Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hair extensions.

Today's History class possibly could have been the funniest one of the year.

You see, chillens, Casey and I always socialize during this class because listening to the rambling lessons gets boring after a while. Anyway, today Casey came into class all tired and asked me to wake him up if he did in fact fall asleep. It got to be halfway through class, and he still hadn't fallen asleep, but we both were falling He asked me to do something to his hair that would be cool, so I asked if I could give him hair extensions.

Pencil Case Vocabulary: Hair Extensions = strips of curled paper taped to
one's head.

He said yes, but advised me to do them good. I made the strips of paper from a History handout, six to be exact, and curled them. I taped them on one by one while Brazeau wasn't looking. I knew that if Brazeau had saw what I was doing, he would have been like, "Pencil Case! Referraled!" so I had to make sure he couldn't see me. Once all of the strips were on the back of Casey's head, I chuckled because it made him look like he had a mullet/housewife flip-up, but stifled it fast. I lost it when he started to caress his head by patting it and bobbing it up and down. I lost it even more when he attempted to put it into a ponytail. At this point, I had uncontrollable laughter. I tried to stop it in many ways. Biting my lip, covering my face with my shirt, and even thinking of tragic stories. No luck. (READ: I literally am laughing out loud while typing this.) The laughter wouldn't quit, so I went to drastic measures. I had to ask a suspicious Brazeau History questions to try and prove that I was listening, and not goofing off. I bursted into laughter while asking the question.

Me: So, what you are really saying, is that new laws kept forming -- [Harsh laughter]
Brazeau: [Instant pissed off look] Casey! Pencil Case! Nock. It. Off! Casey, get those paper things off your head!
Casey: [Very tired] Okay. [Pretends to take the strips off, but quits when Brazeau turns away.]
Brazeau: [Noticing five minutes later that the "extensions" are still atop Casey's head] Do I need to see you two after class?
Me: No. [More harsh laughter]
Brazeau: Casey, take them off. Now!
Casey: [Takes off extensions]

Yes, one of the funniest moments of my life. Anna Valeska thought it was funny, too. She laughed about it, literally, all day.

In Theology, we had a heated debate.

Frater: Can anyone tell me why the Eucharist is important?
Me: [Raises hand. Frater calls on me] Well, I think you are asking a personal opinion of us.
Frater: Oh, really? Well, then, what is your "Personal opinion?"
Me: I don't think the Eucharist matters as long as you have a sturdy relationship with God, which I do.
Frater: That is a Protestant belief.
Me: Okay, now I am Protestant. Is that what you are saying?
Frater: [Very angrily and out of turn] NO!

During lunch, Daf and I did a "Purse Raiders" to Kellinka's purse.

Daf: All you got is a dollar?! What the hell is a dollar going to do?

Jackie and I wandered around the school during Study Hall today. Much fun.

Tonight, I am going to a cedar meal at Candy's house. God, I love the Jews.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh, so random.

I would just like to voice two things real quick.

POINT NUMBER 1) What in the bloddy hell is with the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie break-up? I love The Simple Life, but without one (like Paris plans it to be. I hate Kimberley Stewart), the show is nothing! Argh!

To: Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie
RE: Whatthehellareyouthinking?

Please stay together! I need The Simple Life to live my life completely!

Much love and chocolate paper,
-Pencil Case

Don't get me wrong, folks. I am not an over obsessive fan like "william" from

liek, oh em gee, more hilton drama!~!! i swearzers, if they liek, aren't bee eff
effs nemore, my hole freakin' wurld iz gonna crash down!1!! say it ain't so

He is a freak.

POINT NUMBER 2) This isn't really a point, but a funny mini conversation that I enjoyed.

Allison: Some college in Navada just ran some tests, and the proved coffee to be good for the liver!
Me: Well, it is bad for the stomach, brain and the rest of your body. So, what's the point?
Allison: Yeah, I guess, but it is still good for your liver. What does a liver even do, anyway?
Me: Produces, holds and filters body acids.
Rachel: [Sarcastically] Great! My insides will be melting and having a breakdown, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that my body acids are being safly filtered! [/Sarcastically] Allison, go away.

Well, there are the two points, people. Talk to you later!

I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet!

Yes, It is raining men...just kidding...that is sick. But on a more serious note, Kellinka, Sockittoya and I were singing it all day for no absolute reason.

I am going to try to make this entry as short as possible because I am on the clock to get ready for my sister's Tupperware party.

Me: Yeah, I have to go to my sister's Tupperware party tonight.
Kellinka: What? You have to go to one or are you hosting one.
Me: Yes, Kellinka, I am [sarcastically] hosting a Tupperware party[/sarcastically].
Kellinka: Well, you did such a good job at the phone-a-thon and raised a lot of money with your charm, so you could host a Tupperware party and revolutionize the world.
Me: [In a very "soccer mom" voice] Hi! I am Mary Ann from Tupperware Inc. I am here today to tell you about the great deal we have going for the 2005 edition 3-pack of durable salad containers. They are absolutely fab, and the best part is that you get your money's worth!
Sockittoya: [Just walking in] Ooookay...

I love French, except for when I don't get it, or I am abused.

Me: I don't get it what this all is.
Madame: Well, Pencil Case, you will have to learn.
Me: [Way over dramatics] Oh, god, Madame! I am sorry! Please don't beat me!
Madame: Pencil Case, I have never beat any of you!
Me: Oh, yeah? Well, what about the hat box time?
Madame: That never happened. You made that up.

Art was fun...I got sent to the office for talking, but really what happened was Kellinka shoved an eraser down my throat and I was gagging loud. Damn Kellinka. When I did come back, though, Carazy Boy wasn't there, so no fun. Frump.

PS - I am not gay, so don't think that the title and first part of this entry says something about me.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

German saltmines.

Briged, Kelsey highly dislikes you...believe me.

Anyway, now that that is off of my chest...French class was fun this morning. We learned about past tense, finally. I didn't get it at first, so I was highly confused when Madame called me up to the board to answer a question. I went into default mode, and tryed to get the super brain child, Kellinka to help me, but no. It then clicked, and I was confused no more. I believe my mild state of confusion was due to me being forced out of the "Learning T." Bitches and hoes. Theology was fun...aside from the fact that my eyes were still all itchy and sore from my allergies. I wasn't really paying attention to the Frater, anyways, though, but to the fact that Lizzy had gel pen marks on her nose. English was okay...I still didn't volunteer to present my "who is your hero?" speech. Oh, yes, I am a procrastinator. Today had to be one of the more fun History classes, though. It was just me making paper cranes and getting extra credit points from this game we played in class.

In Art class, Carazy Boy was psycho again.

Carazy Boy: Cow, I hate you.
Cow: Well, I hate you too! I would like you if you stopped throwing erasers at me, though.
Carazy Boy: Hell, no! You deserve to get erasers thrown at you, just like you deserved to fall off of a four-wheeler.*
Cow: [awkward pause and stare]
Carazy Boy: [Not to Cow, but to April for no reason] That is what I thought, trailor trash.
Me: [High pitched, maniacal laughter]
April: [Sarcastically] Yeah, that is so funny, seeing as how he has been calling me tralor trash all year.
Me: [Contimues maniacal laughter]

During eighth hour, I could no longer stand my eye pain, so I went to attendance to call Mother. She said to stay in the office, and she would pick me up. Did I listen? No. I went to get my homework upstairs, and on the way, stopped in Madame's room. I was really walking into a heated conversation about writing up pamphlets for the Eurotrip in the Honors III class.

Madame: So, who wants to write about the Eiffel Tower? Christina? Good! Okay...Shy Guy, you are the only one without a thing to looks like you have to do the German saltmines.
Shy Guy: No!
Madame: What do you mean, "no?"
Shy Guy: Madame, look, I don't want to learn about the German saltmines! That is why I took get away from the Germany stuff.
Madame: Well, Germany can be fun, too.
Shy Guy: No! It is boring!
Madame: Boring?! You say that Germany is boring?! That's it, automatic bajillion zero.
Shy Guy: What?!
Madame: Well, see if Christina wants to trade.
Christina: I don't want to do the German saltmines! That is boring!
Madame: I know what you mean. Look, Shy Guy, are you sure you don't want to do Weis--blah--heimblahergenblah...I cannot say it! Well, are you sure you don't want to do the German saltmines? You should.
Shy Guy: Fine. I'll do the saltmines.
Madame: Well, if you insist. [Signs Shy Guy up to do the saltmines]

After school was fun I went to the doctor for my eyes and got drops, and then came home.

PS - Last night's 80s night at the youth group was stellar. Daf and I were totally rad looking to the max.

*Cow and April did in fact fall off of a four-wheeler and Cow's arm is now in a sling while April is gashed to the core. Not meant to be funny, but totally is!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Growth stunt.

Today was quite miserable turned hilarious turned miserable again. It all started yesterday with Madame.

Madame: [In my Study Hall which is in her room, but monitored by Estufa.] Hey, Estufa. Do you think Pencil Case is too hyper?
Estufa: [Baffled look as if someone is finally on her side] Yes.
Madame: Here, Pencil Case, this is the deal. No more morning coffee.
Me: What?!
Madame: You have to much for how old you are. It tells your brain to stop making its own caffeine, and then your growth is stunted.
Me: How about I just don't drink it in class?
Madame: How about whenever you are with that mug, I write you up. [Meaning me getting a disciplinary referral.]
Me: Madame, come on. Sooooo not fair.
Madame: Pencil Case, you need to grow, so no more coffee.

So, an uncaffinated me, this morning, was very crabby. So, in what I think was an effort to cheer me up/prove a point, Madame has started a "Pencil Case height meter" on the door frame of the French room. Every once in a while, she is going to mark my height on the frame with a silver Sharpie. I think she is hoping for me to grow...

During Study Hall, Ellen and I fought, while Anna Valeska was antagonizing us by saying that I called Ellen fat. Yeah, right.

Art was a different story, though. I farted twice. One intentional, one not. The hilarious part, though, is that they were both aimed at Chelk.

Chelk: You gross, little boy!

The cause of them both is the fact that Carazy Boy was sitting all weird.

So, tonight. I am going shopping for an 80s outfit with Daf at Goodwill for tomorrow's youth group 80s night. Hee. Totally radical.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Tonight I am heading over to Sockittoya's house for dinner and a few episodes of Popular. We loves us some Popular. It is so funny. We die for Popular.

So long, all y'all beeches. In the words of Mary Cherry.

Mono tooth.

KVC's party was pretty fun. It consisted of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Catchphrase, numerous bags of chips and water bottles. KVC took Good Smile and I to her house after the soccer game.

We won, by the way.

Anyway, shortly after we got there, Gella, Emily and Sockittiya arrived. We went down stairs to watch Monty Python and the Holy Gral. First time I ever saw it and I loved it. I didn't get it, but I loved it. Can we say, "Cat abuse?" Whilst eating dozens of chips with 150 calories, Emily drank a bottle of water all weird while she was laughing. I kept immitating her all dememnted, which just led to her laughing/drinking once again. After Gella made us watch five minutes of crappy music and a black screen, we turned it off only to reveal Drew Barrymore on Jay Leno with electric socket hair and pale skin.

Gella: Look at her! Her hair looks like it was stuck in an electric socket!
Good Smile: Gross!
Gella: Yeah! And when she bobs her head, it doesn't move. It is all stuck together. It is like one big clump of hair.

We were stuck on one-piece body parts all night.

Gella: I can't swish water through my teeth because I had braces and there is no spaces for the water to swish through.
KVC: Ha! You have "mono tooth." You have one big tooth!
Gella: Great. Some people have mono brow. Some people have mono boob, aslo called nubby. No, wait! That is when you have three boobs. Anyway, why am I stuck with mono tooth?
Me: Ha. Mono tooth.

We then played Catchphrase. Sockittoya sucks at it because she does not give hints, but the answer (read: "shuffle".)

Emily took me home and we talked about her and Sockittoya's cardancing family and old maps of Wisconsin. Great times.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Creepy scratch art.

Madame: Be quite so we can watch our movie for Frun Fench Fiday...Fun Froonch Fridyah...[Quiets down and talks to self] Foon French Frooday...Fran French Friday...[Loud again] I can't say it!

Yes, Fun French Friday. During this weeks presentation of Dumb and Dumber: En Français, I wrote notes to Kellinka about what happens in the second season of Popular. They were along the lines of "Mary Cherry is blackmailed for a chicken porno she starred in over Spring Break." You get the idea. Damn, I love that show. The future upperclassmen drama gang needs to get together again and watch it soon.

Next was Theology. We watched this video of a Catholic youth conference speaker. He was a hippie from the Bronx that Frater found quite amusing, and ended up bursting into laughter a few times.

During lunch, because Pam and Daf are gon singing in Philly, I sat with the upperclassmen and had Papa John's pizza with them. Yummy. After that was Study Hall. More Estufa quotes, "I love to give myself shots with mechanical pencils." -Estufa; and more funny Estufa stuff.

[Estufa and Rachel have a conversation about Rachel's crazy family...Estufa laughs hystarically roughly every seven seconds.]

Me: Geez, Estufa. Calm it down.
Estufa: What?! I like talking to Rachel! Besides, this is just what I needed, a good laugh. And we are friends. Friends talk.
[Rachel continues to talk until until she get's hurt, or something]
Rachel: Then my brother -- Ouch! I just stabbed myself!
Me: See, Estufa, this is why you don't have any friends.
Estufa: I make friends!
Me: Yes, you are right. You do make friends. You loose them all, though, because you laugh at them at their expence.

Estufa was also shocked that this blog existed, and even more when she saw her name on it.

Estufa: [After I show her my blog] Ha! This is great -- Wait! Why is my name on here?! Oh, look! Kara's name is on here, too!

Crazy Estufa. During Art, I just spent all of the hour doing my Algebra quiz that was due the following period. With the ten minutes I had left, though, I worked on my scratch art picture of an abstract hand.

Me: Artsie Tartsie, what do you think of this scratch art?
Artsie Tartsie: Very nice!
Me: Pierre, what do you think of it?
Pierre: Creepy.

During Algebra, I took the test. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Really, Spider (formally known as CC) made an easy test for a hard chapter. In Science, my rubberband car finally went the full five meters...Hello, A+ for me!

On the bus ride home, Briged explained to me what Natalie thinks of her/our French Class.

Natalie in Briged's words: Well, in my French class, there is the jock people, the voice people, the drama people, the goth people, the know-it-all people and then there is me.

Tonight I am going over to KVC's house for a "left-over's" party. It is just a bunch of us getting together and talking about how we didn't go on the choir trip.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

High school druggie.

Today was highly fun. In French, Sockittoya and Paul got into a they so call it, so I was Paul's partner for the new dialogue. It is so funny, by the way. More mentally chalanged than funny, but still. Sockittoya is dying to know what it is. Hee.

In English, I changed my mind about my speach topic. It was Paul McCartney, but I believe I am now focusing on Kara, an NDA senior that has tought me some great life lessons. In History, Anna Valeska and I played Cinderella...against her will. It involved scrunch toes and shoes. Don't ask.At Lunch, my table had a "laughing contest." It was fun for the most part, but Pam kept doing this weird laugh that Daf got very annoyed with, very fast. In Study Hall...WAIT!...

Yesterday's Study Hall

Well, in Study Hall, I write qoutes all over the board, and signed them with the Study Hall monitor's name:

"I looooove Brad Pitt!" -Estufa

"I feed off of wishes and dead skin." -Estufa

"I like to watch myself bleed." -Estufa

"Dandruff is my best friend." - Estufa

"I burn houses down and eat fudge." -Estufa

"My gums bleed." -Estufa

"I eat pies made with shoelaces." -Estufa.

Today's Study Hall

Yes. Today. Kara and I had a big discussion about life and friendships, while Estufa talked about giving me less sugar.

After school, Briged, Alison, Aaron, Bet and myself got on the bus when this happened:

CLLBD: I have to go to the bathroom, do you mind?
All of us: No.
CLLBD: I have to pee so bad it hurts! Where is the bathroom?
Bet: [Gives directions to the bathroom.]

The fact that she left for a few minuites gave all of us the opporotunity to talk about how weird she is.

Alison: She always tells me that I am a picky eater. Her kids eat worse than me, I bet!
Briged: Yeah! And all she ever talkes about is American Idol.
Aaron:Shhhh! Quiet, guys! She is coming back!
[CLLBD gets back on bus and sits down, ready to go]
Me: Like I was saying, I can't wait until American Idol is on tonight!
CLLBD: I am going drinking tonight, so I have my DVR all read to tape it!

Briged: Yeah, [high school name] is such a pot head.
CLLBD: You know, when I was in high school, I was the biggest druggie around!
[Laughs from all, CLLBD and us.]
CLLBD: Just kidding!
Bet: That was random!
CLLBD: What? Didn't someone saysomething about pot heads?
Me: Yeah.
CLLBD: That is why I said it, then. That is also why I am a bus driver. I fried my brain doing too many drugs, so I am not capable of an intelligent job.
Briged: Ohhhh.
CLLBD: Just kidding again! I am not a druggie. [Hacks up a lung due to smoker cough.] Homeless people are druggies, though. Espicially that one in the green jacket that walks around all the time. He spends all of his money on booze, tobacco, and grass. Another bus driver that goes to NDA went to high school with him. He told me so.

Seriously, crazy lasagna loving bus driver is an understatement for her.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cabaret Night!

Oooooooookay! I mean, soooooooo goooooooood! Seriously, so fun. Cabaret Night, I can't wait to do it again.

I got there early to finish set up, but ended up spending the whole time sitting with KVC watching the seniors practice their class act. It was fun. When people started to show up, I mingled my way to the library for some good entertainens. I then was a part of the artists in action exhibit with Pam. That was over quick, so I had nothing to do for roughly three hours. I watched some random acts before it was time to get ready for the frosh class act. Total kick ass.

Frosh Class Act: "Miss Senior NDA." Me, FB and a bucnh of girls immitate the seniors. Very funny and loved by the school.

Sophmore Class Act: "The Bachelor." No offence to any sophmore, but it really wasn't that good and I, among others, didn't get it. Still better than any other school's sophmores could do, though.

Junior Class Act: "Thriller." Amazing. It was very MJish, and the dancing was perf. I loved it.

Senior Class Act: "Sister Act." "Whose down with G-O-D? EVERYBODY!" This was my favorite act. I loved the songs and the costumes (habbits and 90s pop clothes, helloooooooooooooooo!). Oh, happy day!

Afterward, Kayleigh took me to Krispy Kreme and a late night dinner at Perkins. She misses Mark...Hee. We had a few, ahem, good talks. We then threw those little coffee creamers at each other, and one landed in my water. I didn't notice it until about fifteen minutes later, though. When I did, I opened it and put it in her water. Hee. I then put a whole bunch of salt in her macaroni and made her eat it if she wanted me to talk to her again. Much like making Kellinka say something in this similar story.

I now have to go watch Desperate Housewives. See you all soon.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Teen Night at the Y.

Well, I just got back from Teen Night at the YMCA. First off, going into that experience, I thought it was Teen Night. It was more like Smelly-Dramatic-Tween Night. Seriously, it was so gross. I went with Lee-hah and all of her friends. Because they are decent looking girls, all these boys were in their bubble and trying to get "laid" as they called it. Well, you see, "laid" in their vocabulary means "let's kiss and exchange phone numbers." Damn middlers.

French was pretty fun. It didn't compair to the Cabaret Night meeting before school, but it was fun.

Madame: Well, last year for De La Baie Fest, we had a dunk tank donated to borrow for the French club.
Random Kid Who Might Be Kellinka, But I Am Not For Sure: Was it clear?
Madame: [ignoring the question and staring into space] Well, we are not going to say no to a donation.

We then looked at the infamous "Bloomy in a green tux" pictures. In Theology, I handed in my paper. Let me tell you, it was so funny. I totally ripped apart the basic idea and made it my own:

Pencil "Loves God" Case
Jumping Mouse Essay Numero Deux
Avril huit, 2005

Jumping am I like her? This is a complex question, seeing as how: A) I am not a mouse turned eagle, B) I have never myself went on a real journey, and C) I do not believe I have had my self-revelation yet. But one thing I can think of, is that we both have a zeal for wanting to know that God is always there...whether she wants to admit it or not. That, I believe, is true.
You see, young grasshopper, you need God to be there if you want to know who you really are. However, I do not believe that a self revelation is in order to know God or yourself. What I do believe, is that from the time you are born, you somewhat know who you are, and what you will someday stand for. Some call that idea "insane" and "utterly ridiculous to the bone," but I think it is the work of a man named Jesus, and his father, God. God has a plan for all of us. It might be good, it might be something we will not enjoy and it might even be something that will kill us, but none the less, He has a plan. I have already realized that, and so has Jumping Mouse. Well, maybe she didn’t learn it. I mean, look. She spent her whole life whining to be something she wasn’t, and finally, God gave in and gave it to her. She should have been happy with the cards she was delt, and accepted herself for who she was...a jumping mouse. I accept myself for who I am. I bet I am one of the few. Jumping Mouse was one of those souls that needed God’s "acceptance" more than others. What she missed, though, was that God accepts everybody the same, no matter what. If someone would have taught her that instead of telling her to give up, I bet she would be a lot happier me.
All in all, Jumping Mouse and I are nothing alike, so to speak. I am happy with who I am and what I have (not including a D in this class that I well deserve). Jumping Mouse is a whiner, and I think life is too short to whine about things. The last line you will ever need to know in life, is the fact that God loves you, no matter what. You could be a crazy psychopathic killer, and God would still love you (not saying Jumping Mouse is, but even if she was, God would still love her). If you love God, or don’t love Him for that matter, He will always love you no matter who you are. End of story.

Yes, that was it. I hope Kellinka will spare me the "you made a grammar mistake, ho!" speach.

Throughout the day, I drew more pictures and put up with more CLLBD.

CLLBD: Look at him! [Points at DD] He walks like a turtle!

CLLBD: I looooooooove the smell of gas.

Mother is finally home! Yessssssss.


PS - Ellen, I am really sorry that I couldn't go to set up tonight. Mother came home, and we had a family night. Sorry! Don't hate me!

PPS - Seamstress is hot with her StrongBad voice and her temps.

PPPS - Anna Valeska is the best captain ever...even if she has to put up with the Boy's Soccer jackets.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"No, I will not rub your thighs!"

Mother is still gone, and I am still alone. Well, not exactly. You see, I still have my side-kick, Ravioli.

We made test corrections in French today. Very boring taking into concideration that this is French we are talking about. Madame cracked no funnies today.

In English, we were to assign names to the chapters in the very serious book by Chaim Potak, The Chosen. I decided to be weird and named them things such as, "'Ow! My Eye!'" and "'Reuven, I am sorry...Not!' Just kidding. He really was sorry." Brownie found them quite hilarious.

In World History, we had a sub. Boo hoo. Hee. Anyway, his name was Mr. Breceau. Just two letters off from our normal fountain of knowledge, Mr. Brazeau. I kept calling him "B to the Receau" and "Crazy B Dawg." I also yelled really loud to Tricia, "No, I will not rub your thighs!" Thankyouverymuch, Michelle.

During both Lunch and Study Hall, I advised Cabaret Night meetings. Lots of confusion and changed minds. Ughh. I know we can pull it off if people start to cooperate. Oh well, though. Kara also told me that she is willing a few things to me in the Senior Edition of this year's Tritonian. Yessssssssss. Also during Lunch, Seamstress and I discussed Strong Bad E-Mails

In Algebra, we had a quiz and the lighting continued to leak on CC. After the quiz, I used Michelle's great mind again, and drew a few funny pictures such as a big dinosaur saying, "I eat babies when their moms aren't looking," with two moms saying, "No more games, honey. Come on out," and "Where's my baby!?"

On the way home, CLLBD kept talking about how she loves the gay team on The Amazing Race because they tell each other that no matter what happens, they will still love one another, and that they call each other "honey."

Sara, Michelle and Lee-hah are taking me out to eat tonight, then I am high-tailing it to church with Daf.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cannibal chili.

Well, Mother is out of town for a special class this week, so that means I am on my own until Friday. Grrrreat. I hate the feeling of loneliness and the thought of having to make my own meals. Speaking of which, I better get on that cheese ravioli.

This morning in French, the lesson plan was pretty much shot due to a sudden conversation about European public trasportation, holidays and recyclables.

Madame: In Europe, public transportation requires a card in which you punch a hole in to ride.
Me: I don't get it.
Madame: They punch holes in 'em.
Me: Well, you can cheat that easy.
Madame: In Europe, and I hate to say this, people are more honest than they are here.

Me: And in Eupope you can decorate the shopping bags, right? That is what you told us a long time ago.
Madame: No, I didn't. [To the class, but mostly Kellinka] He's making things up.
Me: Yes, you did. When we were in the food unit.
Madame: He just talks.

Madame: In Europe, kids write letters to Santa Claus.
Me: So do we!
Madame: But not just asking for stuff.
Me: Then what do they write, "Dear Santa, How's the Mrs.?"

Madame: In Europe, then schools have recycle drives where everybody brings in paper for money for the school. Classes would compete
Me: Why don't we do that? We would benefit so much.
Kellinka: Because we don't get money. We get, like, five cents for ten cans.

Ahhhh, yes. French really is the best part of my day.

The Cabaret act is going a lot better now that we have a rough draft for the script. Four more days, and no one has seen their lines yet. It will be a photo finish.

On the way home, CLLBD was crazy...again.

CLLBD: Did you hear about the woman that found the finger in her Wendy's chili.
Me: Yeah.
CLLBD: That is gross. I eat their chili every day. Next time I am going to order it without the fingers. It really is good, though.
Me: Oh.
CLLBD: It is so good because it is cannibal chili.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Last day of Spring Break '05.

April. April is finally here. The best part about that, though, is the part where "March is in like a lion and out like a lamb" is over. My March was no lamb. It was all lion. But now, it is over, and I need not complain any longer. Anyhoo...

I have been mildly obsessed with the YMCA lately. I have been counting my calories in all the food I consume. My goal is to lose all my fat and have six pack abs. Hee, hee. Like that will happen. I have not been following my own rules, though. I still munch on an occasional, delicious Girl Scout cookie. Helloooooooo, Seamstress! Hee. She does love those Thin Mints.

The other day, Lee-hah and I took a risk and used public transportation to go to her salon to have them straighten her hair because that night we were to go to Comedy City, a local comedy club in the light of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?. Well, on the bus ride to the salon, there were some strange yet funny Ca-Razy people also riding. There was a decent looking blonde lady sitting when her friend, Rhonda (with a bowl cut and crooked teeth), arrived.

Carol: Hi, Rhonda!
Rhonda: Um...hi?
Carol: It's me! Carol!
Rhonda: Oh! Carol! So nice to meet you again!
Carol: Geez, I have not seen you since we worked together at that one place.
Rhonda: Yeah, I remember now! The last time I saw you, you had that one daughter! You know, the one you had when you were eighteen.
Carol: Yeah! I have a grandbaby now.
Rhonda: Well, good for you.
Carol: I wanted one so bad! I would show you pictures, but I gave them all to my parents.

[Nonsence conversation]

Carol: You look way skinny these days! What have you been doing?
Rhonda: Honey, I am not skinny at all. Only my sexy legs. All my fat goes to my stomach. It is my beer belly. Bought and paid for.
Carol: Oh. Well, do you have anyone special these days?
Rhonda: Well, our old boss keeps slipping love notes in my mailbox. And I says to him I says, "Get the hell out of here, you worthless piece of shit." Seriously, note to self: On way home pick up restraining order.
Carol: Oh, geez, Rhonda. You still are funny as hell.

[Yet more nonsence conversation]

Carol: Are you still living in that same house?
Rhonda: Yes. I hate that sonnafabitch. I hope it burns down and a piece would hit me so I could sue the landlord.
Carol: Rhonda! Why do you hate it that much?
Rhonda: Because evertime it rains, I get pots and pans everywhere becasue if I don't, all my stuff gets wet.
Carol: Well, why doesn't your landlord get a new roof?
Rhonda: I have been bugging him about it for thirteen years now. He always says he will repair it when he gets a round to it, but he never does. So I told him last weekend that I bet it doesn't rain in his house!
Carol: And...
Rhonda: I got a new roof yesterday.

Ahhh...the many joys of the transit system.

Well, I better get going. I have to catch up on my Spring Break reading for Brownies class. Catch y'all on the flip side!

Oh, yes. Before I forget. I have switched up my style. I no longer shop mainly at Hot Topic, but I am now more of an American Eagle/Gap guy. Please don't hate me, LC.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hitch sucks.

Well, I have not much to say tonight. I went to a movie with Lee-hah and her middler (derogatory name for middle schoolers) friends. Hitch. Damn, it sucked. We were supposed to see Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, but they all wanted to go against me and decide to be victims to another horrible Will Smith movie. Errgh. It was very slow and boring, so to make up for my loss of a good eight dollars, I had some fun pissing Lissy off. You see, I took the long antenna of Lee-hah's cell phone and tickled it on Lissy's face six times and scared her sixtimes by letting her think it was a spider or something. Quite funny.

Today, I did nothing but go out to eat and to the mall with Daf once again. Very fun...once again.

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