Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Volume Two: Part Un of Three.

Yes, it is exam time again at NDA.

First Period - French: I was sort of lucky to have French before two dreaded exams. This one wasn't that bad. I finished fairly quick. Not as quick as Kellinka, but we won't even go into the Super Brain Child category. After the exam, Madame summoned Kellinka and I to create the text book checklist. The text book checklist is a list of the text books from all six classes stating what shape they are in and who had them. Kellinka got to check ours.

Kellinka: I got to check ours! For "condition," I said mine was "fabulous."
Me: What did you put for mine?
Kellinka: Um..."Very good," I think.

It looks as if she doesn't care for mine as much. That is sad. Anyway , there was a creepy looking girl on the cover of one book that scared Kellinka. Karma, Kellinka. What goes around comes around.

Seventh Period - Algebra: This class started off with a few bad feet. I went to the wrong class which resulted in almost being tardy, and I lost my optional cheat sheet. I don't even want to talk about this period, it was so depressing. I left so many blank on the forty question exam. The only good part is that Algebra is over with for the year.

Eighth Period - Physical Science: Soooooo easy. I think I aced this exam. I feel so good about it! Not to gloat, or anything, but I for once feel like the Super Brain Child. Afterwards, I listened to Podington and read Me Talk Pretty One Day. No, I still haven't finished it. I just never have time.

The bus ride home was alright. CLLBD flipped of a soccer mom in an SUV because she swears she "had the yield." Wow. I wanted to say, "go eat some lasagna!"

Church tonight! Yesssssssss.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

That girl WAS scary.


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