Thursday, September 15, 2005

525,600 Minutes

So, I am kind of depressed right now for reason which I am unaware of. It all comes with being a teen, I guess. And the fact that my damn musical package didn't come in the mail yet. But that isn't the only reason. It can't be. It isn't big enough. I think another reason is that I really wanted make the play. I know I said that I understood why they casted it like they did, but I really wanted to see my name on the list and not next to the word "understudy". I just have to, once again, settle on the fact that I didn't fit into a roll. Le sigh. There is always the musical and next year to look forward to.

I am listening to the song 'Seasons of Love' from the Broadway show, RENT. It is a group ballad about how fast a year goes by. 525,600 minutes. I mean, it seems just like yesterday I was a Freshman looking for my locker and meeting all my friends for the first time. And there you have it. A year. 525,600 minutes. Life is too short to complain about little things.

Sorry for those random emo paragraphs. I just needed to "emo vent."

The rest of today was pretty good. I got a B on my Algebra test. That excites me. In Biology, we played a review game for the test tomorrow. We were in five teams of about five people. Abigail was in mine, and whenever she got a question wrong, which was once, I would tell her that she doesn't deserve to be on our team... In a joking way. I am not that mean. The irony, though, is that I got one wrong after I used a lifeline. Oh, me. During the game, Lid decided to be smart about Jewish people.

Ben (a new, very nice, student that happens to be Jewish): ... I am Jewish.
Lid: Omigod! Do you know Abigail?! She is Jewish!
Ben: Yes, I am aware of this.

Lid: Ben, have you ever read the book, The Chosen?
Ben: Yes. That is an awesome book.
Lid: I read it, too! That's why I know all about being Jewish.
Ben: [Laughs under his breath]

Theology was fun, as always. You know... With Taylor.

Taylor, out of nowhere: Seriously, ugliest think I have ever seen!
Diana and I: What?
Taylor: Bill Clinton.

We had then proceeded to say a prayer when Taylor called it upon herself to add an after comment.

Class: ... Amen.
Taylor, quietly, to Stephanie: And for all those who have boyfriends that own them. We pray.

That class is the best ever.

In French, Mademoiselle Murray taught the class. A grammar lesson, to be exact.

Mademoiselle: Now, Jill, can you please read me your sandwiches?
Class: [Laughter]
Mademoiselle: What? Oh, gosh. I said 'sandwiches.' I meant 'sentences!'

Mademoiselle: Kellinka, read your sand-- Omigod! I was going to say it again!

Maggie: Paul told me that "bark bark" in French was "garf garf."
Madame, from across the room: It is not "barf barf!"

Oh, Russians.

Seamstress: I hate how, in choir, we only sing for ten minutes because TS talks the rest of the time. I mean, "it's great that you have eight siblings, but can we, like, sing now?"

Me: I want [my crush] to like me.
Seamstress: I want [Seamstress's crush] to know who I am, and then like me.

Well, I guess I will catch y'all later.


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

No, Madame said, "It was not BARF BARF!"

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Wolfae said...

Who's your crush Benji?

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's your crush Benji Weatherbee?!


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