Monday, September 19, 2005

BFF Necklaces

Okay, then. This weekend was pretty much the highlight of my life.

On Friday night, I went to the football game and hung out with Ashley, Sara, Ethan and Joe. A quick lowdown of what went on is that Ashley was cold and Joe wouldn't give her blanket back... Yes... You can pretty much tell how that night was, but if you can't, it is because I am too confusing and I am going to move on now...


On Saturday, I went to set construction and witnessed not one, but two nails going into hands. Oh, and Marissa is the middle child. She is the Jan Brady.

[During set construction break for lunch]
Bond: Marissa, I can't fit you into the car, but I can bring you back food. [Bond had three empty seats... But it would be illegal to drive her.]
Marissa: That sounds good I'll have [whatever she ordered].
[About 45 minutes later when we returned to school]
Bond, to me, quietly: Oh, shit. I forgot Marissa's food.
Marissa, running over to us: Okay, I am so glad you are back! I am starving!
Bond: Um, Marissa... We forgot your food.
Marissa: [Instant depressed look on her face as she walks away slowly]

Stary got much laughter out of this, though, when Marissa got a lemonade and Combos from the vending machine for lunch.

Stary, sarcastically: Wow, Marissa. Those look good. I am jealous.

[Marissa returns to the table from the bathroom]
Stary, whispering but so that Marissa can hear: Okay, guys... She is back. We have to stop talking about her now.

Oh, and by the way, Marissa was one of the nail-in-hand people.

After set construction, Abby and I went to get Daf and we went to the ghetto mall on the east side of town. We went to Claire's and bought a load of junk for five dollars.

Daf, to me while Abby is standing right there: Pencil Case! Look! BFF necklaces! we have to get them!
Me: Okay! Um... Abby. You can get some necklaces for you and your invisible friend...

Abby bought this weird purple hair band thing with fake purple pigtails and Daf and I bought matching, green sunglasses. Oh, fun times.

Jacob, seeing my sunglasses later that night: Pencil Case, those are the gayest things I have ever seen.

Anyways, later that night, I went to Sockittoya's house for a get together. It was grand... It involved the much loved "Would You Rather?" game and FOIL.

Katie: FOIL! Gross. First, outer, inner, last.

And whenever we mentioned a certain person's name, we counted to three and clapped... You know, in mockery of them.

Oh, and Kellinka fell off the couch.

On Sunday, I hung with Mary, and got a new sweater from Gap with all the money I got from turning my quarters into CoinStar. Yesssssss.

This morning has been very interesting, even though I am very tired.

Mrs. Mellberg: I have homeless people live with me all of the time. I actually have one right now... Don't even get me started.

Mrs. Mellberg: I need to get Fr. Gilsdorf to carve us a confession booth.

Mrs. Mellberg: I you want to carve a scar into yourself, a knife does the trick.

Mrs. Mellberg: If I were to show you my C-Section scar, I would get arrested.

Mrs. Mellberg: ...she almost died from childbirth 100 times. Well, six or seven.

Tricia: My sister's friend looks up gravestones all the time and tracks families back a lot of years.
Mrs. Mellberg: Um... That is a great story Tricia. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Mellberg: I am such a clingy mother... But they are my kids, dammit! Who else buys them shoes?!

Oh, English class.

Well, I better go. Talk to you later.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Oh, gosh. Saturday night was way too much fun. Pretty sure that I walk into history class and Jacob yells, "KELLIE! KELLIE! bsrsrdjjdlfkjlzip! dooodooodoobrsssippisdnip! FOIL!"

Yes. No one but Jacob, Erik, and I understood why we were laughing so hard.


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