Thursday, February 03, 2005

Handycaps are not dancing monkeys.

Yesterday morning, the French class was directed to room P102 after Madame got carried away with Paul's "Ghetto Rap" mix CD. We, by law of Madame, were directed to whisper a french prayer whilst looking like mad men/women. It was at this time when an English teacher came up to us.

Teacher: Where is you kid's supervisor.
Madame: [Poking her head up from the crowd] I'm here, but locked out. I know I look to young to be a teacher.

We got in the room. The Frater then approached us to say hi. In Frater language, this means "flirt with Madame." Madame made us do our French prayer once again...this time for The Frater. After class resumed, and The Frater had long since gone, Kayleigh, Paul, and I laughed about a three layer jello mold, and about the fact that Kayleigh is freaked out by the fact that her blog is on the NDA Blogpage, We had a great time.

During yesterday's Algebra class, I was informed that CC also reads my blog. I guess it is cool. Ulcer Boy once again had a caniption fit over the fact that I mentioned him in this. One of these days, he is going to have one too many ulcers and die. Well, that is what he says anyway.

Also yesterday, Pam got her Manga taken away during church. She was reading it behind the song book. You gotta love that.

Today, we had a French test. I really don't think I did that bad. Madame, though, urged me to "check it over" roughly a dozen times for "custom mistakes." During the test, Bloomie made an annoucement that on Valentine's Day, we would have a day off for raising money for something. Madame heard tis, and was instantally devistated because on Valentine's Day, the French Club lip-pops were to be delivered.

Madame: [After hearing the announcement] This is not working for me. What are we going to do with the over one hundred lip-pops? Huh? What are we going to do?
[Enter Frau]
Frau: [Has a big, toothy grin] So, Madame, What are you going to do about the lip-pops?
Madame: [At sight of Frau, Madame also gets a big smile for no reason] Well, I don't know
Frau: You know, you could always deliver them as a post-Valentine's Day snack.
Madame: Yes, but then it is not as fun.

Frau then leaves, and Madame goes into a big story about how her and Frau have "ESPN." Not ESP, but ESPN. The two of them together are double the insanity. Bloomy then popped in to further the antaginization of Madame. It was quite funny, actually.

Later in the afternoon, we had a pep/spirit motivation rally in which random students and faculty of NDA played wheelchair basketball against the parapalegics of UW Whitewater. It was very entertaining...espicially with Daf.

Daf: [After everybody claps when the UWW guy makes a basket] Jesus! They are not monkeys putting up an act. They are humans that just can't walk. So they're good at basket ball in a wheelchair. Big deal.

Daf: [Looking at the UWW guy they called Icepick] Wow! He is sexy!

Me: [After seeing the score of the game being Home-15, Visitors-54] Wow, we really suck.
Daf: Yep, because our legs work.

Daf's comments were wrong on so many different levels. They were funny, though. After the game, Pam and Daf went to tell the UWW guys how sexy they thought they were. They did.

Now, I am at home neglecting to do my homework. Ughh. I wish I could play the game Kellinka, Seamstress and I made up. It is called JumbleTron. You press random letters on the keyboard, and try to look at it and "see" a word. It is quite fun!

EX./ seoihglksjdnbjk

The answer would be something like See a hog lick the jade backpack.

PS - I almost forgot. It is Groundhog's Day. That bitch saw his damn shadow. I really can't tolerate six more weeks of winter.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Kellinka said...

I <3 Jumbletron.

Oh, god. I just said "<3". But I do. Two little symbols fully encompass my love of that game. Plus, your example was so good. I would have given it a 9.

Ask Maggie about how cute she thought the wheelchair guys were.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Crayon eater said...

Hey pencil case, you dont know me im new, but you sound really cool...go on my blog sum time. plz........


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