Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet!

Yes, It is raining men...just kidding...that is sick. But on a more serious note, Kellinka, Sockittoya and I were singing it all day for no absolute reason.

I am going to try to make this entry as short as possible because I am on the clock to get ready for my sister's Tupperware party.

Me: Yeah, I have to go to my sister's Tupperware party tonight.
Kellinka: What? You have to go to one or are you hosting one.
Me: Yes, Kellinka, I am [sarcastically] hosting a Tupperware party[/sarcastically].
Kellinka: Well, you did such a good job at the phone-a-thon and raised a lot of money with your charm, so you could host a Tupperware party and revolutionize the world.
Me: [In a very "soccer mom" voice] Hi! I am Mary Ann from Tupperware Inc. I am here today to tell you about the great deal we have going for the 2005 edition 3-pack of durable salad containers. They are absolutely fab, and the best part is that you get your money's worth!
Sockittoya: [Just walking in] Ooookay...

I love French, except for when I don't get it, or I am abused.

Me: I don't get it what this all is.
Madame: Well, Pencil Case, you will have to learn.
Me: [Way over dramatics] Oh, god, Madame! I am sorry! Please don't beat me!
Madame: Pencil Case, I have never beat any of you!
Me: Oh, yeah? Well, what about the hat box time?
Madame: That never happened. You made that up.

Art was fun...I got sent to the office for talking, but really what happened was Kellinka shoved an eraser down my throat and I was gagging loud. Damn Kellinka. When I did come back, though, Carazy Boy wasn't there, so no fun. Frump.

PS - I am not gay, so don't think that the title and first part of this entry says something about me.


At 8:21 PM, Blogger Magster said...

Hello! You seemed to hae a full day! I had that song in my head for a while. Well, I dk about you, but I think this week shall be very grand! I hope that you get picked to do the speech! Lovies!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Samantha said...

i wish you would quote me in your profile once in a while :-(

just kidding. i don't see you enough for that to happen.

we're not in the room with the windows this week so i can't make funny faces at you. sorry!!!!!

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

I officially love "It's Raining Men" forever and ever.


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