Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If you care to find Diana, look to the western sky.

Okay, so I don't usually update at night anymore because of play practice. You know, I have my obligations as a radio announcer. The fall play this year, though, feels different... I don't know, maybe because I have a small role or maybe because it just started. Whatever it is, though, it doesn't feel like last year.. Yet.

So, this morning, I got into English and was scooted out back into the hall again to make up a quiz I missed to weeks ago. It really depressed me because all of the things I was quizzed on I had long since forgot. While I was in the hall, the morning announcements came on the speakers and TS announced that this year's musical is going to be Into The Woods. I am pretty pumped about this, and so is Kristen, apparently.

When I got back into the room after my quiz, the class was still talking about The Scarlet Letter because we had just finished the book. The final test on it is tomorrow... Ugh.

Mrs. Mellberg: Hester has a daughter for a reason... She sees herself in her. If she were to have a son, she would dress him in red and he would look like a little fairy.

Somehow, we got onto the topic of the... Weather?

Mrs. Mellberg: The weatherman said it was going to be 85 degrees today.
The class: Yay!
Mrs. Mellberg: Why are you so excited? Do you like to dance in the sun?

I heart English.

Also, this morning, Diana came into school wearing pointy shoes and argile socks. Brigid and I thought instantly that she looked like Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west. So, in our first two classes, we told her how we felt.

Me: Diana, you look like the wicked witch of the west.
Brigid: Yeah, can we call you Elphaba?
Diana: Why do I have to be wicked?! I want to be the good one from the north! I want to be northern!
Brigid and I: You can't. You are evil.
Diana: Yeah, I guess you are right. I don't want to be northern. I don't want to be a fish.

Me: Hey, Brigid! If you care to find Diana, do you know where to look?
Brigid: The western sky?
Me: Yep!

Brigid: Diana. I am going to make you popular.
Me: She will! She is going to make you popular!
Brigid: You will be good at sports, you will know the slang you have to know!
Me: But, um, Diana? You have got a loooong way to go.
Diana: Niiiice, guys.

We then see that Jenny is laying on her desk.

Brigid: Jenny? Did Diana hurt you?
Me: Did she look at you and make you faint or die
Diana: I fed her a poison apple.
Me: Diana, that is Snow White. Stop making words.
Jenny, instantly becoming "alive" and singing: Popular! Diana is gonna be popular!
Diana, fake crying and half annoyed: You guys, stop!
Me: Sorry, Diana. No one mourns the wicked.
Brigid: Yeah, be happy. This is your day in the Emerald City!

Oh, I love school.

Talk to you later.


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