Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh, my. Don't you just love when I update?

Okay, so, I have been really busy lately. Hence, no blogging. I will start to do it regularly now, though. I proooomise. This post, however, will just recap some important moments in the past two weeks.

Swing Choir tryouts were awesome. Everyone did an amazing job, but only a few got in. It is sad and unfair to a point, but, hey, as long as you know you are good and fabulous, you are ahead of the pack. I made it, but a lot of my dear friends did not. You all are grand! Better luck next year and/or musical tryouts!

Fall Play is kinda alright, I guess... Tryouts were hardly tryouts because no one really had time to prepare, but Senora G did the best she could and that is all that matters. I didn't make a role, but I did make the male understudy, which is way better than nothing. I was disappointed at first, but Kayleigh put it into perspective for me by saying that when you have an audition, you put yourself out there as an actor... Not for the role. If you don't make a role in a production, it wouldn't be because your acting ability is bad, but because you just didn;t fit the role. When she said that to me, I realized that the people that did make it deserved it. Congrats to you all... I hope this will be a grand experience for you while Ellen, my understudy buddy, and I watch on the side to make sure y'all do your jobs!

School is pretty good. A lot of sickness is being spread, though. According to Ethan, I had the Avian Flu. Oh, great. My beak is infected. Okay, then. My classes are going fine. Theology and French tend to be my favorites. English is pretty crazy, too. You gotta love the Mellberg!

Mrs. Mellberg: It is my mother's birthday today.
Reed: Let's all call her up and sing to her!
Mrs. Mellberg: Do you know the phone number to heaven?!

Oh, yes. I ♥ Honors English. We are currently reading The Scarlet Letter. It is actually pretty good.

Mrs. Mellberg: If my husband ever cheated on me, boy, would I be mad as ever! He would know to run, but I would say, "Don't even try to run because I will catch you!"

Mrs. Mellberg: Now, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale became -- And I won't say shacking up -- Roommates.

Mrs. Mellberg: My back hurts. I forgot my pain medication at home. [Sits in a student's desk] Wow, are these made for midgets?

Abigail and Biology are crazy, too.

Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! If you loose white blood cells, you don't get them back, right?
Kid: Sherm, you can get white blood --
Sherm, interrupting: I mean brain cells!
Kid: Well, you loose those.
Sherm, a few seconds later: That kinda sucks. [Laughter]

Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! How many brain cells do you have?
Mrs. Mayer: Millions.
Sherm: Mrs. Mayer! Do you loose any when you hit your head?
Mrs. Mayer: I am sure a hard blow will knock out a couple hundred.
Sherm: So, shaking your head won't kill any?
Mrs. Mayer: No, Sherm. That is what protective fluid is for.
Sherm, shaking his head: Wow.

Mrs. Mayer, trying to get a projector to work: I am a biology major, but I had to take three years of chemistry. That just goes to show how much chemistry has to do with life. [The projector still doesn't work] What?! Why is the projector not working?!
Sherm: You didn't major in computers, did you?

Abigail, later: I swear. Sherm is borderline disrespectful.

Abigail, about something totally not about Sherm: I hate how nobody is naming their kids nice names like Douglas anymore. Instead, they go for stupid, popular names, like Ross.
Vix: [Laughter]

Sherm: What does CSI mean?
Abigail, loudly and sort of mean: Crime scene investigation!
Sherm: Wait, what?

Well, I think I am going to hit the hay now, but come tomorrow, I have a lot more quotes and stories for you!


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Mrs. Mellberg is probably one of the funniest people ever. Senora G is right, Roberta is HILARIOUS.

Oh I can't wait until your entry tomorrow. I'm so glad that you're updating again.


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