Friday, February 11, 2005

Cousinly love...but not from SunnyDay.

I am now at the Pirman household for a "cousinly love" sleep over. Every once in a while, I have to have my fix of cousin time. I figured tonight was a better night than ever.

Today was a short school day that ended at 11:30am. Only twenty-two minutes per class. Yesssssss. After school, I got talked into going to Culvers with Vicky, Anna Valeska, Rachel, Ellen and Anna (not Valeska). We (at least we were supposed to) talked about writing/brainstorming our script for the Freshman act at Caberet Night. It is going to be something along the lines of a depiction of the drama that goes on backstage during a play. If we get it together right, it will be fairly good. When everybody left, Anna and I went to Vicky's house. It was fun seeing as how all we did was antagonize her younger brother and draw on a MagnaDoodle. Anna and I then left and went back to school to await rides home. While there, I spied on the teacher/staff retreat and to my lucky surprise, I caught Madame falling off of a nine-foot latter while playing a "trust game." It was quite funny. Kellinka, however, doesn't believe me and swears that she is going to give Madame the third degree about it on Tuesday. Aunt Sara, Lee-hah and Michelle then picked me up, and we went to Appleton to get Lee-hah this fugly jacket that she "had to have." After she got the jacket, I bought some sandals from Abercrombie. Yes, I am slowly turning [gulp] prep. On the way home, we picked up Lee-hah and Michelle's cousin SunnyDay. SunnyDay is a bit on the ADD side, but she is fun to hang with on occasion. We went to Lee-hah's basketball game. The score was 5-27. They lost. On the way back home, I whipped out my handy-dandy tape recorder to catch the disfunctional conversations of us plus SunnyDay. You see, SunnyDay swears and I was determined to catch it on tape. You might be thinking "hey, everybody swears." Not adults at least. I caught her saying ho, whore, and damn. Hee. My plan went as planned. We finally arrived at home after Woodman's for a few groceries. I am now here to eat a big bite of Totino's Party Pizza. No, not with mushrooms. SunnyDay's orders...

SunnyDay: Who is "Kallicha?"
Me: It is Kellinka.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

You never read my blog anymore Man Whore. Just kidding!!


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