Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Five doughnuts.

This morning was an oddity, to say the least.

English was no cupcake today. We had a quiz that I ended up failing because I didn't take notes on something that I didn't even know we had to take notes on. That was a joy. I think Brigid was mad, too.

Brigid: Life's a bitch. but so am I.

We got Krispy Kremes, though, because we have a lot of money raised for Service Day. I think. They brought down four dozen and one gallon of orange juice. Yes, one gallon for thirty kids.

Me: Mark, how many doughnuts have you had?
Mark: Five.
Brigid, with her mouth open in awe: Five, Mark? Five?!

History was just more of Diana being a babystabber, or something.

Me: Mr. Schultz, remember when Diana was talking about babies being stabbed?
Mr. Schultz: Yeah. Is she doing it again?
Me: Yes. She is talking about babysitters being tripped up on LSD and roasting the baby thinking it was a turkey.
Diana: I am not!
Mr. Schultz: Oooookay, Diana... Whaaaaaatever you say...
Mr. Schultz: ... the polar ice caps are melting.
Me: It is because of Diana.
Mr. Schultz: I know! She needs to focus on history for once and stop roasting, boiling and stabbing babies!
Diana, in a mild, monotone voice: What did I do [to deserve this]? Seriously.
Me: [Laughter]

And somehow, we got to talking about Mrs. Brown.

Brigid: If you misquote Mrs. Brown, she will eat your breakfast.
Me: She will eat your breakfast?
Brigid: She will eat you for breakfast.
Diana: No, Brigid... You said "she will eat your breakfast."

Diana: Novada is all desert.
Me: You mean, "Nevada?"
Diana: That is what I said... I am not retarded.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

HEY!! I have a teacher named Mr. shultz TOO!!!!

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Wolfae said...


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Lemming Chick said...

Uh oh!! Schvinky boy needs to update...


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