Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Five doughnuts.

This morning was an oddity, to say the least.

English was no cupcake today. We had a quiz that I ended up failing because I didn't take notes on something that I didn't even know we had to take notes on. That was a joy. I think Brigid was mad, too.

Brigid: Life's a bitch. but so am I.

We got Krispy Kremes, though, because we have a lot of money raised for Service Day. I think. They brought down four dozen and one gallon of orange juice. Yes, one gallon for thirty kids.

Me: Mark, how many doughnuts have you had?
Mark: Five.
Brigid, with her mouth open in awe: Five, Mark? Five?!

History was just more of Diana being a babystabber, or something.

Me: Mr. Schultz, remember when Diana was talking about babies being stabbed?
Mr. Schultz: Yeah. Is she doing it again?
Me: Yes. She is talking about babysitters being tripped up on LSD and roasting the baby thinking it was a turkey.
Diana: I am not!
Mr. Schultz: Oooookay, Diana... Whaaaaaatever you say...
Mr. Schultz: ... the polar ice caps are melting.
Me: It is because of Diana.
Mr. Schultz: I know! She needs to focus on history for once and stop roasting, boiling and stabbing babies!
Diana, in a mild, monotone voice: What did I do [to deserve this]? Seriously.
Me: [Laughter]

And somehow, we got to talking about Mrs. Brown.

Brigid: If you misquote Mrs. Brown, she will eat your breakfast.
Me: She will eat your breakfast?
Brigid: She will eat you for breakfast.
Diana: No, Brigid... You said "she will eat your breakfast."

Diana: Novada is all desert.
Me: You mean, "Nevada?"
Diana: That is what I said... I am not retarded.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The past few days.

Mrs. Mellberg: You know, class, men are retarded.

Mrs. Brown, to me: Pencil Case! Did you try to loose weight, or did you just... Loose it?

Jacob: Ben, what is Kosher?
Ben: Stuff made with animal fat and other weird stuff... Like the Jello you just ate... I can't eat that.
Sarah: Wait! You mean that I am not supposed to eat the Jello like I just did?!
Ben: You don't have to, but you aren't Jewish, so you can eat it.
Sarah: Oh, God! You scared me!

Mrs. Mellberg: If you don't buddy up, you're gonna get raped!

Diana: Some lady ran her sixteen month old baby over.
Me: Do you remember when you told us about that baby being stabbed in New York?
Diana: Yes, I do. I guess I am just the bearer of dead baby news.
[Mr. Schultz overhears]
Mr. Schultz, calling on Diana to answer a question: Yes, Babystabber?

Stephanie, looking at an apple Taylor has written on with pen: Taylor, I dare you to eat that apple now that you wrote on it.
Taylor: Okay! [Eats apple] Oh my God! This is nasty! I can taste the ink! It tastes like pen! I am going to be ink poisoned! [Takes another bite] Ahhh! I can feel it eating my enamel off!
Me, as a joke to the gullible Taylor: You know, ink spreads fast and carries diseases. By now, it is in your stomach and you are going to get really sick.
Taylor: [Gags] I can feel it already...

Ellen: Is it moral for a family to have a baby just to kill for it's bone marrow for an older, ill child?
Mr. Tumpane: Hm... I don't know. But I like how you are thinking. Deep.
Megan: That is Law and Order shit right there.

Joe: Paul, you need to loose weight.
Madame: Noooo! Joe! Why did you say that?! Now he is going to feel bad about himself. He is skin and bones!
Paul: Madame! Are you just going to sit there and make me take that?! He called me fat!

Me: Paul, are your underwear inside-out again, today?
Paul: Oh my God, no! Madame, did you hear about that?
Madame: Hear about what?
Paul: Yesterday, my underwear--
Madame, holding her ears: LALALA! Don't wanna hear it!

Brigid: My scarlet letter is "S" for slut!

You know, once in a while, I like quote posts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If you care to find Diana, look to the western sky.

Okay, so I don't usually update at night anymore because of play practice. You know, I have my obligations as a radio announcer. The fall play this year, though, feels different... I don't know, maybe because I have a small role or maybe because it just started. Whatever it is, though, it doesn't feel like last year.. Yet.

So, this morning, I got into English and was scooted out back into the hall again to make up a quiz I missed to weeks ago. It really depressed me because all of the things I was quizzed on I had long since forgot. While I was in the hall, the morning announcements came on the speakers and TS announced that this year's musical is going to be Into The Woods. I am pretty pumped about this, and so is Kristen, apparently.

When I got back into the room after my quiz, the class was still talking about The Scarlet Letter because we had just finished the book. The final test on it is tomorrow... Ugh.

Mrs. Mellberg: Hester has a daughter for a reason... She sees herself in her. If she were to have a son, she would dress him in red and he would look like a little fairy.

Somehow, we got onto the topic of the... Weather?

Mrs. Mellberg: The weatherman said it was going to be 85 degrees today.
The class: Yay!
Mrs. Mellberg: Why are you so excited? Do you like to dance in the sun?

I heart English.

Also, this morning, Diana came into school wearing pointy shoes and argile socks. Brigid and I thought instantly that she looked like Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west. So, in our first two classes, we told her how we felt.

Me: Diana, you look like the wicked witch of the west.
Brigid: Yeah, can we call you Elphaba?
Diana: Why do I have to be wicked?! I want to be the good one from the north! I want to be northern!
Brigid and I: You can't. You are evil.
Diana: Yeah, I guess you are right. I don't want to be northern. I don't want to be a fish.

Me: Hey, Brigid! If you care to find Diana, do you know where to look?
Brigid: The western sky?
Me: Yep!

Brigid: Diana. I am going to make you popular.
Me: She will! She is going to make you popular!
Brigid: You will be good at sports, you will know the slang you have to know!
Me: But, um, Diana? You have got a loooong way to go.
Diana: Niiiice, guys.

We then see that Jenny is laying on her desk.

Brigid: Jenny? Did Diana hurt you?
Me: Did she look at you and make you faint or die
Diana: I fed her a poison apple.
Me: Diana, that is Snow White. Stop making words.
Jenny, instantly becoming "alive" and singing: Popular! Diana is gonna be popular!
Diana, fake crying and half annoyed: You guys, stop!
Me: Sorry, Diana. No one mourns the wicked.
Brigid: Yeah, be happy. This is your day in the Emerald City!

Oh, I love school.

Talk to you later.

Monday, September 19, 2005

BFF Necklaces

Okay, then. This weekend was pretty much the highlight of my life.

On Friday night, I went to the football game and hung out with Ashley, Sara, Ethan and Joe. A quick lowdown of what went on is that Ashley was cold and Joe wouldn't give her blanket back... Yes... You can pretty much tell how that night was, but if you can't, it is because I am too confusing and I am going to move on now...


On Saturday, I went to set construction and witnessed not one, but two nails going into hands. Oh, and Marissa is the middle child. She is the Jan Brady.

[During set construction break for lunch]
Bond: Marissa, I can't fit you into the car, but I can bring you back food. [Bond had three empty seats... But it would be illegal to drive her.]
Marissa: That sounds good I'll have [whatever she ordered].
[About 45 minutes later when we returned to school]
Bond, to me, quietly: Oh, shit. I forgot Marissa's food.
Marissa, running over to us: Okay, I am so glad you are back! I am starving!
Bond: Um, Marissa... We forgot your food.
Marissa: [Instant depressed look on her face as she walks away slowly]

Stary got much laughter out of this, though, when Marissa got a lemonade and Combos from the vending machine for lunch.

Stary, sarcastically: Wow, Marissa. Those look good. I am jealous.

[Marissa returns to the table from the bathroom]
Stary, whispering but so that Marissa can hear: Okay, guys... She is back. We have to stop talking about her now.

Oh, and by the way, Marissa was one of the nail-in-hand people.

After set construction, Abby and I went to get Daf and we went to the ghetto mall on the east side of town. We went to Claire's and bought a load of junk for five dollars.

Daf, to me while Abby is standing right there: Pencil Case! Look! BFF necklaces! we have to get them!
Me: Okay! Um... Abby. You can get some necklaces for you and your invisible friend...

Abby bought this weird purple hair band thing with fake purple pigtails and Daf and I bought matching, green sunglasses. Oh, fun times.

Jacob, seeing my sunglasses later that night: Pencil Case, those are the gayest things I have ever seen.

Anyways, later that night, I went to Sockittoya's house for a get together. It was grand... It involved the much loved "Would You Rather?" game and FOIL.

Katie: FOIL! Gross. First, outer, inner, last.

And whenever we mentioned a certain person's name, we counted to three and clapped... You know, in mockery of them.

Oh, and Kellinka fell off the couch.

On Sunday, I hung with Mary, and got a new sweater from Gap with all the money I got from turning my quarters into CoinStar. Yesssssss.

This morning has been very interesting, even though I am very tired.

Mrs. Mellberg: I have homeless people live with me all of the time. I actually have one right now... Don't even get me started.

Mrs. Mellberg: I need to get Fr. Gilsdorf to carve us a confession booth.

Mrs. Mellberg: I you want to carve a scar into yourself, a knife does the trick.

Mrs. Mellberg: If I were to show you my C-Section scar, I would get arrested.

Mrs. Mellberg: ...she almost died from childbirth 100 times. Well, six or seven.

Tricia: My sister's friend looks up gravestones all the time and tracks families back a lot of years.
Mrs. Mellberg: Um... That is a great story Tricia. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Mellberg: I am such a clingy mother... But they are my kids, dammit! Who else buys them shoes?!

Oh, English class.

Well, I better go. Talk to you later.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Don't be gross.

My big, the musical Revised CD and Wicked DVD came in the mail, today! You have no idea how happy I am. Can you guess?

That's right, really happy.

Well, the rest of the school day was pretty fun. During lunch, I heard that Victoria got a detention. I do believe that there was a mistake in this fact somewhere. You know, because Victoria DOESN'T GET IN TROUBLE. Oh, well.

Theology was, ohmigod, so funny. I tell you, that Taylor makes it fun. Yes, she does.

Taylor, seeing Stephanie write another note to her boyfriend: Stephanie, is that another note for [Stephanie's Boyfriend]?
Stephanie: Yes, it is.
Taylor, rather excited: Can I write a little note to him in the corner?! I swear I will be nice! All I am going to say is, "Hi [Stephanie's Boyfriend], I hope you have a grand day! Love, Taylor."
Stephanie: Okay, fine. [Gives Taylor the paper and pen]
Taylor: Okay! What should I write... [Talks what she is writing as she writes it] Hello... Fat ass.

I love that class... I always will. And, oddly, we learn in it, too. A lot.

In French, Mademoiselle took over again. I, according to Kellinka, mad the I-Am-Pissed-Off-So-I-Will-Grit-My-Teeth face. Oh, and, OOPS. J'ai oublie mes devoirs a l'ecole!

Comp Lit was messed.

Kid: Mrs. Nightvision! Someone pooped on my chair!
Mrs. Nightvision: Kid, don't be gross.

Mrs. Nightvision: Okay, if you want to bring in some music to play for the class, feel free! I don't like 50 Cent or other rap and hip music.
Mike: What do you like?
Mrs. Nightvision: Ummmm... Dave Matthews and Phish.
Mike, dramatically: Do you know what goes on at Phish concerts?
Mrs. Nightvision: No, I have never been to one.
Mike, in a dramatic, soft whisper voice: Drugs!

Mrs. Nightvision: What are you all doing over the weekend?
Emily and I: Going to a Phish concert.

I don't know what I am going to do second semester what I am out of that class. Oh, yes, I do. Sing to God?

We won the game tonight! 4-0!

Seamstress: Brooker probably looks at me now and says, "I should write her a referal, but she might send porn to my email address and get me fired."

Amen, brother!

I am in study hall once again. I had to touch up some details on a late Driver's Ed paper, nad because I had extra time, I was all, "You know what? It is a good day to blog."

Swing Choir last night was pretty fun. For warm-ups, we sang the National Anthem for the varsity boy's soccer game. We then went into the auditorium to dance to a new song. I swear, this is the easiest dance that we have done so far. I am actually good at it. TS then came, a little late due to her son's soccer game, and we sang more. We now have four songs. Yesssss.

After Swing Choir, I came home and read The Scarlet Letter. While reading, I had this strange vision of Kellinka as Hester Pryne. Don't ask.

This morning, I missed the government meeting that I promised Kellinka I would go to. I just totally spaced out. I feel really bad, because I really badly wanted to tell the board what I thought of the dress code... Just kidding. But I am sorry I missed it. Next time?

English was crazy, as usual.

Mrs. Mellberg, after the prayer in a very "black" voice: Amen, brother!

Mrs. Mellberg, reading the morning announcements: Attention, NDA Bowling Club! We are open to new members, so if you are interested in blowing--
Class: [Laughter]

The rest of class was pretty much Diana and I telling Anna to focus after we were talking.

History was pretty boring, today. We learned a lot, like Teen Court and not being allowed to shot a wolf, but, I don't know, it was just boring.

And that leaves us here, in the library, for study hall. Wish me a happy rest of the day and I might just blog again later!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

525,600 Minutes

So, I am kind of depressed right now for reason which I am unaware of. It all comes with being a teen, I guess. And the fact that my damn musical package didn't come in the mail yet. But that isn't the only reason. It can't be. It isn't big enough. I think another reason is that I really wanted make the play. I know I said that I understood why they casted it like they did, but I really wanted to see my name on the list and not next to the word "understudy". I just have to, once again, settle on the fact that I didn't fit into a roll. Le sigh. There is always the musical and next year to look forward to.

I am listening to the song 'Seasons of Love' from the Broadway show, RENT. It is a group ballad about how fast a year goes by. 525,600 minutes. I mean, it seems just like yesterday I was a Freshman looking for my locker and meeting all my friends for the first time. And there you have it. A year. 525,600 minutes. Life is too short to complain about little things.

Sorry for those random emo paragraphs. I just needed to "emo vent."

The rest of today was pretty good. I got a B on my Algebra test. That excites me. In Biology, we played a review game for the test tomorrow. We were in five teams of about five people. Abigail was in mine, and whenever she got a question wrong, which was once, I would tell her that she doesn't deserve to be on our team... In a joking way. I am not that mean. The irony, though, is that I got one wrong after I used a lifeline. Oh, me. During the game, Lid decided to be smart about Jewish people.

Ben (a new, very nice, student that happens to be Jewish): ... I am Jewish.
Lid: Omigod! Do you know Abigail?! She is Jewish!
Ben: Yes, I am aware of this.

Lid: Ben, have you ever read the book, The Chosen?
Ben: Yes. That is an awesome book.
Lid: I read it, too! That's why I know all about being Jewish.
Ben: [Laughs under his breath]

Theology was fun, as always. You know... With Taylor.

Taylor, out of nowhere: Seriously, ugliest think I have ever seen!
Diana and I: What?
Taylor: Bill Clinton.

We had then proceeded to say a prayer when Taylor called it upon herself to add an after comment.

Class: ... Amen.
Taylor, quietly, to Stephanie: And for all those who have boyfriends that own them. We pray.

That class is the best ever.

In French, Mademoiselle Murray taught the class. A grammar lesson, to be exact.

Mademoiselle: Now, Jill, can you please read me your sandwiches?
Class: [Laughter]
Mademoiselle: What? Oh, gosh. I said 'sandwiches.' I meant 'sentences!'

Mademoiselle: Kellinka, read your sand-- Omigod! I was going to say it again!

Maggie: Paul told me that "bark bark" in French was "garf garf."
Madame, from across the room: It is not "barf barf!"

Oh, Russians.

Seamstress: I hate how, in choir, we only sing for ten minutes because TS talks the rest of the time. I mean, "it's great that you have eight siblings, but can we, like, sing now?"

Me: I want [my crush] to like me.
Seamstress: I want [Seamstress's crush] to know who I am, and then like me.

Well, I guess I will catch y'all later.

Pretty much the same post as yesterday, but with different words.

I am currently in study hall where I am currently blogging.

A thing I didn't get to yesterday was my routine afternoon. Theology, French and Comp Lit.

Theology is way better than it was last year. This year we actually get to discuss our opinions and talk about life goals rather than memorizing dates and names. Technically, my teacher is Mr. Winkler, but this semester, we have a student teacher, Mr. Tumpane. Mr. Tumpane is really good at teaching. I really enjoy his lessons and, quite frankly, I learn a lot. I sit next to a brigade of crazy people, though. Daf, Diana, Stephanie and Taylor. Oh, fun times.

Mr. Winkler: Because I was asked, I am going to tell you about my fantasy football roster.
Taylor: PlayStation! Woo, hoo!
Diana: It isn't PlayStation, Taylor... It is a game you play online by picking football players to be on your team to score points for various reasons.
Taylor: Mr. Winkler! Who did you pick as your coach?
Diana: They don't pick coaches, Taylor.
Taylor: Really? That's dumb. I would pick Vince Lombardi.
Diana: He is dead, Taylor.

Taylor, after seeing Stephanie writing a note: Why is that note so long? Is is for [Stephanie's boyfriend]?
Stephanie: Yes.
Taylor: Omigod. I am so disgusted right now. I could go into the bathroom and throw up my lunch.
Amber: I am coming, too!
Taylor, seriously: Okay.

Then we have French, which is bizarre as always. The past couple of days, we have been researching in the computer lab for a project we are doing about artists.

Madame: You all better be quiet or I'll give you a demention!
Kellinka: Demention, Madame?
Madame: Oh, I am dummy. I mixed "detention" and "demerit."

Yes, you heard right. Madame forgets her articles.

Madame: Okay, class, we will pick names out of hat.

Then she had to comment on my dressing style.

Madame: Pencil Case, you are dressing pretty schnazzy lately. Who have you been shopping with?
Kellinka, whispering: Paul.
Madame: Paul is faaaaaaaabulous!

Yes, Paul is fabulous.

Speaking of Paul... We had a nice little discussion about chocolate, vanilla and twist with Molly and Joe. Gross.

Now it is my time to tell you about Comp Lit. Oh, dear. You see, Comp Lit is a class that you have to take in order to graduate. It "teaches" you the basic skills of computer literacy. I have it the eighth, and last, hour of the day with Kellinka.

The other day, Mrs. Pease was taking little groups of the class to the back of the room and showing them the inside of a personal computer.

Mrs. Pease, holding a hard drive: Then you take this little baby and stick it right in here.
Tyler: That's a nice baby.

Mrs. Pease, holding a rather large floppy disc: This is a very old floppy disc.
Tyler: We had those at my old school.
Mrs. Pease: You're right, it is old school.

She then went on to sing the word "motherboard" about twenty-seven times.

My Study hall is almost over, so I think I am going to wrap this post up... I will either post later today or tomorrow! Thank you (Kellinka) for reading!

PS - Swing choir practice tonight!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh, my. Don't you just love when I update?

Okay, so, I have been really busy lately. Hence, no blogging. I will start to do it regularly now, though. I proooomise. This post, however, will just recap some important moments in the past two weeks.

Swing Choir tryouts were awesome. Everyone did an amazing job, but only a few got in. It is sad and unfair to a point, but, hey, as long as you know you are good and fabulous, you are ahead of the pack. I made it, but a lot of my dear friends did not. You all are grand! Better luck next year and/or musical tryouts!

Fall Play is kinda alright, I guess... Tryouts were hardly tryouts because no one really had time to prepare, but Senora G did the best she could and that is all that matters. I didn't make a role, but I did make the male understudy, which is way better than nothing. I was disappointed at first, but Kayleigh put it into perspective for me by saying that when you have an audition, you put yourself out there as an actor... Not for the role. If you don't make a role in a production, it wouldn't be because your acting ability is bad, but because you just didn;t fit the role. When she said that to me, I realized that the people that did make it deserved it. Congrats to you all... I hope this will be a grand experience for you while Ellen, my understudy buddy, and I watch on the side to make sure y'all do your jobs!

School is pretty good. A lot of sickness is being spread, though. According to Ethan, I had the Avian Flu. Oh, great. My beak is infected. Okay, then. My classes are going fine. Theology and French tend to be my favorites. English is pretty crazy, too. You gotta love the Mellberg!

Mrs. Mellberg: It is my mother's birthday today.
Reed: Let's all call her up and sing to her!
Mrs. Mellberg: Do you know the phone number to heaven?!

Oh, yes. I ♥ Honors English. We are currently reading The Scarlet Letter. It is actually pretty good.

Mrs. Mellberg: If my husband ever cheated on me, boy, would I be mad as ever! He would know to run, but I would say, "Don't even try to run because I will catch you!"

Mrs. Mellberg: Now, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale became -- And I won't say shacking up -- Roommates.

Mrs. Mellberg: My back hurts. I forgot my pain medication at home. [Sits in a student's desk] Wow, are these made for midgets?

Abigail and Biology are crazy, too.

Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! If you loose white blood cells, you don't get them back, right?
Kid: Sherm, you can get white blood --
Sherm, interrupting: I mean brain cells!
Kid: Well, you loose those.
Sherm, a few seconds later: That kinda sucks. [Laughter]

Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! How many brain cells do you have?
Mrs. Mayer: Millions.
Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! Do you loose any when you hit your head?
Mrs. Mayer: I am sure a hard blow will knock out a couple hundred.
Sherm: So, shaking your head won't kill any?
Mrs. Mayer: No, Sherm. That is what protective fluid is for.
Sherm, shaking his head: Wow.

Mrs. Mayer, trying to get a projector to work: I am a biology major, but I had to take three years of chemistry. That just goes to show how much chemistry has to do with life. [The projector still doesn't work] What?! Why is the projector not working?!
Sherm: You didn't major in computers, did you?

Abigail, later: I swear. Sherm is borderline disrespectful.

Abigail, about something totally not about Sherm: I hate how nobody is naming their kids nice names like Douglas anymore. Instead, they go for stupid, popular names, like Ross.
Vix: [Laughter]

Sherm: What does CSI mean?
Abigail, loudly and sort of mean: Crime scene investigation!
Sherm: Wait, what?

Well, I think I am going to hit the hay now, but come tomorrow, I have a lot more quotes and stories for you!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OMG, A BUNNY!!!11!1


What a long and mildly entertaining weekend.

On Saturday, I was less sick and I was bored out of my mind, so I got in contact with Kellinka who, was also bored. We decided that the only way to solve ths boredom, I would just have to go over to her house. Upon arival, her mother made some... Um... Good cheese fingers (sticks) and little pizza bites that Ricky had a field day with.

Oh! A little off topic, but for all those calender obsessive freaks out there, it is Mrs. Herson's birthday! I am one of the few that actually knows how old she is, but I can't tell you... Unless you make me a deal... Haha! Kellinka will never know...

That night, we looked at the yearbook and its special and pictures. Oh, locker signs.

Seamstress then arrived and while she was there, we lookd at, you guessed it, more embarrasing photos... This time of Kellinka's family and our school president. Kellinka's dog was in this one picture, which I hope to post some day, that was uncontrolably hilarious. There was also another one in which Kellinka looks like Kurt Cobain. No lie. It has to be the deformed head.

On Sunday, Kellinka, Seamstress and I hung out at B&N and read scary urban legend books.

[I just read a story on Disney's subliminal messages]
Me, reading: And in this one instance in The Little Mermaid...
Kellinka: Hahahaha!
Me: Omigod, what?
Kellinka: [Says nothing]

You can only imagine how fun it was. Kellinka later left and Chels and I walked to McDonalds and found not one, but two condom boxes. The sick part was that we checked to see if they were empty. They were.

Seamstress: Who just throws sexual devices into the road? Who?!

That night I just kinda stayed home and slept.

That was my crazy weekend aside from Monday which was just spent movie watching with Mèrey.

Friday, September 02, 2005

School time, school time.

So, in other breaking news... I am sick. Don't you hate being sick? I sure do...

School today was kind of miserable because, you know, that whole sick thing and all. I left at lunch, though, wich was a good thing. When I was waiting in the atrium for mother to pick me up, Mrs. Campbell was manning the secretary's desk while she was out for lunch. Mrs. Campbell is Kellinka's hilarious history teacher who, according to Jacob, is Celine Dion's twin. So, naturally, we struck up a "decent" conversation while I was waiting.

Mrs. Campbell: So, how are you today?
Me: Good, good. Oh, hey, do you think I can transfer into your fourth hour history class?
Mrs. Campbell: Aw, man. I don't know. I think that class is full. I mean, I have thirty one kids in that class. That is bad.
Me: And how is that bad?
Mrs. Campbell: Desks... It is ALL about the desks.

Mrs. Brown, my former english teacher, then came up to me and "admired" my green triton shirt... That the whole school was wearing on account of that it was The Tee Spirit Day (The Tee, by the way, was the shirt I was wearing.) But, according to Mr. Brooker, it was Fightin' Triton Friday. Anyway, Mrs. Brown noticed my t-shirt and as she was doing that she was getting a t-shirt for a student who refused to wear one. I then told her that Jacob wasn't wearing one, either.

Mrs. Brown: Ohmigosh, Jacob isn't wearing the shirt?!
Me: Nope, I think you should tell him to wear one.
Mrs. Brown: I will, I will! [Grabs another shirt for Jacob]
Mrs. Campbell: Oh, and don't forget to tell him that Celine Dion said he needs to wear it.
Mrs. Brown, confused: Okay.

Mrs. Brown leaves and Mrs. Campbell and I talk some more until Mellberg (my english teacher) walks in, noticing that all of the soccer players that were leaving school early are now gone.

Mellberg: So, I see that all of the players are out of our hair.
Campbell: Yeah, I am happy. They started doing cartwheels in here and I told them to stop or else. And they were all, "or else what?"
Mellberg: Niiice.
Campbell: For sure, and you know, the last person that did a cartwheel in here was a dragon.
[Confused looks on all of our faces.]

Mellberg then left and Campbell and I were talking again.

Campbell: Do you think I do look like Celine Dion?
Me: Truthfully? Yes, a little.
Campbell: Seriously, why can't anyone ever tell me that I look like someone pretty like Jennifer Aniston or Gwen Paltrow? Instead, they tell me that I look like someone my husband says is ugly.
Me: Yes! That is it! You are a cross between Jennifer Aniston and Celine Dion!
Campbell: Really? [Fluffs hair.]
[We both see Mrs. Brown and Jacob talking about the shirt through the cafeteria window.]
Campbell: I bet he doesn't wear the shirt.
[Jacob enters the atrium, apparently with the knowledge that "Celine Dion" told him to wear the shirt.]
Jacob, with his head poked through the door singing in a very Celine voice: And my heart wil gooooooooo on! [Jacob then leaves]
Campbell: He is psycho. He is going to get beat up someday.

Mother then comes and Mrs. Campbell says goodbye and off I go. Mother thought that eating would help me, so I got some McDonalds and I did feel better. Because I felt better, I went and got my temps. Yesssss. But, what do you know, I get home and I am sick again. Ugh. And that leaves us here.

So, I guess I will be going. Pray for me to feel better.

PS - Seamstress is a great friend, and I appreciate her keeping me company while I am sick!

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