Monday, October 03, 2005


Did you ever have one of those feelings like, "this week is going to be very long," or "I already have a shitty feeling about today, and it is only 8:45am?" Let's just say that today, and this past weekend, for that matter, have been just that for the Pencil Case. Just some major friend drama. I am not going to name names or go into detail, but, yeah.

Because I haven't updated in a while, I have accumulated a lump sum of stories and quotes.

Last Thursday:

In History, we were talking about our current events when the giant squid came into the picture.

Me: Did they really catch that giant squid on film?
Mr. Schultz: Yes! This is big news in the "Nerd World," which includes me.
Class: [Laughter]
Mr. Schultz: I am going to have a squid party. We will dress as sea creatures, eat calamari and watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and compare their giant squid footage to the stuff on CNN.
Brigid: Who is all going?
Mr. Schultz, hesitantly: Me.

Mr. Schultz: The squid has the largest eyes known to man. They are the size of an adult human's head.
Diana, not paying full attention: They only have one eye? What?!
Me: They have two eyes, but they are very large.
Diana, still being half-witted: They have two heads!?
Me: No, Diana.
Mr. Schultz: [Beat] Ooookay, then.

Yet more current event talk.

Diana: An owner and his dog were just reunited after the hurricane. There is a picture of them in the paper. The dog is so cute! [Diana laughs due to unknown reasons, and the class stares at her]
Mr. Schultz, kinda freaked out: Riiiiight. Okay, Diana. Thank you for that...

Then there was beloved Theology.

Bet: In high altitudes, you have to bake a cake a special way.
Me: Nuh-uh!
Bet: I am so not kidding! On the back of the box, it says, "If you are on a mountain, don't use as much eggs!"

Last Friday:

Once again, History was hilarious... Just like Roberta according to Senora G.

Mr. Schultz: Crispus Attucks was the tokin' black guy of his time.
Diana: What?!
Mr. Schultz: Well, actually, he was only popular because he was black... Actually, he was mulatto.

Mr. Schultz: Bats spread SARS.
Me: I always thought is was from Asia.
Diana: Ohmigod! That was sooooo offensive!

Over the Weekend:

Oh, football games...

Mrs. Mellberg, to Ethan: Ethan! My daughter just loves you! She always asks who that boy with the pink scarf is! "Ethan," I tell her, "Ethan!"
Ethan: Wow. [Laughter]
Mrs. Mellberg: She, seriously, asks me everyday. "When do I get to see that boy with the pink scarf again? I miss him!" "Ethan," I tell her, "ETHAN!"


Oh, God... Mrs. Mellberg is seriously one of the funniest women I know.

Mrs. Mellberg: I hate when kids sing Happy Birthday and go, "Happy birthday to you -- Scooby Doo!"

Mrs. Mellberg: I used to work at Sherway (a local grocery store) and we used the ghetto registers... Not the ones that go, "BEEP BEEP!"
Me: Is there a point to this story?
Mrs. Mellberg: Well, I used to work at McDonalds, too. You should have seen how happy everybody was when we got apple pie... It was like Jesus rose from the dead... Again!

Then there is History...

Jill: Do you like my new glasses.
Brigid and I: I love them! They look like emo glasses!
Diana: You guys! That is soooo mean! Emo?!

Mr. Schultz: Okay, class. I want you to divide up into to groups... People that live on the west side of Green Bay, and people that live on the east side of Green Bay.
Jill, quietly: Krista, are you on east or west?
Krista: Jill, you can just ask me what side you are on. We are on west.
Jill: Thanks.

Well, talk to you soon. Bye.


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 3:51 PM, Blogger Kellinka said...

Haha. Benji, I ♥ you so much. Your blog is hilarious and so are you. And today was a blast.

"Ewwww... my Fruit & Yogurt Parfait is curdled!"

"My dog has worms."

"Did you know that Brooker has a motorcycle?"
"Have you ever taken a ride on it?"
"No, and I can't say that I would."


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