Friday, May 27, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Volume Two: Part Trois of Three.

School is done! NDA is out for the summer! And you know what that means! I am off to COLORADO! W00t! But, first, exams... Ugh.

Second Period - Freshman Theology: Oh, Frater. Why must you torment me with hours of study time only to take a test that is super duper easy? But seriously, that was one of the easiest exams I have ever taken. Case closed! Until August, at least.

Fourth Period - World History: Oh em ef gee. Hardest test ever. I had a little help from MacKenzie's notecard and Tricia before, though, so that helped. Um, not much else to say but that, you know, SCHOOL IS OVER!

Yes, I am outta there! After school, Kara didn't pick Daf and I up for doughnuts like she was supposed to, so we went to the mall by way of an angry Mother. We went to Hot Topic and bugged Rebecca who wouldn't give Daf a military discount. The funny part is that Daf really does have the right to a military discount. Her mom is a Sr. Master sergeant in the Air Force. We finally gout our way... Thirty cents off of a tube of lip gloss. We then went to B&N and had two coffees each. And I do believe that I met the infamous "cute cafè boy" that Kellinka and Sockittoya always rant about. Mother came to pick us up and we went to Noodles for a farewell meal. For Daf and I, that is.

I got home to three messages on my answering machine. Two from relatives and one from Sammy and Jenny. Sammy called back later and said that she was watching "The Real Thing," my favorite big, the musical song, on the school recorded DVD, and she was thinking of me. Awwwww. I am going to miss that girl.

Well, I leave tomorrow morning at ten, so I better get my ass to bed. Next time I post, I will be in the Pikes Peak area.

PS - Re: All my friends: I will miss you all very much, and I will meet up with y'all in August!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Volume Two: Part Deux of Three.

Today was very easy.

Third Period - Honors Freshman English: Well, this exam was a lot easier this semester. I actually knew the vocabulary words and the Romeo+Juliet questions were a breeze...Or should I say they were a zephyr? There is my dorkey vocab skills showing.

Fifth Period - Study Hall: Oh, the commons. This was a great hour. There is a long story to go with it. You see, this morning, the student body came into school (the commons) and saw "BROOKER'S POOPDICK!" in big letters on the skylight. Brooker, being the great asst. principal he is, called the cops to report this act of vandalism. Even though it was implying that a married man with kids is gay, the message was funny and had the students in an uproar. I feel bad for the guy, I really do. But, anyway, back to study hall. Nothing except for Logan jamming to Wicked.

Sixth Period - Art 1: Our exam. Ugh. We had to draw the person across from us in seventy minutes. Kellinka was my model, and I thought I did a very good job of drawing her, but Artsie Tartsie thought different.

Me: Artsie Tartsie, what do you think? [Holds up picture]
Artsie Tartsie: It is a very nice drawing, but it just doesn't look like her.
(Read: Artsie Tartsie could have stopped there, but noooooo.)
Me: Really? What do you mean?
Artsie Tartsie: Well, her nose is larger than usual, and you drew it pretty small. Oh, and her mouth sticks out because her braces are in the way.
Me: (Literally) Okay, sure. [Walks away]

She needs to know that people have... Oh dammit... What do you call them? Oh! Feelings.

I guess I will see you tomorrow with a wrap-up of this miniseries of NDA exams.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Volume Two: Part Un of Three.

Yes, it is exam time again at NDA.

First Period - French: I was sort of lucky to have French before two dreaded exams. This one wasn't that bad. I finished fairly quick. Not as quick as Kellinka, but we won't even go into the Super Brain Child category. After the exam, Madame summoned Kellinka and I to create the text book checklist. The text book checklist is a list of the text books from all six classes stating what shape they are in and who had them. Kellinka got to check ours.

Kellinka: I got to check ours! For "condition," I said mine was "fabulous."
Me: What did you put for mine?
Kellinka: Um..."Very good," I think.

It looks as if she doesn't care for mine as much. That is sad. Anyway , there was a creepy looking girl on the cover of one book that scared Kellinka. Karma, Kellinka. What goes around comes around.

Seventh Period - Algebra: This class started off with a few bad feet. I went to the wrong class which resulted in almost being tardy, and I lost my optional cheat sheet. I don't even want to talk about this period, it was so depressing. I left so many blank on the forty question exam. The only good part is that Algebra is over with for the year.

Eighth Period - Physical Science: Soooooo easy. I think I aced this exam. I feel so good about it! Not to gloat, or anything, but I for once feel like the Super Brain Child. Afterwards, I listened to Podington and read Me Talk Pretty One Day. No, I still haven't finished it. I just never have time.

The bus ride home was alright. CLLBD flipped of a soccer mom in an SUV because she swears she "had the yield." Wow. I wanted to say, "go eat some lasagna!"

Church tonight! Yesssssssss.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wow. This sucks.

Blogger is being all freaky again. This is a test post.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Whining gets you the schedule you want.

Yes, you heard me right. I got that damned schedule changed. I now have three classes to spend with Kellinka next year. Yessss. You know what is funny, though? Crabby Counselor was the one who fixed my schedule. I guess she isn't so crabby after all. She did tell me, though, to "stay put and don't move" because she had to get some files. At least the private school teachers aren't allowed to hit us with rulers anymore...

French was okay, I guess. Turns out I have the same shoes as Paul. Kellinka was weirded out by this for reasons beyond my membrane. In english, I read as Paris in Romeo+Juliet. [Spoiler alert!] He died. During lunch, I attempted to sing SPAMalot. Total frump and a half. Study hall was fairly normal. With Kara graduated and all, I have been pretty calm. Speaking of which, Kara has a blog now. I don't know if it will live past one post, but it has potential...It really does.

People are bitches *cough*Kellinka*cough*. I mean, she tries so hard to be cool, like today, in art. She all messed up my picture and tried to eat my hair. Total ho bag.

Just kidding, Kellinka is my little vacuum. She sucks up all my bad publicity.

Just kidding, again. If anything she is a hot water bottle.

Well, I must be off. I have a mushroom swiss burger in front of me that is screaming, "Eat me, Pencil Case!" I can't tell if it is serious or if it is bullying me.

Study hall!

Yep, I am in my study hall/lunch waiting to talk to Mr N., my counselor, about my retarded schedule for next year.

Abby: I want to get drunk with you and this would benefit us because we both would be drunk...

Yes, NDA is crazy.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Seniors, you are outta here!

I am really tired, so I am going to try to make this quick.

Today was the seniors last day. It was very sad, but I am glad they are going off to college. Today was also the second of two very messed up senior exam schedule days. You see, we had four seventy-five minutes classes of periods five, six, seven and eight.

First-but-technically-fifth-period was study hall with the Estufa. It was a long class, so we all wanted to watch a movie when I noticed that Spice World was still in my backpack. I was all, "Hey, let's watch it." So, we did. It is still as stupid-funny as I remember it. We fast forwarded through the naked men parts, though. For Estufa's sake.

In art, we took part one of our semester exam. So long, but kinda fun. It involved cutting, pasting, scratching and drawing demented hands. At the end of the period, a mini conversation with Jenny hit Kellinka's funny bone.

Jenny: Hey, Pencil Case! You forgot your pencil!
Me as I am leaving: No, that's okay. You can keep it.

I don't know why, but Kellinka busted a gut over that.

During lunch, I chatted with the seniors for the last time, but ended up settling for FB standing on top of Schott. It was rather creepy.

Algebra was long and CC was in a bad mood. Enough said for that class...Until the bell rang. Because of senior privilege, seniors don't have an eighth hour, so after algebra for me, they were done. This involved lot's of screaming, car horns and flying papers. In other words, a very fun ten minute passing time.

In science, we did static electricity things like a group shock. My elbows still hurt.

Graduation is tomorrow! I am going with Kellinka and then to the new Star Wars with Paul and Steffy afterwards. So excited!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Today was much better for the student body, I feel. I believe the majority of us have gotten over the depressed stage, and we are starting to realize that the girls were a great influence on us and we are showing that. So far we have the scholarship in their name and the pink and blue memorial ribbons everyone was wearing today. I miss them so much, but I am happy they are loved and remembered.

I got into school this morning, and there was a sign on my locker that had a picture of Supermodel and a lovely note from Kayleigh on it. It is so sad that she graduating in a few days. The sign was an inside joke, by the way. I love it.

So, French. Today was quite calm, oddly. Probably because Madame forced me to be quiet. Kayleigh is the only senior in the class and she had to take the exam today. After she was done, I was talking to her on account of that this is her last day for French. Madame thought I was talking out of turn, when it was all Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Yeah, pretty sure that the exam was really hard.
Me: Oh, that sucks, I have to take it next week.
Madame: Pencil Case! No talking!
[I go back to doing my work. A few minutes later, Kayleigh talks to me again]
Kayleigh: I love my iPod.
Me: [Nods head]
Madame: Pencil Case! I said no talking!
Me: Madame! I did no talking!
Madame: You are still talking...
Me: What?!
Madame: To me.
Me: Yeah, well...
Madame: [Mocking me] Yeah, well![/mocking me] Do your work.
Kayleigh: Haha...I got you in trouble.
Me: [Under my breath] Shut it.
Madame: Pencil Case! Enough!

In English, we watched a ghetto 1960's movie version of Romeo+Juliet. In the film there was, as Brownie puts it, a boob roll. Great fun.

On the bus ride home, Erik and I were talking about how he memorized his mom's library card number. I told him to memorize my library card number, and I whipped out my card. He read it once and had it down. I called him the next "Rainman," no matter how gay people think he is.

Youth group tonight! Yes!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Trying to move on.

I believe the title pretty self explanatory. Yes, this whole thing is sad and, yes, it has brought us a lot closer together as a student body. I hugged Worst Enemy and we exchanged apologies. It was those kind of things that kept everyone moving yesterday. I believe I am to another stage of grieving, though, one that is remembering the good times and not focusing on the death. I have been trying to cheer people up. It hasn't worked 100%. Whatever, though. I just hope nothing like this happens ever again at NDA.

So, today in French, Paul and I had random DVD's in our backpacks. They were ones that we personally enjoyed. In fact, we might be the only people that enjoy them. We tried to get Madame to pick the one she liked best.

Paul: Madame! Me and Pencil Case have a question for you!
Me: Yeah! (Lays two DVD's in front of Madame) What one do you like best?
Madame: (Looking at the titles Thumbtanic [a Titanic parody made with thumbs] and Spice World) Boys, neither of them are good. Sorry to break it to you.
Paul: But if you had to pick.
Madame: Kids, you are not getting it. I am getting dumber just by looking at them. Now, go do your work.

We have plotted to put Spice World on in the room on Friday morning before Madame comes in.

After a much dragging Theology class, all of the freshmen went to the old gym for student government nominee speeches. Somehow, I was nominated for next years sophomore class advocate. I didn't win. Congrats, Ariel and Candy!

Today was the last study hall with Kara. Because she is a senior, she get to leave a week earlier then the rest of us. Dayum. I will miss that injun wench.

In Art, Pam left early, so Kellinka and I had a very silly conversation.

Me: What should the background for my self portrait be?
Kellinka: I don't know.
Me: I know! I am going to put sports stuff! Like basketballs and baseball bats!
Kellinka: [Laughter due to the fact that I am the least sports coordinated guy ever] Yeah, you go on and do that...
Me: [Faking to be pissed off] Yeah, well, I know what your background should be!
Kellinka: What?
Me: Naughty words like "sassy," "XXX" and "vixen."
Kellinka: Vixen?
Me: Yes. Vixen.
::Five minutes later::
Me: [Steals Kellinka's self portrait]
Kellinka: Hey!
Me: [Writes "sassy," "XXX," "vixen" and a new horrible adjective, "ho bag dick face."]
Kellinka: Tisk. Do you have an eraser?
Me: [Steals eraser from April] Yes.
Kellinka: [Erases all of the adjectives except "sassy."] Sassy can stay.

I also called Artsie Tartsie by her initials.

Tonight, I am going to Noodles and Barnes & Noble with Mother. Great fun!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Life, as we know it.

Life is a funny thing.

So many twists and turns.





Life is a funny thing.

Tonight I got the news that two of my dear friends were killed in a fatal car crash. Missy and Emily. It is very sad, yet I can't even cry. I am just shaking. Missy gave me a hug everyday before history, she bought me lunch last week and she ran through my lines with me before every performance of big, the musical. I should try to get some sleep, for tomorrow is going to be a horrible day at school.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Les Gagnants.

Les gagnants. Yes. The winners.

Well, it was a good thought anyway. You see, last Friday, during the all school De La Baie Fest, I partook in a three-on-three basketball tournament. Yes, I was thinking the same thing, "What the hell? Pencil Case...Playing sports?!" It was a spur of the moment thing, actually. Kellinka, Kelsey and myself entered quite stupidly.

[In French class three days before De La Baie Fest]

Kellinka: [Reading the announcements to the class] Attention: All students! There is one more spot open for the three-on-three basketball tournament to take place during De La Baie Fest. Contact Mr. Havlicheck for details...
Me: [Interrupts and slams hand on the desk and states with sarcastic enthusiasm] We should make a teem! It shall be a French team!
Madame: Yes! Pencil Case! Go, go, go! Mr. Havlicheck's room is right next door!
Me: Madame, [blushes] I was kidding.
Madame: Still, you should make a team.
Me: Are you serious?
Madame: Yes!
Me: Fine! [Looks toward class] Who shall join me?!
Kellinka: I will, I guess.
Me: Good! Now that we have Kellinka and I, we need someone, you know, good.
Madame: Come on, kids. Who is good?
Me: Kelsey is!
Madame: Great! Kelsey, join them, will ya?
Kelsey: [Sinks low in chair] I don't wanna...
Madame: Oh, come on!
Kelsey: Fine.

Next thing you know, we are set to play. The three days before the big game were a few of the worst ever. I was so scared! I became even more scared when I found out that the people we were playing were seniors and that Kellinka and Kelsey were the only girls in the whole tournament. We even came up with a plan. Give the ball to Kelsey.

Well, Friday finally came, and so did the game. It took some guts and a crowd of fans, but I played my best. In fact, I was the only one on my team to make a basket. We lost 1-25 in fifteen minutes. Pathetic, I know, but you have to remember, it is me we are talking about.

I am going to skip the details of the weekend, and skip to today. In World History, Casey made another funny. Well, I made Anna Valeska an origami crane and when Casey saw it, he wanted to make one, too! He made on, alright. He took a strip of paper, and folded it randomly, then lastly, he bobbed it up and down to create a "flapping" motion. Soooo funny.

Well, I guess that is all for now, not much, I know, but I promise to be back soon!

Oh, yeah! Daf and I planned or tickets and trip to Colorado today! Yesssssssss. Less that twenty days now!

Monday, May 02, 2005

"Did you know that person?" "No."

Sammy is a super fun senior to hang with while ditching Estufa's Study Hall. We talked for a bit in Student Services, but then that damn bell rang, and she had to go to lunch and I was forced back to Estufa. I walked with her, though, to the commons. Oh, geez. On the way...

Me: Oh, god. I better get back to Estufa before she has a coniption.
Sammy: What did you say?
Me: Estufa is going to have a coniption?
Sammy: [Laughs] That is why you are my favorite freshman.

Me: Want me to scare someone?
Sammy: Sure...
Me: Okay! [Finds random girl in busy hall and jumps in front of her and does "Booga-booga!" noises in her face]
Random Girl: Oh, my god.
Sammy: [Laughing to the point of no breath] That was the funniest thing I've seen all day! Seriously! [More harsh laughter as she heads for the commons, and I head for Estufa]

Today, in French, Madame was telling us some kind of divorce/affair/acquaintances story. I don't know. She is weird like that. Tomorrow in Theology, my group has to present the video we made. It is actually funny.

During lunch, nothing happened. During Algebra, boring. Science, so boring I almost forgot how bored I actually was.

I am now memorizing my French dialogue and listening to Rockapella.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

I haven't blogged in quite some time. For me, anyway. I will just provide y'all with the bare bones details of the past week.

Thursday: Rockapella was so totally amazing! They are my new favorite group. I went with Sockittoya, Emily and a few seniors. They are crazy good! Sockittoya was convinced that the beat-box guy was seizuring the whole time. The best part for me was the fact that they did the theme song for the mid 90s program, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I hardly even remember watching it. All I remember was the theme song and that every once in a while, a group of children would run across the screen randomly. All in all, I was happy that they sang the song.

Friday: I hung out at Sockittoya's house with Kara, Emmy and, of course, Sockittoya. We gossiped and talked about how Estufa laughs after everything she says.

Me: Isn't it weird that Estufa laughs after everything she says?
Kara: Yeah! It is so funny. She will say, "Hey, Kara. Open that window." and then laugh for a few seconds.
Me: Kara, she never tells you to do anything. And she always laughs after she tries to insult me like, "Pencil Case, I am sure that Kara wants to transfer out of this study hall because you take her away from her homework."
Kara: Yeah, I guess you are right.

By the way, Estufa is really freaked out about this blog still. Pray for the anti-Easter Bunny.

Saturday: I went to Kellinka's house after going to Noodles & Co. and buying The Mole: Season One.

Today: Had a lazy day with Mother. Watched The Mole. Went online. Viewed the new episode of Family Guy. Life is good.

Throughout the whole entire weekend, I sang/listened to the Carmen Sandiego theme about 37 times. That bitch steals everything and goes everywhere.

PS - Anna Valeska, I miss Colorado now. Thanks a lot! Just playin'! Nope, I'm still not ghetto...

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