Friday, September 02, 2005

School time, school time.

So, in other breaking news... I am sick. Don't you hate being sick? I sure do...

School today was kind of miserable because, you know, that whole sick thing and all. I left at lunch, though, wich was a good thing. When I was waiting in the atrium for mother to pick me up, Mrs. Campbell was manning the secretary's desk while she was out for lunch. Mrs. Campbell is Kellinka's hilarious history teacher who, according to Jacob, is Celine Dion's twin. So, naturally, we struck up a "decent" conversation while I was waiting.

Mrs. Campbell: So, how are you today?
Me: Good, good. Oh, hey, do you think I can transfer into your fourth hour history class?
Mrs. Campbell: Aw, man. I don't know. I think that class is full. I mean, I have thirty one kids in that class. That is bad.
Me: And how is that bad?
Mrs. Campbell: Desks... It is ALL about the desks.

Mrs. Brown, my former english teacher, then came up to me and "admired" my green triton shirt... That the whole school was wearing on account of that it was The Tee Spirit Day (The Tee, by the way, was the shirt I was wearing.) But, according to Mr. Brooker, it was Fightin' Triton Friday. Anyway, Mrs. Brown noticed my t-shirt and as she was doing that she was getting a t-shirt for a student who refused to wear one. I then told her that Jacob wasn't wearing one, either.

Mrs. Brown: Ohmigosh, Jacob isn't wearing the shirt?!
Me: Nope, I think you should tell him to wear one.
Mrs. Brown: I will, I will! [Grabs another shirt for Jacob]
Mrs. Campbell: Oh, and don't forget to tell him that Celine Dion said he needs to wear it.
Mrs. Brown, confused: Okay.

Mrs. Brown leaves and Mrs. Campbell and I talk some more until Mellberg (my english teacher) walks in, noticing that all of the soccer players that were leaving school early are now gone.

Mellberg: So, I see that all of the players are out of our hair.
Campbell: Yeah, I am happy. They started doing cartwheels in here and I told them to stop or else. And they were all, "or else what?"
Mellberg: Niiice.
Campbell: For sure, and you know, the last person that did a cartwheel in here was a dragon.
[Confused looks on all of our faces.]

Mellberg then left and Campbell and I were talking again.

Campbell: Do you think I do look like Celine Dion?
Me: Truthfully? Yes, a little.
Campbell: Seriously, why can't anyone ever tell me that I look like someone pretty like Jennifer Aniston or Gwen Paltrow? Instead, they tell me that I look like someone my husband says is ugly.
Me: Yes! That is it! You are a cross between Jennifer Aniston and Celine Dion!
Campbell: Really? [Fluffs hair.]
[We both see Mrs. Brown and Jacob talking about the shirt through the cafeteria window.]
Campbell: I bet he doesn't wear the shirt.
[Jacob enters the atrium, apparently with the knowledge that "Celine Dion" told him to wear the shirt.]
Jacob, with his head poked through the door singing in a very Celine voice: And my heart wil gooooooooo on! [Jacob then leaves]
Campbell: He is psycho. He is going to get beat up someday.

Mother then comes and Mrs. Campbell says goodbye and off I go. Mother thought that eating would help me, so I got some McDonalds and I did feel better. Because I felt better, I went and got my temps. Yesssss. But, what do you know, I get home and I am sick again. Ugh. And that leaves us here.

So, I guess I will be going. Pray for me to feel better.

PS - Seamstress is a great friend, and I appreciate her keeping me company while I am sick!


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Van Chelsing said...

Your atrium adventures with Mrs. Campbell seemed enjoyable. But it is sad that you are sick. And me. I think we have the same thing. We really are twins. I enjoy talking to you too, while every else gets to go to the football game. Oh, sickness.

<3 you,

At 11:01 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Mrs. Campbell is seriously my hero. She makes me laugh so hard.

Anyway, I'm very sad that you're sick. I missed you profusely in French and especially Comp Lit. And I'm praying for you to feel better.

Cribbage 4-lyfe.



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