Friday, May 27, 2005

Exams. I hate exams.: Volume Two: Part Trois of Three.

School is done! NDA is out for the summer! And you know what that means! I am off to COLORADO! W00t! But, first, exams... Ugh.

Second Period - Freshman Theology: Oh, Frater. Why must you torment me with hours of study time only to take a test that is super duper easy? But seriously, that was one of the easiest exams I have ever taken. Case closed! Until August, at least.

Fourth Period - World History: Oh em ef gee. Hardest test ever. I had a little help from MacKenzie's notecard and Tricia before, though, so that helped. Um, not much else to say but that, you know, SCHOOL IS OVER!

Yes, I am outta there! After school, Kara didn't pick Daf and I up for doughnuts like she was supposed to, so we went to the mall by way of an angry Mother. We went to Hot Topic and bugged Rebecca who wouldn't give Daf a military discount. The funny part is that Daf really does have the right to a military discount. Her mom is a Sr. Master sergeant in the Air Force. We finally gout our way... Thirty cents off of a tube of lip gloss. We then went to B&N and had two coffees each. And I do believe that I met the infamous "cute cafè boy" that Kellinka and Sockittoya always rant about. Mother came to pick us up and we went to Noodles for a farewell meal. For Daf and I, that is.

I got home to three messages on my answering machine. Two from relatives and one from Sammy and Jenny. Sammy called back later and said that she was watching "The Real Thing," my favorite big, the musical song, on the school recorded DVD, and she was thinking of me. Awwwww. I am going to miss that girl.

Well, I leave tomorrow morning at ten, so I better get my ass to bed. Next time I post, I will be in the Pikes Peak area.

PS - Re: All my friends: I will miss you all very much, and I will meet up with y'all in August!


At 9:41 PM, Blogger sacrlett o'hara said...

hey i know who kellinka and sockittoya are talking about at the bookstore. he is really cute. have fun in colorado and look up my blog sometime. what are the names of kellinka's and sockittoya's blogs.


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