Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2006 and such.

Well, as I am currently telling Kellinka at this moment, I really missed my blog. I mean, I tried to do that whole "I am super-secret-emo and have a secret LJ thing that only friends can read," but, no. That didn't work out too well. I mean, it was good and all, but it was no ChakaLakahLakah! LOL ROFL!!!!!!!!11!!!!ONE!!1

Yeah, I am cool like that. Hehe.

So, the new year, so far, has been pretty good for me. I mean, aside from school and the heavy exam workload, I might even venture to say it was good. I have just been up to normal school stuff. Oh, and once every three weeks (if I'm lucky,) I have musical practice for Into the Woods. Once again, "Because I am cool like that." So, yeah, that is my school life in a nutshell.

My personal life has been good, too. I mean, as good as it can be for a sixteen-year-old boy living in le Bay Vert*. My friends are still good. Daffy Sue moved a long time ago (like, September,) to the other side of town, which I believe I forgot to tell you. Because of that, we don't hang out as much as we used to/I would like to. Kellinka is still good. Sorta crazy-ish, but good. Seamstress is pretty tite (or tyte, in her words) like always. I would give you a link to her blog, but, oh, you know, she NEVER UPDATES!!!!!HINTHINT!!!!! Um... I know I am forgetting a bunch of people, but that is because A) I am lazy and don't want to think right now, and B) I have only, like, fifteen minutes left in the library due to Andrea "I Want You Back Before Class Is Over" Pease.

Another thing that has been buggin'** me lately is that I am craving Colorado. I don't know why I am wanting it so bad, but Jesus, Martha Moxley, and Joseph, I am. Almost reminds me of the Spring before freshman year. At least this time I am not, you know, being depressed and bedridden all day because of it. Oh, my emotions.

Oh, and another thing, during my nonexistent blogging stage, I missed ChakaLakahLakah's first birthday. Happy Birthday to me. Sort of.

Well, I love and missed you all!***


*This is me attempting to speak French.
**This is me trying to be g-to-the-hetto.
***All three of you that read this.


At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3rd anual (that kind of looks like anal) is going to rock soooo much!! Lets make this the best one ever kay? When is Dicky coming to Grizzle?


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