Monday, July 25, 2005

This is me taking a hint.


Yes, I in fact do realize that it has been almost a month since my last update. I am just really tied up with a lot of Colorado things such as work and family. However, on a lighter note, I am having loads of fun, as my English pen-pal would say (hi, Jessica.) I really can't complain about the time I am having here. I just can't believe how fast it has gone. Eight days left. Damn. And the sucky part is that I don't get to come back for eight months. That is way too long to not see the family here. I might try to talk Mother into letting me come out here for the Christmas break. I hope she lets me. Okay, this topic is bumming me out, so I need to lay off it.

I have chosen my Swing Choir and Musical try out songs. "Run, Freedom, Run!" from Urinetown for Swing Choir and "Dancing Through Life" from Wicked for the musical. Yes, I do despise Wicked, but it is a good song. I was talking to Ethan yesterday and we were trying to imagine how horrid it would be for NDA to choose Seussical next year. We couldn't. But talking about that got us to thinking about how much more terrible it will be in about ten years when we finally get the rights to perform Wicked. We have no lives, but we do have opinions for musicals.

I talk on AIM pretty much every night now until about 1:30am Mountain Time. This is preventing me from sleeping a whole lot and wracking my nerves from all the damn Adware and Spyware I am getting. My screen name is FrenchPencilCase for those who are in need of an (un)intelligent conversation.

Tomorrow is my last day of work at the good old Dulcimer Shop. 9am-1pm. My new icon is three dulcimers, for those who wanted to know what a dulcimer is. Oddly, though, most people that come into the shop and ask what a dulcimer is can't even pronounce it. "Hey, you, what is a duck-climber?" or "dulkamars are fun! My great uncle seven times removed has one that I played when I was four." Then they will go on to say that they have heard of one from a distant relative or that they themselves have/had one that just ended up on their living room wall. And the even better part... 90% of the lack of knowledge comes from Texans. Oui, I loooove it.

Right now, I am in the library where a few high school boys from the Summit are reading Dr. Seuss aloud. Carazy. The Summit is a Christian group that hales in Manitou which invites students from all over the country to learn about God an stuff. I am afraid of them.

So that wraps up my July thus far. I will leave y'all with a quote from my favorite restaurant, The Townhouse.

Paula (customer): Hey, Sandy! What's up?
Sandy (waitress): Not much.
Paula: What are you up to the rest of the day?
Sandy: Okay, I am not beating around the bush anymore! I want money!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Kellinka is a ho bag dick face... Along with Artsie Tartsie.

Yes, this title describes the amount of emotions I have inside of me seeing as how I am really starting to miss my friends. You see, to an untrained eye, this title is very mean and hateful, but to people like Kellinka, it makes more sense than jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. That is saying a lot.

Summer is going okay, I have a job. The Dulcimer Shop is my new work place. I get over $300 a paycheck, so I really can't complain. I usually blow it fast, though, because I go to ExpressMen, Gap and Banana Republic. So fun.

Oh, I lost ten pounds. Very happy that makes me. I am doing 100+ sit-ups every night before bed and I don't snack between meals anymore, so I guess that helps. Sockittoya, I hope you are proud. But, seriously, I need to loose a few.

The 4th of July is coming up fast and, guess what?! I have to work, dammit. Uggh. I want to quit, but I need the dough.

Well, that about wraps up my bi-weekly post thus far. Peace to Daf, Kellinka, Seamstress, Sockittoya and whomever else reads this stuff.

Pencil Case out.

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