Tuesday, April 12, 2005

High school druggie.

Today was highly fun. In French, Sockittoya and Paul got into a fight...as they so call it, so I was Paul's partner for the new dialogue. It is so funny, by the way. More mentally chalanged than funny, but still. Sockittoya is dying to know what it is. Hee.

In English, I changed my mind about my speach topic. It was Paul McCartney, but I believe I am now focusing on Kara, an NDA senior that has tought me some great life lessons. In History, Anna Valeska and I played Cinderella...against her will. It involved scrunch toes and shoes. Don't ask.At Lunch, my table had a "laughing contest." It was fun for the most part, but Pam kept doing this weird laugh that Daf got very annoyed with, very fast. In Study Hall...WAIT!...

Yesterday's Study Hall

Well, in Study Hall, I write qoutes all over the board, and signed them with the Study Hall monitor's name:

"I looooove Brad Pitt!" -Estufa

"I feed off of wishes and dead skin." -Estufa

"I like to watch myself bleed." -Estufa

"Dandruff is my best friend." - Estufa

"I burn houses down and eat fudge." -Estufa

"My gums bleed." -Estufa

"I eat pies made with shoelaces." -Estufa.

Today's Study Hall

Yes. Today. Kara and I had a big discussion about life and friendships, while Estufa talked about giving me less sugar.

After school, Briged, Alison, Aaron, Bet and myself got on the bus when this happened:

CLLBD: I have to go to the bathroom, do you mind?
All of us: No.
CLLBD: I have to pee so bad it hurts! Where is the bathroom?
Bet: [Gives directions to the bathroom.]

The fact that she left for a few minuites gave all of us the opporotunity to talk about how weird she is.

Alison: She always tells me that I am a picky eater. Her kids eat worse than me, I bet!
Briged: Yeah! And all she ever talkes about is American Idol.
Aaron:Shhhh! Quiet, guys! She is coming back!
[CLLBD gets back on bus and sits down, ready to go]
Me: Like I was saying, I can't wait until American Idol is on tonight!
CLLBD: I am going drinking tonight, so I have my DVR all read to tape it!

Briged: Yeah, [high school name] is such a pot head.
CLLBD: You know, when I was in high school, I was the biggest druggie around!
[Laughs from all, CLLBD and us.]
CLLBD: Just kidding!
Bet: That was random!
CLLBD: What? Didn't someone saysomething about pot heads?
Me: Yeah.
CLLBD: That is why I said it, then. That is also why I am a bus driver. I fried my brain doing too many drugs, so I am not capable of an intelligent job.
Briged: Ohhhh.
CLLBD: Just kidding again! I am not a druggie. [Hacks up a lung due to smoker cough.] Homeless people are druggies, though. Espicially that one in the green jacket that walks around all the time. He spends all of his money on booze, tobacco, and grass. Another bus driver that goes to NDA went to high school with him. He told me so.

Seriously, crazy lasagna loving bus driver is an understatement for her.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Wow. Your bus driver really is too incapacitated to drive a bus.

Anyway. Until you start to comment on my blog again, this is my last comment on yours.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Tay-Tay said...

Hi Pencil Case.
There was a question on our CSAPs (Colorado standard assesment something that starts witha "P" tests) about pencil cases. I thought of you, and while I was thinking of you, I remembered that you have an iPod, and then I remembered how much I want an iPod, and I zoned out, and i think that I got the question wrong.
I GOT AN IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uncle Davis nammed it Diddle-Bob.

P.S. That "Davis" thing was a mistake, but I think that I am going to keep it.


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