Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mono tooth.

KVC's party was pretty fun. It consisted of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Catchphrase, numerous bags of chips and water bottles. KVC took Good Smile and I to her house after the soccer game.

We won, by the way.

Anyway, shortly after we got there, Gella, Emily and Sockittiya arrived. We went down stairs to watch Monty Python and the Holy Gral. First time I ever saw it and I loved it. I didn't get it, but I loved it. Can we say, "Cat abuse?" Whilst eating dozens of chips with 150 calories, Emily drank a bottle of water all weird while she was laughing. I kept immitating her all dememnted, which just led to her laughing/drinking once again. After Gella made us watch five minutes of crappy music and a black screen, we turned it off only to reveal Drew Barrymore on Jay Leno with electric socket hair and pale skin.

Gella: Look at her! Her hair looks like it was stuck in an electric socket!
Good Smile: Gross!
Gella: Yeah! And when she bobs her head, it doesn't move. It is all stuck together. It is like one big clump of hair.

We were stuck on one-piece body parts all night.

Gella: I can't swish water through my teeth because I had braces and there is no spaces for the water to swish through.
KVC: Ha! You have "mono tooth." You have one big tooth!
Gella: Great. Some people have mono brow. Some people have mono boob, aslo called nubby. No, wait! That is when you have three boobs. Anyway, why am I stuck with mono tooth?
Me: Ha. Mono tooth.

We then played Catchphrase. Sockittoya sucks at it because she does not give hints, but the answer (read: "shuffle".)

Emily took me home and we talked about her and Sockittoya's cardancing family and old maps of Wisconsin. Great times.


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