Friday, April 15, 2005

Creepy scratch art.

Madame: Be quite so we can watch our movie for Frun Fench Fiday...Fun Froonch Fridyah...[Quiets down and talks to self] Foon French Frooday...Fran French Friday...[Loud again] I can't say it!

Yes, Fun French Friday. During this weeks presentation of Dumb and Dumber: En Fran├žais, I wrote notes to Kellinka about what happens in the second season of Popular. They were along the lines of "Mary Cherry is blackmailed for a chicken porno she starred in over Spring Break." You get the idea. Damn, I love that show. The future upperclassmen drama gang needs to get together again and watch it soon.

Next was Theology. We watched this video of a Catholic youth conference speaker. He was a hippie from the Bronx that Frater found quite amusing, and ended up bursting into laughter a few times.

During lunch, because Pam and Daf are gon singing in Philly, I sat with the upperclassmen and had Papa John's pizza with them. Yummy. After that was Study Hall. More Estufa quotes, "I love to give myself shots with mechanical pencils." -Estufa; and more funny Estufa stuff.

[Estufa and Rachel have a conversation about Rachel's crazy family...Estufa laughs hystarically roughly every seven seconds.]

Me: Geez, Estufa. Calm it down.
Estufa: What?! I like talking to Rachel! Besides, this is just what I needed, a good laugh. And we are friends. Friends talk.
[Rachel continues to talk until until she get's hurt, or something]
Rachel: Then my brother -- Ouch! I just stabbed myself!
Me: See, Estufa, this is why you don't have any friends.
Estufa: I make friends!
Me: Yes, you are right. You do make friends. You loose them all, though, because you laugh at them at their expence.

Estufa was also shocked that this blog existed, and even more when she saw her name on it.

Estufa: [After I show her my blog] Ha! This is great -- Wait! Why is my name on here?! Oh, look! Kara's name is on here, too!

Crazy Estufa. During Art, I just spent all of the hour doing my Algebra quiz that was due the following period. With the ten minutes I had left, though, I worked on my scratch art picture of an abstract hand.

Me: Artsie Tartsie, what do you think of this scratch art?
Artsie Tartsie: Very nice!
Me: Pierre, what do you think of it?
Pierre: Creepy.

During Algebra, I took the test. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Really, Spider (formally known as CC) made an easy test for a hard chapter. In Science, my rubberband car finally went the full five meters...Hello, A+ for me!

On the bus ride home, Briged explained to me what Natalie thinks of her/our French Class.

Natalie in Briged's words: Well, in my French class, there is the jock people, the voice people, the drama people, the goth people, the know-it-all people and then there is me.

Tonight I am going over to KVC's house for a "left-over's" party. It is just a bunch of us getting together and talking about how we didn't go on the choir trip.


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