Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"No, I will not rub your thighs!"

Mother is still gone, and I am still alone. Well, not exactly. You see, I still have my side-kick, Ravioli.

We made test corrections in French today. Very boring taking into concideration that this is French we are talking about. Madame cracked no funnies today.

In English, we were to assign names to the chapters in the very serious book by Chaim Potak, The Chosen. I decided to be weird and named them things such as, "'Ow! My Eye!'" and "'Reuven, I am sorry...Not!' Just kidding. He really was sorry." Brownie found them quite hilarious.

In World History, we had a sub. Boo hoo. Hee. Anyway, his name was Mr. Breceau. Just two letters off from our normal fountain of knowledge, Mr. Brazeau. I kept calling him "B to the Receau" and "Crazy B Dawg." I also yelled really loud to Tricia, "No, I will not rub your thighs!" Thankyouverymuch, Michelle.

During both Lunch and Study Hall, I advised Cabaret Night meetings. Lots of confusion and changed minds. Ughh. I know we can pull it off if people start to cooperate. Oh well, though. Kara also told me that she is willing a few things to me in the Senior Edition of this year's Tritonian. Yessssssssss. Also during Lunch, Seamstress and I discussed Strong Bad E-Mails

In Algebra, we had a quiz and the lighting continued to leak on CC. After the quiz, I used Michelle's great mind again, and drew a few funny pictures such as a big dinosaur saying, "I eat babies when their moms aren't looking," with two moms saying, "No more games, honey. Come on out," and "Where's my baby!?"

On the way home, CLLBD kept talking about how she loves the gay team on The Amazing Race because they tell each other that no matter what happens, they will still love one another, and that they call each other "honey."

Sara, Michelle and Lee-hah are taking me out to eat tonight, then I am high-tailing it to church with Daf.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Benji, you are so funny.

A random teacher I don't know just smiled at me. Why?! I wasn't smiling. I was writing about my funny friends. If I don't know you, don't smile at me while I'm writing about my funny friends! Jesus, lady. I guess her mom never taught her manners.

I am feeling a little crazy. I like your chapter titles. When I write a book, you can give the chapters insane titles, okay? Also, I will use my connections in the publishing world to get your comics published in an anthology of general hilarity, aka everything that has ever escaped from your mouth.


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