Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OMG, A BUNNY!!!11!1


What a long and mildly entertaining weekend.

On Saturday, I was less sick and I was bored out of my mind, so I got in contact with Kellinka who, was also bored. We decided that the only way to solve ths boredom, I would just have to go over to her house. Upon arival, her mother made some... Um... Good cheese fingers (sticks) and little pizza bites that Ricky had a field day with.

Oh! A little off topic, but for all those calender obsessive freaks out there, it is Mrs. Herson's birthday! I am one of the few that actually knows how old she is, but I can't tell you... Unless you make me a deal... Haha! Kellinka will never know...

That night, we looked at the yearbook and its special and pictures. Oh, locker signs.

Seamstress then arrived and while she was there, we lookd at, you guessed it, more embarrasing photos... This time of Kellinka's family and our school president. Kellinka's dog was in this one picture, which I hope to post some day, that was uncontrolably hilarious. There was also another one in which Kellinka looks like Kurt Cobain. No lie. It has to be the deformed head.

On Sunday, Kellinka, Seamstress and I hung out at B&N and read scary urban legend books.

[I just read a story on Disney's subliminal messages]
Me, reading: And in this one instance in The Little Mermaid...
Kellinka: Hahahaha!
Me: Omigod, what?
Kellinka: [Says nothing]

You can only imagine how fun it was. Kellinka later left and Chels and I walked to McDonalds and found not one, but two condom boxes. The sick part was that we checked to see if they were empty. They were.

Seamstress: Who just throws sexual devices into the road? Who?!

That night I just kinda stayed home and slept.

That was my crazy weekend aside from Monday which was just spent movie watching with Mèrey.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

"Sexual devices." OMG. Greatness.


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