Saturday, April 09, 2005

Teen Night at the Y.

Well, I just got back from Teen Night at the YMCA. First off, going into that experience, I thought it was Teen Night. It was more like Smelly-Dramatic-Tween Night. Seriously, it was so gross. I went with Lee-hah and all of her friends. Because they are decent looking girls, all these boys were in their bubble and trying to get "laid" as they called it. Well, you see, "laid" in their vocabulary means "let's kiss and exchange phone numbers." Damn middlers.

French was pretty fun. It didn't compair to the Cabaret Night meeting before school, but it was fun.

Madame: Well, last year for De La Baie Fest, we had a dunk tank donated to borrow for the French club.
Random Kid Who Might Be Kellinka, But I Am Not For Sure: Was it clear?
Madame: [ignoring the question and staring into space] Well, we are not going to say no to a donation.

We then looked at the infamous "Bloomy in a green tux" pictures. In Theology, I handed in my paper. Let me tell you, it was so funny. I totally ripped apart the basic idea and made it my own:

Pencil "Loves God" Case
Jumping Mouse Essay Numero Deux
Avril huit, 2005

Jumping am I like her? This is a complex question, seeing as how: A) I am not a mouse turned eagle, B) I have never myself went on a real journey, and C) I do not believe I have had my self-revelation yet. But one thing I can think of, is that we both have a zeal for wanting to know that God is always there...whether she wants to admit it or not. That, I believe, is true.
You see, young grasshopper, you need God to be there if you want to know who you really are. However, I do not believe that a self revelation is in order to know God or yourself. What I do believe, is that from the time you are born, you somewhat know who you are, and what you will someday stand for. Some call that idea "insane" and "utterly ridiculous to the bone," but I think it is the work of a man named Jesus, and his father, God. God has a plan for all of us. It might be good, it might be something we will not enjoy and it might even be something that will kill us, but none the less, He has a plan. I have already realized that, and so has Jumping Mouse. Well, maybe she didn’t learn it. I mean, look. She spent her whole life whining to be something she wasn’t, and finally, God gave in and gave it to her. She should have been happy with the cards she was delt, and accepted herself for who she was...a jumping mouse. I accept myself for who I am. I bet I am one of the few. Jumping Mouse was one of those souls that needed God’s "acceptance" more than others. What she missed, though, was that God accepts everybody the same, no matter what. If someone would have taught her that instead of telling her to give up, I bet she would be a lot happier me.
All in all, Jumping Mouse and I are nothing alike, so to speak. I am happy with who I am and what I have (not including a D in this class that I well deserve). Jumping Mouse is a whiner, and I think life is too short to whine about things. The last line you will ever need to know in life, is the fact that God loves you, no matter what. You could be a crazy psychopathic killer, and God would still love you (not saying Jumping Mouse is, but even if she was, God would still love her). If you love God, or don’t love Him for that matter, He will always love you no matter who you are. End of story.

Yes, that was it. I hope Kellinka will spare me the "you made a grammar mistake, ho!" speach.

Throughout the day, I drew more pictures and put up with more CLLBD.

CLLBD: Look at him! [Points at DD] He walks like a turtle!

CLLBD: I looooooooove the smell of gas.

Mother is finally home! Yessssssss.


PS - Ellen, I am really sorry that I couldn't go to set up tonight. Mother came home, and we had a family night. Sorry! Don't hate me!

PPS - Seamstress is hot with her StrongBad voice and her temps.

PPPS - Anna Valeska is the best captain ever...even if she has to put up with the Boy's Soccer jackets.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Magster said...

Benji!! I loved your Jumping Mouse paper! Loved it!! We had to do something like that, but find religiouse truth or something, or like the bulding blocks of religion.
i don't remember... Well, I am glad your mother is home! I can't wait to see you tonight!! Loves!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

I will not tell you about your grammar errors.

I saw Bloomy ten minutes after that, and he was all, I didn't go in the dunk tank, and I was like, "Bloomy, Madame showed us the pictures," and he goes, "Jesus, Geyer!"

Are you and I thinking of the same DD? I wonder.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Wolfae said...

Awe thanks Benji. i'm psyched being captain. MEEP!


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