Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Spring Break is going great so far...besides my tonsilitis, but anyway...Yesterday, though, had to be the best day yet. It was Father's birthday and I spent the whole day with Daf. A few nights ago, Daf and I went to the park very late at night and we discovered "carpet ice." Carpet ice is ice patches that are kinda melted, so when you step on them, the slightly break underneath you and it feels as if you are walking on carpet. Well, we became instantly obsessed and yesterday morning, we went back for one last walk on it before it melts for the year. It was very good carpet ice. I am just sad that I will have to wait until next spring to find it again.

*Strong Pencil Case, strong Pencil Case*

We then walked ourselves over to the Pancake Place for a quick brunch. Very good as usual. I had a mushroom swiss burger and Daf had a chili-cheeseburger. Our waitress was so cool.

Me to Daf: Yeah, at Madame Tusaude's wax hall in New York, she has Jeffrey Dahmer opening a fridge in his sclupture.
Waitress butting in: Did you just say Jeffrey Dahmer? He is just like that Peterson guy. Scott! That's it. He is soooo going to get killed in prison because he killed a baby, and those criminals in there protect the youngens.

She was so nice, too. She kept offering us anything and everything. I love that place. I wanted to go back this morning, but it is too late now. Anyway, back to yesterday. We then walked to the church office to visit a lonely NaNa. We had way too much fun with the xerox machine. Let's just say that there were copied faces involved. We then walked home so Daf could get to soccer practice on time.

Later, it was yet another NaNa night. This time at the Fisk Home with Chinese food. NaNa convinced me to get the Moo Goo Gai Pan because it was a "delicious American/Chinese cuisene." It wasn't too good in my opinion. NaNa then took us home, ending another great night of my life.

Oh, yeah! Yesterday was national "Deficanine Day." The guy on the radio said that it was the only day out of the year that cops can't fine you for letting your pooch deficate on the sidewalk. Only in America.

Daf: [In a very "on purpose bad singing voice" making fun of Ashwaubenon's musical] I love the PAJAMA GAME!

Now, I am off for another cousin day at the movies. Robots is the one today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Daf's house is da shizit.

Well, I'm at Daf's house right now. She made me update about her, but I'll make a longer entry when I get home in an hour or so.

Talk to y'all later, BYE!

Daf is a skank.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter at the YMCA.

I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Well, I hope I encouraged you to adopt one, too. Fetuses are the best pets ever. They just sit there swim in their jar of green goop.

God, grant me a life.

In other news, Spring Break is here! Yesssss. Seriously, all I needed was a break from NDA for a week. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but a mental health week is in order every once in a while. Today, Daf and I went to visit Sammy at ColdStone. We were there for two hours waiting for her to clock in. We got our delicious (ice cream), and left. I am now at home awaiting to color all of my thirty-seven goddam Easter eggs. I love Easter. I wonder what my basket will hold this year!!

Also today, I got a YMCA membership. I love that place. I burned 356 calories this morning before noon. w00t for the Pencil-Case-Meister.

I guess I will talk to you soon. After all, I have all week.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Insomniac, showgirl eyes.

Yesterday, Mother had a migrane. First one in nine years. Thought I would let you know. Also yesterday, my group in World History planned to go over to AV's house to film our project. To much "dismay," Abby and Nate were nowhere to be found. Loritz called nate three times, and it ends up that he went to a movie, and blew us off. Abby, on the other hand, slep through the whole day. That bitch. We gave up trying to get ahold of them, so we settled with the fact that we would make the movie ourselves, and give the other two less points. The movie sort of morphed into a comedy, which is okay, but the reality of it is, is that is a total mockery/slap in the face to Brazeau. On a lighter note, we get to show it to the class tomorrow. Yesssss (this is the perfect time to say that I HATE Napolian Dynomite. I just randomly use phrases from it.)

Damn. I am tangent today.

In French class this morning, Kellinka, Seamstress and I presented our dialogue. Pretty sure it kicked major boo-tay. Paul and Sockittoya's, on the other hand, was pretty great and UNSCRIPTED. Yes, I always look forward to theirs. Today they talked about eating fish and jumping off of a plane...I think. Madame then gave us, and I will stop the "ungodly large number" rumor here, two new verbs. Three including the one nobody copied down from last week.

In World History, AV, Loritz and I confronted Nate and Abby about the project. Nate fessed up to his mistake, but Abby went on for roughly twenty-five minutes about how "It wasn't her fault," and "If we were going to do it at all, we should have called her." It was quite funny, and I laughed very hard. Brazeau said that he would give them something else to work on to make up for the points they lost. So not fair. Whatever, though. I'll be fine for my grade.

Before lunch, Kellie told me that Madame said I was "out of it" this week. I went to talk to her about it.

Me: Madame, why do you think I am out of it this week?
Madame: Well, I walked by you in the hall today, and you didn't even say hi. Art, Artsie Tartsie decided to make her way around the room to help people one by one once again leaving me last once again. Errgh! She makes me so mad. Seriously, she takes, like, twenty minutes on one person, so she has never gotton to me yet. Because I was done, and all I needed was her approval to move on, and because there was thirty minutes of class time left and she was still thirteen people away, I taught Kellinka and Becky how to draw a good, realistic eye. I went step by step, and it turned out to be a very good piece. According to Kellinka, it "deserved to be in the Louvre," and her favorite part of the lesson was when I said "and then you scribble to shade it in, but don't tell Artsie Tartsie [last name]." Kellinka then named my drawings "Insomniac, showgirl eyes" because I added blood vessles.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I hate Senioritis, but not St. Patrick's Day.

Sammy has Senioritis. SAMMY! The most smartest and most hard working peoson ever has Senioritis. For those of you who do not know what Senioritis is, here:

/Seen-Yor-I-tiss/ noun. A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation.

With much help to my good friend,, there you have it. Senioritis. It is very sad, and it is striking all of my senior fellows...espically Sammy and Kara. The two of them do NOT need this. Sammy is going to be on the Marquette University Honor Roll for God's sake. Enough about this, though. I am getting too depressed.

In French today, after the French Club meeting, Madame said that we were going to be doing another dialogue. Uggh. I hate dialogues. I asked if Sockittoya wanted to be my partner, but she said no. I was sad and blue, so Kellinka and Seamstress asked me if I wanted to join their group. I did. We accomplished nothing but being able to recite the Team Rocket jingle from Pokèmon. Childhood memories are coming back to me piece by piece.

In World History today, we took a test. I could not concentrate, though. I spent the whole hour thinking about FB throwing up on his arm yesterday, and laughed through the whole test.

At Lunch, I found out that Daf and AV made the soccer team! W00t! After Lunch, in Study Hall, Kara and I had a full blown discussion about her heritage.

Kara (a blonde haired, white skinned, green eyed girl): I am part Native American.
Me: Oooookayyyy, Kara.
Kara: Really, I am. It is just like a white male to criticise that. Do you know anything about the Trail of Tears?
Me: [Maniac laughing] Yeah!
Kara: Well, at least I am glad that you know something about history. I am also happy the you get amusement out of the fact that your people raped my people.
Me: Hey, let's not get defensive here. I am Irish, and we had the potato famine. That was no picnic.
Kara: That was a natural disaster, dork! White people did not come into your home and say, "Hey, start walking."
Me: Um...Kara? I am white.
Kara: Exactly! Hey! Look at my new Pippie Longstocking book! She is my hero!

Kara is insane. Really, she is.

Today was St. Patrick's Day! I love that because I am part Irish. The damn Elders were supposed to be on Conan tonight, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Errgh.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

White-Out sniffing.

DAMMIT!! Blogger just ate my post, so now I have to attempt to re-write it.

French was entertaining again, as usual. I lost my text book, so I had to read on with Chelk. When I sat next to her, a funny conversation from long ago was triggered...

[Dream Sequence]

Well, about a month ago, I was hanging out with Chelk.

Chelk: I have to go get a drink. Be right back.
Me: No. [Grabs Chelk] You cannot go until you finish the girl ass-slapping.
Chelk: Girl ass-slapping?
Me: Girl ass-slapping.

[/Dream sequence]

I thought it was funny.

During Lunch, we had a nother Caberet Night meeting for the mighty Frosh. It went WAY better than last time. We got a lot done. There was no arguing this time, which was a really good part, but an even better part was the fact that Anna Valeska joined the team and is now in the act! This is wonderful news. AV is an amazing actress, and I don't know what I would do without her in a Caberet act. Claps for her.

The rest of the day was pretty snoozish until the bus ride home. You see, CLLBD was more crazy than ever today.

CLLBD: sniff White-Out and nail polish. They are pretty much the same, but nail polish is colored.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Brrr, it's cold in here. Must be some Frenchies in the atmosphere.

Life rule #8541: Never in any way, shape or form make Madame cold against her will.

This morning in the French room before school, Madame noticed that the window that has been in need of an exorcism for a while was once again open. Because of this, the warm air was sucked out, and the cold let in...all night. On top of this problem, the were broke, so no more heat. On top of that problem, Madame was convinced that it was the janitors fault because he was smoking in the room late at night and forgot to close the window when he was done. Well, sorta.

Madame: [Very mad tone] Arrrgh! That window is open! Again! I swear! It is open every morning! I wonder what it is.
Me: Well, maybe the wood shrinks from the cold which causes the window to fall open.
Madame: Let's get real, Pencil Case.
Me: Okay, fine. Maybe when the janitor was cleaning last night, he cracked the window to have a smoke and forgot to shut it again.
Madame: Oh! Now that you say that, it does smell like smoke in here! [Goes over to window to sniff. Finds nothing, then comes back.] Hmm. Guess not. I always smell things. When French II were doing their food presentations the other day, I could have swore I smelled chicken.
Me: Hmmm.
Madame: Pencil Case, here is your quiz, go retake it while I write a nasty email to matanance about all of this. Kellinka, open the door to let the cold out. [Kellinka does so, but notices there is no door stop. Madame sees this.] Oh, great! Now look! No stopper! What do they expect us to do? Nold the door open ourselves all day? Here, put this in there. [Places recycle bin in door to prop it, but it collapses.] Great.

That was the majority of the good part of French. The other good part is that I scored a 98% on my retake quiz! Yes! Another good part? I raised my GPA a whole point today! Double yes! A bad part, though, was that I pissed a lot of people off. Here are some appologies:

Pam - I am sorry if I hurt your feelings in Art. You are a good friend and I didn't mean to.

OLC Bandmates - I am sorry for the much confusion that arose from the whole name thing. Really, I am. I didn't know. I hope you all forgive me.

Kayleigh - I am sorry for being a "jerk." You also are a good friend. I never meant to piss you off.

Ariel - I am sorry for "crushing" your beliefs with the whole drawing thing. I really want to appologize for that one. I only said it was God because we were in Theology class and His name popped into my head.

God - For being my scapegoat for a funny picture that I promise to post later.

Monday, March 07, 2005 is quite possibly one of the most strangest things I've ever seen. Seriously. Click here to see what exactly it is I am talking about. I mean, who makes a website devoted to the capture of counterfeit Mini Coopers? I am having trouble trying to figure out if it is real or just a well played out parody. Kellinka, Seamstress, Sockittoya and I were just chatting about it.

Me: is hilarious.
Kellinka: Hahaha!!
Sockittoya: Qui?
Me: I can't figure out if it is a joke or not...
Kellinka: Same here!!!!
Me: It is strange.
Sockittoya: What is it?
Me: Kellinka, you are a faster typer. Explain.
Kellinka: Okay, it's this page with detecting counterfeit Mini Coopers, and I have no idea if it's real or not.
Sockittoya: ....

Sometime in between there, Seamstress popped her head in to say something.

You kind of have to see the site yourself...

Today in French, Madame and I got into an argument about what a creative sentence is.

Me: Madame, you ask us over and over again for a creative sentence. What do you mean by that?
Madame: Pencil Case, I ask you kids to think of something creative, and you give me things like love affairs and names. It is a drawing. Not a photo, even. If it was a photo, maybe. But no.
Me: Give an example of a creative sentence, then.
Madame: Okay. "The lady in the green dress is holding a crying baby."
Me: That is creative?

Yes, I know that English is Madame's fourth language, but come on. "The lady in the green dress is holding a crying baby?" That is messed. Sorry, Madame.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom, will there be enough room?

Last night was by far one of the most funny nights in my life. You see, Britney, Lee-Hah and I were supposed to have a "cousin night" where we go to the mall and a movie, then have an all night laugh attack. Well, after Britney bailed on us to go the West game in Kewaunee with some ghetto friends of hers that go to Franklin, Lee-Hah and myself decided to go to the movie anyway. When we got there, we had missed the 6:30pm showing of The Pacifier, so we were forced to hang in the mall until 8:45pm, the next showing.

Whilst in the mall, we roamed around with nothing to do. If I remember right, we hit Hot Topic, Claire's, Spencer Gifts, Coach House, Old Navy, DEB, Bubble Putt Mini Golf and Sbarros. We then got to ShopKo where a new batch of fun would commence. The store was dead, so we went to the back checkouts to grab some ice cream. There were no customers and only one associate, so we introduced ourselves. Her name was Brittany, and she was bored. We tried to force her to dance, but it was a no go. Instead, Lee-Hah and I went to buy a large piece of pink poster board to make her a "The Best Sales Associate Ever" card. We couldn't help ourselves from buying a pack of twenty generic thank you cards, too.

We made our card for Brittany and went to give it to her. She laughed so hard. My guess is for at least one of two reasons: 1) I drew a picture of her on the inside of the card...Very stickish. 2) Lee-Hah drew demented/spooky clowns all over it...Also very stickish. After the laughter dulled, we started to fill out our thank you cards that we were bound to give to random strangers as a "nice" gesture. Some of the cards go as follows:

You should be glad that we can melt your heart of ice.

When beads of sweat drip down my face, I think of you and how much hotter we can make this.

Exercise is good.

You are a royal flush.

You are GORGEOUS! Call me, babe! XOXOXOXO.

Thank you for helping me in this time of need. Your sympathy is greatly appreciated.

The rest of the cards were along those same lines. We then had to leave to go to the movie. In the lobby, though, we started to give the cards out to kids we thought were between the ages of 12-17. They either said no, took one and looked confused or pretended to be excited because they thought they were invited to a party. By the end of the movie, which was very great I might add, we had about three cards left. We gave them out to random people and left. Mother then took us to Jennifer's to watch the kids.

Today, Jennifer took us to the circus. Oh, God. I rode an elephant. Biggest mistake of my life. I felt so bad for it! While we were in line, the little girl behind us was all, "Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom, will there be enough room?" Over and over again. I thought it sounded familiar. Next time the circus comes to town, Daf and I decided to boycott it. I really can't wait.

Oh yeah! This weekend, I also got a Lamb Chop puppet. So fun.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Well, I am back, but no so good.


Today has been one of the worst days of my life. Seriously. I'll tell you -- for venting purposes only.

This morning, I woke up and I couldn't breathe. I was very scared, so Mother gave me some nasty Robetussin that claimed to taste like honey, but I think the real flavor was turd pie. Aunt Sara took me to school because Mother's car is at the repair shop. When I got to school, the rumor that Good Smile has a boyfriend hit me. This made me fairly depressed. I got into the French room, and Kellinka had pictures. As I was looking at them, Madame found one of her, and paid Kellinka fifty cents for them. She threw them out. Kellinka then went into a violent rage on me and, I am being serious, made me feel bad about myself. I went to sit down at my desk until class started. When it did, we had to present our ten questions. My group (Chelk, Candy and myself) decided to volunteer and go second. The first sentence was read by Chelk:

The man at the desk does not know he is flirting with a lesbian.

That was how the sentence went. Word for word. Madame then said:

Madame: This disappoints me, really, it does. I tell you kids to be creative and you choose to write dirty things. I am really ashamed.

The fact of the matter is, is that she directed the scold to me. Candy was really the one who thought of and wrote the sentence. Yes, I might have inspired it, but it really was Candy, no matter what she says. We then had to do our assignment over -- this time clean. It turns out that the whole class had at least one dirty sentence. They all got the punishment, too. Because of this nonsense, we missed Fun French Friday once again.

I then went to World History. Brazeau passed our tests back. D-. I don't get it. I studied two weeks non-stop for this test. I had this stuff down. I guess no matter how hard I try, World History is not my subject. I then went to lunch. I had a coughing attack which resulted in me bruising a rib. Ouch. It hurts. Also during lunch, I returned my big, the musical script. This was very depressing for me because this marks the official end of a few of the best months in my life.

Me: [To Mrs. Schmidt] Can I buy my script.
Mrs. Schmidt: Sure. All I need in twenty-five dollars.
Me: Okay. [Pulls out money]
Mrs. Schmidt: Hmmmm. I don't know. Nope. No sell.

During Art, I smuged and smeared my drawing unintentionally. That was a bitch to fix. Next was Algebra. I didn't have my due assignment completed because I was too sick to do anything the night before. On top of that, we had a quiz. Half way through it, I realized that it was all wrong. Re-do time. I guess I got a 98% on it, so it was no biggie in the long run.

The pep-assembly was boring and stupid as usual. It is just another excuse to get out of class and pretend you like high school. Sounds like the ingredients for NDA to me. I then went to Science. I was about three minutes late because I had to swing by my locker and grab my books. When I got into the class, I was attacked with tons of dirty looks, glares and stares. I guess a kid named Bryan in my Science class was caught smoking in the bathroom during the pep-assembly. Apparently he came in seconds before me which made for a good "Pencil Case is a tattle-tale" moment. I know the truth. I was grabbing my books. End of story.

On the bus ride home, CLLBD was telling me that when I don't ride the bus, she is happy. I guess that her dropping me off is a hassle because that means she will get home know...on time. I am now home alone for eight more hours because Mother is at a party until 3:00am. Tomorrow damn well be better.

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