit while the others were lit, her hand would be the one that would be singed. Right now, I am staring at a gluestick and a bag of Smarties candy. It's time for DDR Max2! Jive, turkey!

What was the Berlin Wall again?

Today was food day in French. My breakfast puffs turned out pretty good. I thought so anyway. The best part, though, was Kayleigh's story: (Yes, I copy/pasted this out of Kellinka's blog for the only reason being that I don't have the time)

"Yeah. I spent four hours making my food last night, and I got home from work at eleven. See, first I made Jello. But it turns out, when you put Jello on whipped cream, it kind of goes... glurp. So I got really frustrated, and then I just went and got some Betty Crocker and made a cake. (Laughter.) Hey, look at my burn. Isn't that cool? I got it at work on the grill. Yeah, it was fine for a few days, but last night, it just started oozing."

Kayleigh really is the funniest person ever. Also today, she was all scared because there was a "hard spot" in her lower back. It turns out that she was relieved when she remembered that it was just from her falling out of her car and onto the ice this morning. Silly Kayleigh. When she brought her cake this morning, she stated that it "might have a few glass shards in it." I didn't have any of it. I love does most of the school. The Frater and Bloomy came to mooch off of our French food. The Frater was, like, obsessed with my puffs, while Bloomy was concerned with Kellinka's consumption of DDT in pickles. Madame then put on a pink tiara, and explained to Kellinka and I that names make a person. Apparently, Kellinka's Russian name is Ullma, meaning "bubbly and giddish." When I asked her what my Russian/French name was, she said it was Benji in all languages. To tell you the truth, I really don't mind it. We watched, and by "watched" I mean totally ignored while we socialized, Anastasia. Madame got very upset when "stupid American animators" used her sloppy Americanized name, Anastasia, when it really is Anya-stay-zia. It was quite funny. Madame also told us about her childhood.

Kellinka: When I was little, I wanted to be a bathtub.
Madame: Yeah, well, when I was a little girl, I wanted to be an astronaut. Do you think that worked out for me? No. Look where I am now.

The rest of the day was a pretty much flop, until Art. In Art, Kellinka, Chelk, Pam, and I reminisced about Artsie Tartsie last week.

Artsie Tartsie [last week]: Yes. [Some famous artist] specialized in graffiti. He even did a part of the Berlin Wall once, where ever that may be.

Artsie Tartsie [last week]: Colors are alloys. Just imagine it like they are alloys to you in the war. They are like your friends.
Random NDA Student #54: You mean allies?

Come on. You have to laugh when a teacher doesn't know where the Berlin Wall is or what allies are.

Oh, yes. It is KELLINKA'S BIRTHDAY!! She is a whopping fifteen!

I now have to get ready to go to Seamsress's house for a DDR party. Whoop-whoop!

Come on. You have to laugh when a teacher doesn't know

Crème puffs minus the crème.

I am really going to try to make this entry short because I am very tired.

Today in French, we once again went to P102, the computer lab, to look up French recipes for tomorrow's food day! Oh, yes, tomorrow is also Kellinka's birthday. I guess I should get her something...and by saying "get her something," I mean rummage through my pantry and grab that year old can of Spaghetti-Os. Anyway, I am making French breakfast puffs, which are basically crème puffs minus the crème. Yes, they are just puffs of sugar. Hehe. All the food will be good, though. Anyway, back to French today. In the computer lab, Kellinka got chosen by Madame to run and fetch her a grade scale sheet. When I asked to go with, Madame shut me out by saying, "Let me think about it. No." Insane is an understatement for Madame. Instead of tagging with Kellinka, Madame had me work on grading French II papers. It was quite fun, seeing as hoe Madame uses is a website for teachers in which they can see if their student's work had been plagiarism. Ironically, most of it turned up as "High alert."

In World History, Anna Valeska and I were passing sassy notes back and forth. They actually weren't "sassy" so to speak, but weird-in-a-dirty/naughty-way. After Alex wrote me a note addressed to "Mr. Supermodel," I got a little giddy. As you see, I really want to puke at the sight of seeing Supermodel waiting at the alter for me. She is a nice girl, but she can be annoying. Anyway, I showed Brazeau the note Anna V. wrote me, jokingly, not thinking that my note was on the back. Well, long story short, Brazeau read it and asked me if Anna V. really was a "dykey Jew," and he was shocked that she knew how to use the word "ass". Wow. I am afraid to look at him, because he might ask me about Anna V.'s sexual orientation again, and that is a topic I wish not to discuss. I agreed to his demand...never let it happen again.

Two tests in the afternoon. Algebra and Physical Science. Ughh. I think I bombed both of them. I will tell you how I really did tomorrow.

At practice, I was singing with a mic for the first time. Scary.

Daf: Seriously, I think FB is stalking me. He says that he trusts me with his life, and that he is my "true friend." I am scared Pencil Case. He is weird.

This was funny because FB is quite possibly the most social person at NDA, and he has no friends, but a thousand acquaintances. I find it funny that he just throws around the "I trust you with my life" card. I would be scared if I was Daf, too.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Handycaps are not dancing monkeys.

Yesterday morning, the French class was directed to room P102 after Madame got carried away with Paul's "Ghetto Rap" mix CD. We, by law of Madame, were directed to whisper a french prayer whilst looking like mad men/women. It was at this time when an English teacher came up to us.

Teacher: Where is you kid's supervisor.
Madame: [Poking her head up from the crowd] I'm here, but locked out. I know I look to young to be a teacher.

We got in the room. The Frater then approached us to say hi. In Frater language, this means "flirt with Madame." Madame made us do our French prayer once again...this time for The Frater. After class resumed, and The Frater had long since gone, Kayleigh, Paul, and I laughed about a three layer jello mold, and about the fact that Kayleigh is freaked out by the fact that her blog is on the NDA Blogpage, We had a great time.

During yesterday's Algebra class, I was informed that CC also reads my blog. I guess it is cool. Ulcer Boy once again had a caniption fit over the fact that I mentioned him in this. One of these days, he is going to have one too many ulcers and die. Well, that is what he says anyway.

Also yesterday, Pam got her Manga taken away during church. She was reading it behind the song book. You gotta love that.

Today, we had a French test. I really don't think I did that bad. Madame, though, urged me to "check it over" roughly a dozen times for "custom mistakes." During the test, Bloomie made an annoucement that on Valentine's Day, we would have a day off for raising money for something. Madame heard tis, and was instantally devistated because on Valentine's Day, the French Club lip-pops were to be delivered.

Madame: [After hearing the announcement] This is not working for me. What are we going to do with the over one hundred lip-pops? Huh? What are we going to do?
[Enter Frau]
Frau: [Has a big, toothy grin] So, Madame, What are you going to do about the lip-pops?
Madame: [At sight of Frau, Madame also gets a big smile for no reason] Well, I don't know
Frau: You know, you could always deliver them as a post-Valentine's Day snack.
Madame: Yes, but then it is not as fun.

Frau then leaves, and Madame goes into a big story about how her and Frau have "ESPN." Not ESP, but ESPN. The two of them together are double the insanity. Bloomy then popped in to further the antaginization of Madame. It was quite funny, actually.

Later in the afternoon, we had a pep/spirit motivation rally in which random students and faculty of NDA played wheelchair basketball against the parapalegics of UW Whitewater. It was very entertaining...espicially with Daf.

Daf: [After everybody claps when the UWW guy makes a basket] Jesus! They are not monkeys putting up an act. They are humans that just can't walk. So they're good at basket ball in a wheelchair. Big deal.

Daf: [Looking at the UWW guy they called Icepick] Wow! He is sexy!

Me: [After seeing the score of the game being Home-15, Visitors-54] Wow, we really suck.
Daf: Yep, because our legs work.

Daf's comments were wrong on so many different levels. They were funny, though. After the game, Pam and Daf went to tell the UWW guys how sexy they thought they were. They did.

Now, I am at home neglecting to do my homework. Ughh. I wish I could play the game Kellinka, Seamstress and I made up. It is called JumbleTron. You press random letters on the keyboard, and try to look at it and "see" a word. It is quite fun!

EX./ seoihglksjdnbjk

The answer would be something like See a hog lick the jade backpack.

PS - I almost forgot. It is Groundhog's Day. That bitch saw his damn shadow. I really can't tolerate six more weeks of winter.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No ghetto rap tonight.

Seeing as how I had practice until 10:40pm and just now got done with homework...sorry, no blog tonight. I can tell you, though, that I will include today's happenings in tomorrow's entry! It involves Madame saying "ghetto rap."

PS - Thank you SO much, Emily, for the ride home!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Come get your free shadow! No down payment needed!

Wow. I am super tired, so I will be quick...

This morning was a jean day for the Freshmen, because we won the phone-a-thon. Yay. Go us. Anyway, I wore my hated by Madame t-shirt. You know, the one I wore the day I forgot to put a school shirt on? The one that has the Nirvana emblem of the nine layers of hell on it? Yeah, that one. She tried to give me a referral for being "out of uniform," but I once again talked her out of it. Today was special in another sense, also. Today I had my first shadow! I was so excited to meet him! For once, I got to be the "big kid." Well, come to realize that my shadow was Candy's on/off boyfriend. My shadow dream popped like a bubble because I knew at that instant, he would only talk about Candy. The first thing Madame says is, "Spencer, Pencil Case is the perfect example of what not to be in high school." Haha. So funny I forgot to laugh. Really, not even being sarcastic, it was funny. After I tell him to watch me practice my dialogue (which, by the way, is coming along greatly), Candy turns around and says that she is "stealing my shadow." Okay. No skin off my nose. He goes off with her, and I am left alone as the bad guy for "quote, un-quote" ditching my shadow. Yes, Kellinka and Seamstress said I was a ho. In an act of revenge, I yelled Kellinka's family nickname down the hall as loud as I could. "POOKA!" She once again called me a ho, and ran off.

During Lunch, I worked the Data Match. For those of you who don't know what Data Match is, it is a once a year program in which you fill out a form filled with nonsensical questions. They match your answers with those of the rest of the student body, tell you who you are compatible with of the opposite sex, then sell them to you for the low price of $1.00. My dollar went to waist, though, because I was matched with all of the dance team. Most of whom I don't know.

After sixth period, Kellinka and I engaged in a "mock him because he deserves it" conversation with Ulcer Boy. He told us what he was worried about this time, and in response, Kellinka told him not to give himself yet another ulcer.

Damn, I need to get to bed.

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