Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Growth stunt.

Today was quite miserable turned hilarious turned miserable again. It all started yesterday with Madame.

Madame: [In my Study Hall which is in her room, but monitored by Estufa.] Hey, Estufa. Do you think Pencil Case is too hyper?
Estufa: [Baffled look as if someone is finally on her side] Yes.
Madame: Here, Pencil Case, this is the deal. No more morning coffee.
Me: What?!
Madame: You have to much for how old you are. It tells your brain to stop making its own caffeine, and then your growth is stunted.
Me: How about I just don't drink it in class?
Madame: How about whenever you are with that mug, I write you up. [Meaning me getting a disciplinary referral.]
Me: Madame, come on. Sooooo not fair.
Madame: Pencil Case, you need to grow, so no more coffee.

So, an uncaffinated me, this morning, was very crabby. So, in what I think was an effort to cheer me up/prove a point, Madame has started a "Pencil Case height meter" on the door frame of the French room. Every once in a while, she is going to mark my height on the frame with a silver Sharpie. I think she is hoping for me to grow...

During Study Hall, Ellen and I fought, while Anna Valeska was antagonizing us by saying that I called Ellen fat. Yeah, right.

Art was a different story, though. I farted twice. One intentional, one not. The hilarious part, though, is that they were both aimed at Chelk.

Chelk: You gross, little boy!

The cause of them both is the fact that Carazy Boy was sitting all weird.

So, tonight. I am going shopping for an 80s outfit with Daf at Goodwill for tomorrow's youth group 80s night. Hee. Totally radical.


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Jen jen said...

good day ben!.....i mean pencil case

its weird how we kinda just stopped talking huh? like one minute we almost die ina boat together and the next we aren't even talking......*sniff* its kinda sad.
Well my life has been uncedibly boring since like......6th grade or somthing. Joe has been getting involved in things that are ....bad...to say the least.
its cool that onve again you are coming out the summer......we should hang cuz u sound cool. Well i mean dont get me wrong..u were cool when we were younger, but you know what i mean.
PS- what the hell is up with the name pencil case?

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Art class farting = hilarious.


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