Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Spring Break is going great so far...besides my tonsilitis, but anyway...Yesterday, though, had to be the best day yet. It was Father's birthday and I spent the whole day with Daf. A few nights ago, Daf and I went to the park very late at night and we discovered "carpet ice." Carpet ice is ice patches that are kinda melted, so when you step on them, the slightly break underneath you and it feels as if you are walking on carpet. Well, we became instantly obsessed and yesterday morning, we went back for one last walk on it before it melts for the year. It was very good carpet ice. I am just sad that I will have to wait until next spring to find it again.

*Strong Pencil Case, strong Pencil Case*

We then walked ourselves over to the Pancake Place for a quick brunch. Very good as usual. I had a mushroom swiss burger and Daf had a chili-cheeseburger. Our waitress was so cool.

Me to Daf: Yeah, at Madame Tusaude's wax hall in New York, she has Jeffrey Dahmer opening a fridge in his sclupture.
Waitress butting in: Did you just say Jeffrey Dahmer? He is just like that Peterson guy. Scott! That's it. He is soooo going to get killed in prison because he killed a baby, and those criminals in there protect the youngens.

She was so nice, too. She kept offering us anything and everything. I love that place. I wanted to go back this morning, but it is too late now. Anyway, back to yesterday. We then walked to the church office to visit a lonely NaNa. We had way too much fun with the xerox machine. Let's just say that there were copied faces involved. We then walked home so Daf could get to soccer practice on time.

Later, it was yet another NaNa night. This time at the Fisk Home with Chinese food. NaNa convinced me to get the Moo Goo Gai Pan because it was a "delicious American/Chinese cuisene." It wasn't too good in my opinion. NaNa then took us home, ending another great night of my life.

Oh, yeah! Yesterday was national "Deficanine Day." The guy on the radio said that it was the only day out of the year that cops can't fine you for letting your pooch deficate on the sidewalk. Only in America.

Daf: [In a very "on purpose bad singing voice" making fun of Ashwaubenon's musical] I love the PAJAMA GAME!

Now, I am off for another cousin day at the movies. Robots is the one today.


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Wolfae said...

Oh God. Daf showed me all of your little Xerox faces. It was DISGUSTING! It shows all of your pores, and, well, that one of you and Daf together...eew. It looked like a make-out session. O.O hehe....not...
Yeah, your blog is an escape for me because everyone elses blogs are either never updated, never mention me, or insult me. Well, you never mention me, but your posts are somewhat funny. Ellen's mad at me again for no apparent reason. Part of why I backed out of Cabaret Night was so that she could GET MY PART, but now she's COMPLAINING about it. It seems lately like that's all she does... I need a shrink, don't I?


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