Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'll stab you in the back of your back. Duh.

So, I am pretty sure that the The Surreal Life = LOVE. The whole Janice vs. Omarosa thing is hillllllllarious. Yes, I have seen the episodes, like, a bajillion times each, but JTC... What a riot. Also, TV shows on DVD are the greatest inventions ever. Got it? Okay, good.

This weekend was pretty good. Well, as far as studying for exams goes. Barnes and Noble was a hoot and the time spent after was even better! Haha, scary people are scary.

Today, I hung with Martha Mox for a bit and got a haircut (which I am quite fond of, by the way,) went to Noodles, visited the grandmother and went shopping. Yeah, it was pretty good. My original plan was to go to Caroline's house to FINISH THE ENGLISH SEMESTER PROJECT, but she never called so, oh well.

Tucker Susan keeps barking at the half of Christmas tree we still have up because he is convinced his toy is stuck in it.

Martin Hardware: I don't know what the hell he wants by barking at that tree!

Oh, my mother and her various nicknames.

Desperate Housewives was good tonight. You know, at least it was new.


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